Whether you’re moving or updating data across websites or devices, you’ll need a good backup service to ensure you don’t lose your information. We review the top applications for all platforms while sharing any news and features you should look at.

Backup and restore Evolution

How many times have you migrated from one Linux box to another, only to say goodbye to your email and knowing you were going to have to set your email client up […]

Backup with rsnapshot

If you are looking for a command line utility to handle all of your Linux backup needs, you really need look no further than this tool that bases itself off of the perennial […]

version control

Version Control And Backup Software AutoVer

A single backup is sometimes not enough which is especially true for files that are changed a lot. Think of a programmer who saves dozens of revisions of the same file throughout […]

opera import export

Opera Settings Import And Export Tool

Opera users who want to synchronize the web browser can do that with Opera Link easily. Opera Link synchronizes bookmarks, notes, the browser history and a few settings between browsers if the […]

Unlimited online storage? Voilà!

The internet weather has been turning somewhat cloudy in recent years and by saying that I don't mean to start another discussion about (important) Net neutrality here but rather to bring up […]

Luckybackup: Linux backup made easy

There are a lot of backup tools out there. From the overly simple to the overly complex. Many of those backup tools go unnoticed and unused. Some of them get recognized as […]

Kleo Bare Metal Back for Linux

I am always looking for an outstanding backup solution. Up until this point I have relied on good old tar/gzip for file/folder backup and Clonezilla for disk cloning. But recently I stumbled […]

Offsite Backup Solution MySQL Backup Tool

MySQL Backup Tool is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that enables you to backup MySQL tables, create SQL dump files, and more. Backups are an important part not only when […]


Opera Backup

Opera Backup is a free program for Windows devices that you may use to back up or restore Opera browser data. Backups should be an important part of every computer user's disaster […]

Ocster Backup Pro 3 Review

Ocster Backup Pro 3 is a easy to use backup software for the Windows operating system that you can run to create backups, and to restore them. Note: Ocster Backup was acquired […]

USB dumper

Backup USB Device During Connections

USB Dumper is a small portable software program for the Windows operating system that can be used to create automatic backups of data on USB devices that are connected to the computer […]

Create rsync backups easily with the help of Gadmin-rsync

Recently I covered one of the Gadmintools, Gadmin-Samba (see my article "Configure Samba with Gadmin-samba"). The Gadmintools set of tools is a set of GUI administration tools (hence the name "Gadmin") for […]

Paragon Drive Backup Download Paragon Backup Software

Data backups should play an important part in a computer user's schedule. Backups ensure that data is not lost if it gets deleted, overwritten or edited. This can be accidental or because […]

Backup your Linux box with rsync

In this Linux backup series we have taken a look at Flyback ("Quick and easy backups with Flyback"), Backerupper ("Simple gui backup tool Backerupper"), and Back In Time ("Linux Back In Time: […]

Linux Back In Time: Backup made easy

In my recent trend of covering Linux backup tools I have, so far, covered Flyback ("Quick and easy backups with Flyback") and Backerupper ("Simple GUI backup tool Backerupper"). Both tools are GUI […]

Web Browser Backup Software FavBackup Updated

FavBackup is a specialized backup software that has been designed for web browser's specifically. Our previous review came to the conclusion that FavBackup is best suited for backing up one or multiple […]

Simple gui backup tool backerupper

In my last article I covered the backup GUI Flyback ("Quick and easy backups with Flyback".) Although it seems development has stopped for that tool, it is still a viable solution. Does that mean […]

Quick and easy backups with Flyback

If you're looking for a tool for really simple and quick backups Flyback might just be the tool for you. Compared to Apples Time Machine (on the web site at least), Flyback […]

Yadis! Backup Software

If you are looking for an easy to use reliable backup solution for Windows you may want to take a closer look at Yadis! Backup. The Windows backup software divides backup jobs […]

Lifestream Backup: Free 1 Year Accounts For Ghacks Readers

Comodo Backup

The interface looks well designed and it is obvious that the program has been designed with usability in mind. Users can select one of the quick backup options in the left sidebar […]

Remastersys: Outstanding solution for backup and custom Live CDs

Recently a Ghacks reader mentioned (in my "Create your own mobile Ubuntu repository with APTonCD" article) the tool remastersys. This particular tool is a must-have for serious Ubuntu/Debian administrators, because it allows […]

Create your own mobile Ubuntu repository with APTonCD

How many times have you installed Linux, tweaked it to perfection with various applications, only to have something happen and you have to re-install. Or you get that machine up and running […]

Backup And Restore USB Flash Drives With USB Image Tool

USB Image Tool has been designed to create and restore backups of connected USB flash drives. These flash drives can be USB sticks, mp3 player, digital cameras, cell phones and basically anything […]

Automatically Send MySQL Database Backup To Gmail

Webmasters have to make sure that their websites and files are getting backed up regularly to be prepared when something unforeseen happens. This unforeseen event can be a hacker attack, a database […]

Web Browser Backup And Restore

The importance of web browsers has risen in past years especially with the shift from desktop applications to web based applications and services. Web browsers are not just tools anymore only that […]

Backup Messenger And SMS Online

Many users with more than one computer system face a problem if they use Instant Messengers: How can they make sure that the data of all messenger clients is synced. This might […]

Grab Your Free Copy of East-Tec Backup 2009

A banner on the homepage of the popular download portal Softpedia announces the giveaway of East-Tec Backup 2009 until July 31. The backup software, which retails for $40, can be downloaded and […]

Google Docs Backup Software

It is essential to have a solid backup strategy in place with cloud storage space becoming more popular. While many users run backup software on their local computer system to backup important […]

FBackup Plugin Based Windows Backup Software

FBackup is a Windows backup software that adds another interesting aspect to the backup process by offering plugins for backing up specific programs and data in Windows. At its core FBackup is […]

Transfer And Backup Files With File Transfer Software Fling

Fling is a file transfer software that can be used to transfer and backup files over a computer network and ftp. It's two main uses are to backup files that are stored […]

Free Backup Software and Best Windows Backup Software Programs

Backing up data regularly should be one of the most important tasks of any computer user; yet only a minority is doing it thoroughly and regularly. The rest is flirting with disaster […]

Windows Backup Software: Backup Maker

Backup Maker is a powerful Windows backup software that does not need to shy away from comparison with commercial backup programs. In fact, it is available as a free for personal use […]

Back up your files to a secure remote server with Carbonite

Everyone should back their data up in case their computer suddenly fails or is even lost or stolen. Many will back their data up on mediums like external hard drives, but it […]

Backup your Linux, Mac, or Windows machines with fwbackups

Are you looking for a simple backup solution that will work cross platform, with a user-friendly interface, that's open source, and free? If so, you've found it. The fwbackups backup solution is […]

Backup Email Clients and Web Browsers

MailBrowserBackup is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to backup supported email clients and web browsers in one operation. Many webmasters and tech savvy Internet users do not only have one […]

Live Mesh Beta

Live Mesh Beta is a online file synchronization service based on Microsoft's Live platform. The service is comparable to other file synchronization services like Dropbox. In its current stage only computers running […]

Easy CD Burning in GNOME

The ability to burn CDs is one of those issues that often perplexes many new users (to any operating system). For Windows users it's about finding software to do the job. For […]

Back up your Apache web directory and database with this simple script

I administer a lot of web sites. And all of these web sites need backup solutions. Since most of those web sites use LAMP servers it only made sense to set up […]

Verify the File Integrity of Backups

While it is essential to create regular data backups to avoid data loss due to file corruption or theft, there are other precautions that administrators and users should take to ensure the […]



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