Microsoft is known for making operating systems and programs designed for the office and home. You can read it’s position against other companies, which updates you can expect, and the latest features you need to consider for an improved experience.

Xbox Live user tries to sue Microsoft for $500 billion

I just love stories like this and it is the silly season after all so here's a story to make you chuckle for the end of the weekend.  A man known as […]

Microsoft Release OneNote for iPhone (Free for a Limited Time)

Microsoft have now released their popular note-taking app, OneNote for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.  The program, which is part of their Office suite is popular with people wanting to make notes […]

Microsoft answer new Live log-in criticisms

Last month Microsoft changed the default log-in experience on their Live services, which include Hotmail.  The change meant doing away with the tile you could click (that was also more finger-friendly) and […]

Microsoft introduces us to the Gmail man

It's very common for the major technology companies to release video adverts for their products that deride or poke fun at the competition, probably the best example of these are Apple's excellent parodies […]

microsoft remote connectivity analyzer

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Gets Office 365 Support

Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a tool for system administrators to verify that the Internet connectivity of specific Microsoft services is setup and configured properly. The online tool has been initially released […]

office add-ins

Install Add-Ins to Office 2007 and Adapt Custom Functions

The Microsoft Office Suite is indispensable software for so many users. The ability to innovate custom functions in Office 2007 by installation of free add-ins is a practical advantage to anyone using […]

Microsoft 'Connected Devices' Rumours Update

At last week's Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft detailed it's ongoing strategy to bring a connectedness to all the different types of devices in its product ranges.  This makes sense to a certain […]

Windows XP support ends in 999 days

The day is finally within sight when Windows XP and the dreaded Internet Explorer 6 will finally be out of support.  This means that there will be no further patches or updates […]


Microsoft Outlook Connector Update Breaks Hotmail Calendar Synchronisation

If you use Microsoft's Outlook Connector software to synchronise Microsoft Outlook on your PC with your Hotmail or GMail account, then you might want to read this.  It's become apparent that the […]

windows live sign in old new

Microsoft Receives Heavy Criticism For Changing Windows Live's Login Procedure

When you look at various sign in and log in forms on sites and services like Google Mail, Facebook, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail you will notice that they all look different despite […]

microsoft office 2010 sp1 update

Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 Released

Microsoft today has released the Office 2010 Service Pack 1 which combines improvements, new features and previously released updates in a single update pack. The update is available for free if downloaded […]

More Mango Features Emerge

As we get closer to the official release of the first major update for Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, more details of features are emerging, and some of them are looking extremely useful […]

What will Office 365 Mean for Microsoft, Google and Us?

Next Tuesday Microsoft officially launches its Office 365 product.  This product, which was expected for several years before any official announcement came, is the company's new subscription service for business.  In short […]

Microsoft Analytics For Twitter

Twitter has not only become a tool for Internet users to write and exchange messages, but also for marketers and researchers who want to analyze the dynamics or trends on the Internet […]

Why Microsoft Keep Getting the Focus of your PC Wrong

It's the age-old problem with Windows and something I get more email about than anything else.  All the time people are emailing me saying that Windows has failed and they're at risk […]

skydrive view

Microsoft Updates SkyDrive, Faster, Better, With HTML5 Support

SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud hosting service, has been around since 2007. The service gives users access to 25 Gigabytes of free online storage, for file hosting, sharing and collaboration. While it has been […]

Microsoft gets anti-trust approval for Skype buyout

It's being reported that the US Federal Trade Commission has given the green light to Microsoft's proposed buyout of Internet communications company Skype. The purchase was announced a few weeks ago and […]

Chrome OS, WebOS, Microsoft's OS Competition in 2012

We may still be at least a year away from Windows 8's big debut in 2012, but the OS arena is heating up like never before, and new competitors are stepping up […]

Microsoft's Tech.Days, and Insider's View

For all of you who have been to a Microsoft Tech.Day or TechEd event you'll be familiar with the format.  A series of presentations throughout the day, organised into relevant groupings, on […]

Becoming a Microsoft MVP

Since being awarded my MVP from Microsoft on January 1st this year I've had a fair few questions from people asking about the MVP program, what  it is, what the benefits are […]

Microsoft Buys Skype, What Does It Mean For You?

