backup samsung android phone

How to back up your Samsung Android phone to PC

Creating regular back ups of your smartphone, in my case the Samsung Galaxy Note II, is an essential task for a number of reasons. You first have a safe copy of the […]

gotcha backup utility

Backup all Windows user folders with Gotcha Backup Utility

It is likely that the bulk of Windows users make use of the user folder and its directory structure to save files, documents, and downloads to. The My Document, Music, Pictures and […]

Windows 8: upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit system

You need to be very careful when you want to upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows 8. Microsoft, for whatever reason, decided to make things […]

picbackman backup images

PicBackMan backups images to various cloud hosting services

If you like to transfer images or photos that you own to a server on the Internet, a Flickr account for instance or a Facebook photo gallery, you may stumble upon limitations […]

file history save files

Change how often File History saves copies of files in Windows 8

File History is one of those new features in Windows 8 that I'm excited about. It is an opt-in feature unfortunately that may be overlooked by the majority of Windows 8 users […]

restore individual system restore files

How to restore individual files from System Restore points

Today I noticed that all of the files that I had saved on the desktop in Windows 7 were gone. The only icon that I saw on the desktop was the Recycle […]

create system restore point

How to create Windows System Restore points at startup

The system restore feature of the Windows operating system offers an option to revert the system back to a previous point in time. Windows creates automatic system restore points on certain events, […]

windows 8 control panel

Windows 8 Built-in File Backup

There is perhaps no more important thing for users to do than backup their files.  Hard drive crashes can happen unexpectedly and the risk of losing important and irreplaceable files like family pictures is […]

backup box

Backup Box: Move cloud hosted files directly between providers and servers

Sometimes you may want to move files hosted somewhere on the Internet to another server or provider. While you could download the files to your local computer - if you do not […]

windows game cheats

Windows game cheats: enable debug mode in Minesweeper, Solitaire and FreeCell

Games are not installed by default under Windows 7 Professional, and up until now I felt no urge to install them on the computer using the add features dialog in the Windows […]

file history

Windows 8 File History, file auto-backup feature

File History is a new feature of Windows 8 that Microsoft revealed yesterday in a new article on the Building Windows 8 blog. It is basically a file backup service that is […]

ace backup

How To Schedule Cloud Hosting Data Backups

With every major Internet company offering their own cloud hosting and synchronization service, it is time to look at ways to make use of that extra storage. One option that you have […]

easeus todo backup workstation

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation Review

When it comes to making backups of data stored on your computer, you have got a lot to consider. Two of the most important aspects are the frequency of backups, and the […]

Three Quarters of EU Firms Not Ready to Recover from IT Failures

Almost three quarters of companies and public-sector organisations across nine European countries might not recover all of their data if they suffer an IT failure according to a new report released by […]

How to maintain a good security and backup strategy, Part 1 - the Home

Data is now everywhere and we store pretty much everything as data.  Contacts, diaries, music, photographs, videos, conversations, business records, everything is data.  In fact more and more people are shredding the […]

backup folder sync

Backup Folder Sync, Mirror Your Data Backups

Depending on your backup strategy, you may mirror your data backups for additional protection. One option here is to create a local system backup first and copy the backups to a remote […]

gfi backup

Using GFI Backup Free Edition to Backup Files to an External Drive

Backing up data on your computer is important and most users know this. Windows features a backup utility that allows you to backup your system and files. This is a useful utility […]

macrium reflect free 5

Macrium Reflect Free 5, Free Disk Backup Software

When it comes to selecting the right backup software, you have to analyze your individual needs before looking for the right package. Some questions that you need to answer are the following: […]