It can be challenging keeping up to date with hardware and PC specs, as they change daily as new components become available. Not only will we share what’s new on the market, but we’ll keep you abreast of how to improve performance and resources.

samsung gear wearable

Wearables are the next big thing. Here are my thoughts on that

With smartphones and tablets reaching saturation points in many countries, it is time to hop on to the next big thing. Most companies are betting big on so-called wearables which can be […]


The limitations of Google's Chromecast device

I have to admit that I was curious when I first heard about Chromecast and how some people used the device to play Internet or local videos stored on the computer on […]

surface pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is not an iPad competitor

So Microsoft revealed the third generation Surface Pro 3 yesterday. Many sites have already live blogged about it or at least published hands-on reviews about it, which is why I do not […]

thinkpad e145

How to replace the laptop hard drive with a faster one

I was in desperate need of a new laptop, one that I could use for work when I was away from home. After reading lots of online reviews, I decided to get […]


Archival Disc with 300 GB capacity to launch in 2015

Current optical disc formats are less than ideal for archiving or backup purposes due to space constraints. It is often not possible to back up your root partition to a single disc, […]

tokyoflash japan uzamaki

Tokyoflash Japan Watches are stylish masterpieces

Watches serve two main purposes. They tell the time and date, and sometimes display other information, and also express your personal style and taste. If you are a geek, or someone who […]

4 Technology Certainties for 2014 that will rock the computing world

2014 will be an interesting year from a technology perspective. Not only will it be the year of exciting new technologies that are introduced to the public, it is also the year […]

motherboard model

How to find out how much RAM your motherboard supports

One of the reasons why PC sales have slumped, at least in my opinion, is the fact that many users do not see the need to upgrade their systems as often as […]


Things to consider before heading out and buying a notebook

My mother needs a notebook, and I promised to get her one for Christmas. Since this is her first mobile computer -- she only used desktop PCs until now -- I had […]

solid state hybrid drive

What you need to know about Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD)

Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) are a combination of a Solid State Drive (SSD) and a platter-based drive (HDD). The main idea here is to combine the speed of the SSD technology […]

Why I decided to quit being an early adopter (for the most part)

Having something in hands or using something before everyone else has been a strong urge for me for the better part of my life. It did not really matter what it was: […]

surface 2 pro

Why I consider buying a Surface Pro 2 when it comes out

Microsoft has announced a refresh of the company's Surface series today. The Surface 2 is the successor of the Surface RT device running Windows RT, and the Surface Pro 2 the successor […]


Should you buy computer hardware locally or on the Internet?

Back in the pre-Internet days, you had two options in regards to buying computer hardware. You could head out to a local store and see what was on offer there, or use […]

photo watchfaces 3

Why I won't be buying a Smartwatch anytime soon

Now that tablets have been established to the mainstream, companies like Apple, Samsung or Google are already working on the next big thing: smartwatches. When I hear smartwatch I immediately think about […]

samsung ativ book 5

All Samsung Windows PCs to be unified under the ATIV brand

If you look at Samsung's current PC lineup you will notice that the company is using quite a few brand names for its devices. There are the Series X type of devices […]

surface pro sold out

Surface Pro scarcity angers Microsoft customers

Microsoft customers have been looking forward to the release of the Surface Pro, a tablet laptop hybrid designed by Microsoft to provide its users with a full Windows 8 Pro device. While […]

Surface RT spreads its wings, flies to new markets

The "snowmageddon", as people seem to want to call it, may have put a damper on Microsoft's big Surface Pro launch event in New York City, but will not stop the new Windows 8 […]

touch color limited edition

Surface Windows 8 Pro to launch Feb 9. in North America

Microsoft has been preparing the launch of the Surface Pro for some time now, and up until now, it was not really clear when the device running Windows 8 Pro would be […]

The PC is not dead

Every once in a while so-called analysts proclaim the death of a company or device and while the dice they throw are sometimes right about that, they are more often than not […]

