The Facebook company is one of the top social networking companies worldwide with a massive following. This area highlights headlines causing a stir in the media, revealing any news or upcoming features that may affect or improve your experience.

facebook timeline profile

Facebook Timeline Profiles Now Available To All Users

Timeline is the name of the new Facebook user profile that was previously only available to beta testers and developers. Interested users can now activate Timeline for their profile on this page […]

Facebook bug can make your private photos public

Nothing is ever 100% completely secure, let's get this settled from the off.  Whatever security anybody or any company ever puts in place there's either some way to crack it, or some […]

facebook delete friends

Delete Facebook Friends In Bulk

Update: The userscript has not been updated for nearly two years and is not working right now as a consequence. We have removed the link to it as a consequence. For now, […]

social fixer

Modify Facebook To Your Liking With Social Fixer

Most Facebook users probably have one or two page elements or features that annoy the hell out of them. This can be a small recent change like the top posts feature that […]

sponsored stories facebook

Facebook Ticker Now With Sponsored Stories

The Facebook Ticker is a controversial new feature that Facebook introduced in August of this year. It basically displays a history of friend activity on the popular social networking site; It notifies […]

facebook tag reviews

Turn On Tag Reviews On Facebook To Avoid Being Tagged Automatically

One of the biggest sources of spam in my opinion are tags on Facebook. The reason for this is that it is possible to tag friends in photos automatically. Those information are […]

facebook cookies

Logging Out Of Facebook Is Not Enough

You may know that your browser sends information to Facebook whenever you visit a web page that hosts a Facebook Like or Share button or other Facebook content. That's true even if […]

facebook friendly gaming simplifier

Facebook Friendly Gaming Simplifier For Firefox, Chrome

I have to admit that I'm not playing games on social networking sites like Facebook or Google Plus. To be honest, I'm annoyed by status messages that contain gift, bonus or game […]

facebook news ticker

Facebook Side Ticker Remover, Hide Facebook Ticker

I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the Facebook sidebar ticker that is now being displaying on every page on the social networking site. The ticker displays the […]

Facebook Introduces Top Stories From The Last Day

If you are not visiting Facebook on a daily basis, you may have had to read a lot of news stories that have accumulated since your last visit. Facebook then did not […]

facebook subscribed button

Facebook Subscribe Button

Up until now it was not really easy to customize what appears in your news feed and what not. That's a big issue if you do not want to see game updates […]

Every Facebook User Has Multiple Passwords

Facebook users log in to the social networking site with their username and password. Normally you would expect that the password is unique, and that no one else can access the account […]

facebook post to list

Facebook Improves Friend Lists, Introduces Smart Lists

Facebook has just announced that they are updating and improving friend lists on the social networking sites. The improved friend lists are said to make it easier for users to see updates […]

facebook photos

Facebook Improves Photo Feature

It is an incredible number: the 250 million photos that get uploaded to Facebook every day. Imagine that: 250 million photos. That's a lot and some Facebook users must really be active […]

facebook photo tag

Facebook Introduces Photo Tag Previews, Other Sharing Changes

One of the most annoying elements on Facebook in my opinion is photo tag spam that is running rampant on the social networking site. Especially so since spammers take advantage of the […]

facebook security guide

A Guide To Facebook Security

Facebook on Thursday has released a security guide aimed at young adults, parents and educators to educate them about security concepts on the social networking site. The 14 pages of the pdf […]

Facebook spammer turns himself in to the FBI

A US man who sent more than 27 million spam to Facebook users has turned himself in to FBI officers in California after being put on their wanted list.  Sanford Wallace, from […]

Skype Update 5.5 With Critical Security Vulnerability

It does not happen often that software updates ship with critical security issues, or that those issues are detected shortly after an update gets released. But that's exactly the case with the […]

synchronize with facebook

Facebook Application Bookmarks, Sync All FB Apps, Games With Firefox Bookmarks

Chance is you have a Facebook account. And if you do, you are likely using a few apps or playing some games on the Facebook website. Most users who do, load the […]


