The Facebook company is one of the top social networking companies worldwide with a massive following. This area highlights headlines causing a stir in the media, revealing any news or upcoming features that may affect or improve your experience.

block annoyances facebook

Adblock Plus blocks some Facebook annoyances now (if you want)

Facebook has been the dominating social networking site on the Internet for the past years. Even Google with all its might did not manage to push its Google+ service past Facebook. While […]


Official Facebook application for Windows 8.1 launches

Good news for users of the Windows 8.1 operating system: Facebook just launched its official application for the system so that users of it can now use the official app instead of […]

facebook graph search

How to limit the audience of past posts on Facebook

Up until recently Facebook's Graph Search was limited to recent posts and activities. Facebook a couple of days ago changed that so that the search is now covering all of the social […]

facebook for android beta tester

How to become a Facebook for Android Beta Tester

I'm not really using any social networking on my Android phone. Mainly because I think it is a waste of time, and I also do not like the idea of checking up […]

AVG aims at Facebook privacy with CrowdControl

The popular anti-virus company AVG today announced it is moving into the social networking era with a new service called CrowdSource, which is geared towards protecting your privacy on Facebook. The app […]

private chat facebook

Read Facebook chat messages without read notifications

If you are using Facebook's default Messenger application you may have noticed that it sends read notifications automatically whenever you or a chat partner read messages in the app. While that is […]

facebook apps

Facebook: how to control what friends leak to apps about you

If you are using Facebook, and who is not really, you are probably aware that what you post publicly on the site is accessible by anyone. That's why you can limit the […]

is following pages on facebook

Facebook's "is following Pages on" email is deceptive

You may receive regular notification emails from Facebook depending on how you have configured your account's privacy settings on the site. You can get notified on a variety of topics, from actions […]

trusted contacts facebook

How to configure Facebook's Trusted Contacts feature

It is important to take your online security serious. This includes making sure that you pick secure passwords that no one can guess or brute force easily, and other security related features […]

simplewash remove facebook contents

Search for and remove undesirable contents from your Facebook account

Most Facebook users have been on the social networking site for quite a while. While some may not have had any changes in their life in that time, others may have graduated, […]

facebook sound notifications screenshot

How to turn off the beeping sound on Facebook

If you have been plagued by beeping sounds while on Facebook, you have probably asked yourself what is going on and how to turn those sounds off when you are on the […]

bing facebook photo search

Bing updates Facebook photo search

Last year Microsoft's search engine Bing rolled out its "Friends Photos", but today the company announced a huge update to the service, which allows users to search photos on Facebook. Before you […]

facebook theme makeover screenshot

Give Facebook a full makeover with NewGenBook

Some say Facebook's layout and design is dated, others find it complicated to use, especially when you compare it to other social networking sites like Google Plus or the recently relaunched MySpace. […]

facebook graph search

Why it is time to check your profile privacy on Facebook

Facebook launched Graph Search recently for a select elite and a limited number of users in the US (Update: also select users in other countries). It is a different type of search […]

scan facebook

Scan your Facebook profile for undesirable contents

Facebook does not forget. What may have been funny after a night of drinking and partying or while you were in college, may not be suitable anymore when you are trying to […]

facebook ads before

Eliminate Facebook ads in Chrome and Firefox

Facebook is what many of us would consider a "necessary evil." We do not necessarily like it, but we are there because everyone we know is there as well. The service is […]

facebook pages app android

Facebook Pages Manager for Android now available

If you are managing one or multiple pages on Facebook besides your personal account you may have noticed that there was not an app available until now to manage Facebook Pages from […]

facebook chat skype

Use Facebook Chat without opening Facebook.com

You may sometimes have difficulties connecting to Facebook.com which can be a problem if you need to chat with someone urgently. You can now use our Facebook login troubleshooting guide to restore […]

facebook drag photos

How to upload photos like a Pro to Facebook

So you have that great set of photos from your last vacation, from Christmas dinner, your son's graduation or a wedding and want to upload them to Facebook to share them with […]

facebook privacy shortcuts

Facebook puts privacy right in front of users

The problem with making changes on a popular site like Facebook is that there will always be a part of the user base that does not agree with the changes and dislikes […]