Nvidia Project Shield

Nvidia's Project Shield: Android gaming handheld

Android gaming handhelds seem to be en vogue these days as several have received funding or are about to receive funding on crowd funding platforms. NVIDIA on the other hand does not […]

nvidia geforce 310.90

Nvidia GeForce 310.90 driver update fixes security vulnerability

A security vulnerability has been discovered recently in the NVIDIA display driver nvvsvc.exe belonging to the NVIDIA Driver Helper Service which is installed during the GeForce graphics driver installation. Attackers may exploit […]


StickNFind helps you locate things you have misplaced

Are you someone who misplaces items, car keys, TV remote control, mobile phones, your car all the time? Do you spend more time searching for items than on productive things? Then StickNFind […]

samsung smart tv

TVs are the battleground for the next tech revolution

I'm using televisions for two purposes: to watch TV or media like DVD or Blu-Ray movies, and to play games on gaming systems like the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. I'm […]

Das Keyboard Model S Professional review

I made the decision to buy myself a shiny Das Keyboard for Christmas. The present arrived a bit early and I have been hacking away on it ever since. I was not […]

sata mode supported

Find out if your PC supports SATA Mode 3.0 6Gb/s

Finding out which SATA modes your computer's motherboard supports before purchasing a new drive can be beneficial in a number of ways.There are three SATA modes currently, Sata 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, […]

ati catalyst custom installation

What the ATI Catalyst Custom Installation options mean

I published a guide about the NVIDIA driver installation process yesterday which looked at all the optional modules that get installed with the express installation option. Most of these features may not […]

misfit shine

Misfit Shine: a coin-sized wearable activity tracker

I really like what I see on the crowd sourcing platform Indiegogo at the moment. The offers there are quiet different from what you find on the rivaling platform Kickstarter. The latest […]


MeterPlug: Keep track of your electric bill electronically

Some time ago I bought a device that I could plug in between a power source and a device running on power to find out how much power that device needed on […]

surface pro battery life

Surface Pro: price and battery life disappoint

I had high hopes for the Surface Pro ever since Microsoft announced that it would release the device a few months after the Windows 8 operating system. It was the device that […]

microsoft surface pricing

Microsoft Surface Pro pricing information

Microsoft is currently preparing to launch the Surface Pro in the next 1-2 months, after having shipped the Surface RT during the launch of the Windows 8 operating system at the end […]

surface rt windows 8

Mirosoft reveals Surface RT pricing

In what some will describe as a classic move to gain press attention, Microsoft activated the Surface RT page on the company's own Windows Store website for a moment before pulling the […]

vizio all in one touch

Vizio Unveils New Windows 8 All-in-one Touch PC's

As we continue to march towards the big Windows 8 launch on October 26th, more and more manufacturers are showing off their hardware for the new operating system.  So far we have […]

dummies surface contest

Did Dummies.com Reveal the Microsoft Surface Pricing?

On October 26th Microsoft will not only release their brand new Windows 8 operating system, but also their first ever tablet, the Microsoft Surface.  The Surface will come in two flavors - […]

Acer Readying their next-gen Chromebook

Acer, along with Samsung, was the first hardware maker to produce a Chromebook, which is a laptop based on Google's Chrome operating system.  The Chrome OS was introduced back in December of […]

Windows 8 Tablet pricing becomes clearer

I find it interesting that news about mobile devices running Windows 8 seem to concentrate almost exclusively on tablet PCs. Is that because the majority of mobile devices will be touch-based tablets? […]

samsung ativ smart pc pro

3 Windows 8 devices that I'm looking forward to

The last few days have been packed with press conferences and announcements of new devices for Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8.When you analyze the devices and tablets, you will notice that […]

crucial m4 256

Solid State Drives: how much storage do you need?

I have bought and built several PCs in the past that had a Solid State Drive (SSD) as their main storage drive.  The first drive that I built into a PC had […]

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet won't retail for $199

Yesterday everyone got crazy when Engadget put the price of $199 for the entry level tablet running Windows RT in the room. When you look at the article you will notice that […]

microsoft mouse and keyboard center

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center to manage Microsoft hardware released

If you are the owner of a Microsoft keyboard or mouse you up until now had to rely on IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro drivers to add full support for the devices. While […]

Microsoft Surface RT tablets available on Windows 8 launch

If I had to pick one thing that I'm fully excited about in regards to Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8, it is the prospect of trying out and buying a Surface […]



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