Facebook and Google Exchange Blows Over Google+ Success

While many people online thought that the battle between Google and Facebook might cool off once Google+ was released, the events of the past week have proven quite the opposite. First, Google+ […]

facebook group chat

Facebook Introduces Group Chat, Video Calling, Design Changes

I'm watching Facebook's live video stream right now like many other tech interested users. Facebook promised to announce something awesome today. The rumor that it was live video chat, or video calling […]

facebook circle

Facebook’s Circle Hacks is Fun, but a Thinly-Veiled Reproduction of Google+’s Circlets

It seems the Facebook development team is not at all amused by Google+’s way of handling groups. The new social networking network utilizes “circlets” – small units in which you can arrange […]

facebook video chat

Rounds Offers a Fun and Functional Way to Utilize Webcams

Video chat has not met up to the standards that we, the people of the world, hoped it might. The hope was the perhaps webcams could become the way of the next […]

facebook app

Rumors Abound About iOS5 Facebook App Project and New Facebook Photo Features

In an unexpected twist to begin the day on Thursday, technology news agencies began reporting that Facebook may be working on a brand new mobile application platform to challenge Apple’s App Store. […]

facebook privacy

Disable Automatic Photo Tagging Suggestions On Facebook

Facebook introduced a new facial recognition technology last year that offered a semi-automated way to tag people in photos uploaded to the social networking site. Back then, that technology was only available […]

facebook email address

How To Change Your Primary Facebook Email Address

I just received a handful of emails from different individuals who all wanted to know how to change their primary Facebook email address. While it could be all the same person sending […]

facebook groups

How To Stop People From Adding You To Facebook Groups

One of the dumbest ideas ever on Facebook is that friends can automatically add you to groups. I'm not sure why Facebook thinks that giving friends the power to add you to […]

change facebook password

How To Properly Protect Your Facebook Account, Login

Facebook has been rolling out new or improved security and privacy features in rapid succession for the past year. Many of the changes have only been announced on the official blog and […]

bing facebook integration

Bing Adds The Friend Effect To Search

Bing back in February announced the integration of Facebook likes into the search results. Friend recommendations appeared only on some results pages at that time. This changed yesterday with the roll out […]

Why Watch The Soaps When You Can Watch Google and Facebook Instead?

Didn’t I write recently on Facebook's general lack of privacy, intentional or otherwise? How ironic is it then that Facebook chose to attack Google on its general disrespect for personal data privacy? […]

facebook login approvals

Facebook Login Approvals, Optional Two-Factor Authentication

Facebook began to roll out a two-factor authentication system designed to protect user accounts from unauthorized access in 2011. Two-Factor authentication is designed to add a second layer of authentication to the […]

facebook warning web of trust

Facebook Teams Up With Web of Trust

Web of Trust is a community driven website reputation service. It is available as a look-up service on the company website, and as an automated software for various web browsers. The service […]


The Ugly Side Of The Cloud, Facebook Access Vulnerability Uncovered

Security has been one of the top topics of the last 30 days. We have had the Last Pass incident and the Sony PSN hack. Both incidents demonstrated that your data may […]

facebook send

Why Bother With Facebook Send?

The reaction of web developers to Facebook’s introduction of the send button last week has been decidedly mixed. But no matter your view on the subject, it’s worth knowing how and why […]

hide facebook questions

How To Hide Facebook Questions on Facebook.com

One of the more annoying things on Facebook.com as of late is a relatively new feature called Facebook Questions. It basically allows anyone on Facebook to create polls. These polls then appear […]

facebook send

Facebook Send Button, What Does It Do?

Facebook has a new button. It is called Facebook Send and it is available in addition to the Like Button that has been around for quite some time. Facebook Send basically allows […]

facebook login approvals

Facebook Adds (Optional) Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication seems to be the next big security feature to protect accounts from unauthorized access. Google recently enabled the feature for Google Accounts and now it is Facebook's turn to introduce […]

open compute project

Facebook Open Compute Project

Building and using efficient computing infrastructures is one of the goals of many successful Internet companies. Small improvements in efficiency can have huge effects on the running costs, let alone the company's […]

facebook privacy settings

A Brief Guide on Privacy Settings for Facebook

When it comes to social networking these days, privacy is of the utmost importance. Nowadays, the most popular social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter. If you use either of these websites […]

facebook chat

How To Hide From Friends On Facebook Chat

Facebook users who log into their account on the popular social networking site are automatically registered as online on the network. Online, among other things, means that your friends and contacts see […]



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