Microsoft is buying Skype for $8.5 billion Dollars, that's the big news today. This deal brings up lots of questions. Did Microsoft overpay for Skype? The current owners have bought Skype one […]

What's In A Name: Will Windows 8 Be The Name Of The Next Windows?

Microsoft is keeping tight lipped about the name of the next windows. Many users assume that it will be named Windows 8. Others use the name because it is convenient at the […]

bing official site

Bing Search After A Year, The Good And Bad

You may know that I have switched by primary search engine from Google to Bing sometime last year. I was fed up with Google for several reasons, including their constant push of […]

gHacks go to Microsoft

As a new Windows MVP I'll be having my first meetings next week with Microsoft at their UK head office in Reading. It's going to be very interesting as it’s my first […]

microsoft safety scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner, Free On-Demand Virus Scanner

Microsoft has released a program called Microsoft Safety Scanner, a free on-demand virus scanner for the Windows operating system. The program's main task is to run a virus scan on a Windows […]

windows update

Microsoft April 2011 Patch Day Overview

Yesterday's monthly patch day was a big one, with 17 bulletins fixing a total of 64 security issues in Microsoft products. Affected applications include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. If […]

Must Microsoft Offer a Direct Upgrade Path from XP to Windows 8?

Microsoft came under heavy fire with the launch of Windows 7 for not offering a direct migration path from XP. The older operating system, which is now ten years old, is something Microsoft […]

windows 8 explorer

Yuck! Windows 8 Explorer Gets Ribbon Interface

I have to admit that I do not like the ribbon interface that much. You can see it in action in Microsoft's latest versions of Office or Windows 7 applications like Paint […]

Where's My Phone Update?

If you, like me, have a Windows Phone and are wondering just when you'll get a message telling you that an update is available, fear not. Already we have two updates for […]

Is Microsoft the Apple of my Eye?

It's that old chestnut that rears it's ugly head now and again, but usually with some alarming regularity.  What am I talking about, well my apparent bias towards Microsoft of course and […]

facebook remote logout

Bing Search Improves Facebook Integration

Is social the next search? Rumors about Facebook Search have been spread for years; The data that Facebook's developers could utilize sounds enormous: Content from more than 500 million users who share […]

windows 7 sp1 physical media ordering

How To Order The Windows 7 Service Pack 1 From Microsoft

The service pack for Windows 7 has been out for a bit and most users have downloaded it either from Microsoft's Download Center or Windows Update. Windows Update user without doubt have […]

Microsoft Details Forthcoming Windows Phone Improvements

Microsoft have outlined the changes that they'll be bringing to their new Windows Phone smartphone platform in 2011.  The announcement was made on the Microsoft website in a press release earlier today […]

pizza before

Bing Improves Personalized Search

The Bing team made an announcement over at the official Bing blog that may be interesting for users who use the Bing United States search engine. Personalized search is one of the […]

First Windows Phone Update Delayed to March 8th

It's been reported that the first update for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 smartphone operating system has been delayed until March 8th.  The report by NeoWinsays that sources have told them the update […]

windows media player extension for html5

Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension For Chrome

The announcement that Google would remove native H.264 playback support caused quite an uproar on the Internet (see Google Ditches H.264 Support In Google Chrome). Google Chrome up to this point was […]

Will We Get the First Windows Phone Update on February 7th?

There's no confirmation about this, but the buzz about the long-anticipated first Windows Phone update is that it will be released on Monday February 7th. The news which was being broken by […]

Windows 8 will NOT be out January 7th 2013... Here's Why

It's been reported by MicrosoftFeed that Windows 8 will be out on retail shelves on 7th January 2013.  NeoWin have said that "None of this information is verified or is confirmed but is […]

HTC Hub, The Phantom Data Leaker Identified?

I've been conducting my own investigation and tests into the "rogue app" which is leaking data on Windows Phones.  I want to stress at this point that my evidence was not collected […]

Which Windows Phone App is Leaking Data?

Microsoft have now completed their investigation into Windows Phones that have been leaking data.  It was first reported at the beginning of January that some handsets were transmitting between 30 and 50Mb […]



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