Posting Instagram alternatives is not the solution to terms of service changes

By now you have probably read about Instagram's Terms of Service changes that go live on January 16, 2013 which is about a month from today on. Reddit is full of Instagram […]

facebook turn off apps

Turn off Facebook apps permanently

If you are not using Facebook for the apps and games the service makes available, but for staying in contact with a couple of close friends, colleagues and family, you may not […]

bing maps facebook

Replace Bing Maps on Facebook with Google Maps

Update: Facebook started to use Nokie's Here mapping service in 2015 on mobiles and is using it on desktop devices as well. The extension to replace the current mapping provider with a […]

facebook privacy watcher

Facebook Privacy Watcher visualizes your privacy settings

Facebook visualizes your privacy settings on your stream with small icons that are displayed next to the date and location of the post. There are four icons that depict access rights to […]

https facebook

Facebook starts rolling out https for all users

Facebook back in 2011 introduced an option under Account Security that allowed you to enable https whenever possible on the site. The feature back then was an optional one, and users of […]

sharing facebook liking

Facebook auto-liking posts for users?

A like on Facebook is like a vote for something on Facebook. You can like books, fan pages, people, apps, websites and a lot of other things on the site. Liking is […]

share file dropbox facebook

Share Dropbox files on Facebook

If you sometimes share files on Facebook, for instance in a group or your news stream, you are likely using a file hosting service to host the file, especially if you do […]

see less news from friends facebook

Move Facebook friends to acquaintance list for less news feed posts

If your Facebook news feed is filling up daily with posts from friends that you are not really that much in contact with, if at all, you may want to do something […]

facebook desktop plugin firefox

How to remove or disable the Facebook Desktop plugin

If you have installed Facebook's Messenger program for the desktop recently you may have noticed that your web browser is now listing a Facebook Desktop plugin under plugins. After installation I have […]

bing friends photos

Browse and search Facebook photos on Bing

I'm not sure what deals Microsoft and Facebook have made in the past but the cooperation between the two Internet giants produces new projects and features each month. This time, it is […]

facebook messages

Facebook Messages get a new look

Change does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, but when you look around in forums and on sites like Reddit when companies like Facebook, Google or Microsoft announce upcoming changes […]

windows 8 hosts file

You can't block Facebook using Windows 8's hosts file

The Windows hosts file offers a great way of blocking or redirecting certain Internet hosts. I'm for instance using it whenever I move websites to a new hosting company to check the […]

facebook stories

Facebook Stories launched

The idea behind Facebook Stories is simple: Some of the 950 or so million Facebook users, minus the ten percent fake accounts, must have used the site for something deeper than playing […]

Facebook to activate Timeline Profiles for all users in Autumn

Timeline profiles became available on Facebook at the end of the year 2011 as an optional feature that Facebook users had to actively enable. The change shocked many users of the social […]

facebook social ads

Disable Social Ads linked to your name on Facebook

Social advertisement is a relatively new form of advertisement on Facebook that may use pages and products that you have liked in advertisements. Facebook basically recommends things that you have liked to […]

spdy chrome

Facebook announces SPDY Support

Google back in 2009 released a whitepaper for SPDY (pronounced Speedy), an application-layer protocol for transporting content over the web. The idea was to reduce the load time when connecting to web […]

secure your facebook account

Facebook rolls out malware checkpoints

Malicious software may target users on the social networking site Facebook directly or indirectly. Once user systems have been infected their accounts may be used for malicious activities on the site, for […]

facebook com email

You now have a Facebook email that you do not know about, really

So everyone's favorite social networking site rolled out a change today that is affecting every single user of the service. When you look under contact information on your profile on the site, […]

facebook desktop notifications

Facebook Chat Notifications for Chrome

If you are regularly making use of Facebook chat, you have probably noticed that you can only keep up with messages if you have the Facebook site open and pay attention to […]

facebook ad-center

Facebook Launches App Center in the US

Up until now Facebook users who wanted to install a particular app or game on the social networking site had to either search for it on Facebook, or be notified about it […]



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