Amazon is one of the top tech companies in the digital world, with a huge focus on eCommerce, downloads, streaming, cloud computing, and more. We’ll cover some the latest news and updates from this media giant where we feel it makes a huge impact.

Amazon launches another controversial ad feature

Amazon launches another controversial ad feature

Ads have been a fundamental part of the Web 2 experience. Pretty much all of the major web sites, products, and services are built, at least in part, off the profits they […]

amazon drive shutdown

Amazon is shutting down Amazon Drive at the end of 2023

Amazon customers who use the company's file storage service Amazon Drive are notified by email currently that Amazon will shut down the service at the end of 2023. A similar notification is […]

amazon prime video windows 10

The future of streaming video is scary: Virtual Product Placement Ads incoming

Virtual Product Placement ads are the holy grail when it comes to product placement in video content. The new ad type may change content in streaming videos to display advertisement on billboards […]

amazon prime video error 7031

Here is an easy fix for Amazon Prime Video Error 7031

Amazon Prime Video customers may receive all sorts of error messages when they use the service. One of them is Video Unavailable and the error code 7031. It is displayed right after […]

amazon drive shutdown

Amazon is retiring Amazon Drive in 2023

Amazon is sending out emails to customers that use Amazon Drive currently to inform them that it plans to retire the cloud storage service in 2023. Customers need to download files from […]

amazon prime price increase

Opinion: it is time to drop your Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon just announced that it is going to increase the price of Amazon Prime in several European countries in September 2022. The price for an Amazon Prime membership in Europe's five biggest […]

amazon fire tv developer options

Amazon hides Developer Options on Fire TV devices by default

A new update for Amazon Fire TV devices hides the Developer Options on the device by default, which makes it difficult to enable sideloading and use other development related features. Previously, Developer […]

amazon switch region in app

How to switch to a different regional Store in the Amazon App

Amazon operates regional stores that customers may buy products from. The Stores are not limited to customers from a specific region, but some products may not be purchasable if a customer comes […]

amazon fire tv stick 4k max

Amazon promises at least 4 years of security updates for Fire TV hardware

Amazon Fire TV hardware, such as the newly released Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Max, will be supported for at least 4 years by Amazon. Amazon Fire TV devices are powered by […]

amazon fire tv stick 4k max

Should you upgrade to an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max?

Amazon announced several new Fire TV products today on the official company blog and website. A new Fire TV stick was unveiled next to the company's first Fire TV-powered televisions, the Fire […]

IMDb TV finally gets a dedicated Android App

IMDb TV finally gets a dedicated Android App

When you think of Amazon’s streaming service, the first thing that comes to mind is Prime Video. However, this is not the only streaming service that Amazon has available. IMDb TV, which […]

opt-out amazon sidewalk

If you don't want Amazon devices to share your bandwidth with your neighbors, you need to opt-out!

Amazon plans to enroll many of its hardware devices that are operated in the United States, including many Echo devices and Ring Spotlight and Floodlight Cams, into its Amazon Sidewalk system on […]

fire tv firefox end support

Firefox for Fire TV and Echo Show will be discontinued

Mozilla revealed that it will end support for the organization's Firefox web browser for the Amazon products Fire TV and Echo Show on April 30, 2021. The mobile version of Firefox landed […]

amazon prime video windows 10

A look at the Amazon Prime Video app for Windows 10

Amazon launched its Amazon Prime Video for Windows application this month officially for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 users may download the application from the Microsoft Store and use it […]

delete amazon alexa recordings

Amazon blunder leaks Alexa data to other customer

It appears that the fears of privacy and data protection advocates in regards to voice powered devices have come true; at least in a single case where Amazon leaked a customer's voice […]

amazon partfinder

Amazon Partfinder checks PC component compatibility

One of the things that PC users have to make sure when they shop for new hardware for their devices is that the new hardware components are compatible with the device. It […]

keepa amazon price tracker

Keepa: Amazon price history and tracking

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge to improve your online shopping experience on the Amazon website. Keepa was one of the […]

free games with prime

Amazon launches Free Games with Prime on Twitch

I have to admit that I did not pay a lot of attention when Amazon announced Twitch Prime some time ago even though I'm an Amazon Prime customer. Amazon acquired the game […]

amazon music storage retired

Amazon Music Storage subscriptions are being retired

Amazon announced recently that the company's Amazon Music Storage subscription plans are being retired. The service allowed Amazon customers to upload music to the company's cloud infrastructure. Free users could upload up […]

amazon browsing history

Manage your Amazon Browsing History

Amazon stores your browsing history when you are on the shopping site, and may use the information to display item suggestions to you. If you have been to Amazon before, chance is […]

Amazon shuts down unlimited storage plan for Drive

Amazon announced recently that it will no longer offer an unlimited storage plan for the company's Amazon Drive storage solution. The company launched Cloud Drive Unlimited back in March 2015. Users who […]


The best Amazon price trackers in 2017

It is sometimes difficult to find the right time to make a purchase. If you have a budget for instance, you may want to make sure that the purchase is within its […]

amazon chime

What is Amazon Chime?

Amazon Chime is a new communication service by Amazon that supports video conferencing, calls, chat, and the sharing of content. The product is available for devices running Windows and Mac OS X, […]

amazon music unlimited

Amazon's Music Unlimited streaming service launches

Amazon Music Unlimited is a new music streaming service by Amazon that the company pits against established services such as Spotify and Apple Music. While it shares similarities with those services, it […]

amazon filter language

Filter Amazon Video content by language

Amazon Video is an add-on service for Prime members that works in many regards just like Netflix. Amazon produces original series such as Bosch, Jean-Claude von Johnson or The Man in the […]

amazon assistant java

Amazon Assistant knows all about you

Amazon Assistant is a service by Amazon that is offered as a browser extension or mobile application designed to improve the Internet shopping experience. Its main features are product comparison, access to […]

amazon prime video firefox

Amazon Prime Video without Silverlight in Firefox

Firefox users will soon be able to play Amazon Prime Video without requiring the Microsoft Silverlight plugin to do so. Mozilla, just like Google and Microsoft, plans to remove support for so-called […]

amazon prime monthly

Amazon Prime gets monthly plans

Amazon Prime started out as a membership service for Amazon customers to save on shipping costs as Amazon would not charge Prime members for shipping. The company expanded the service in recent […]

amazon storywriter

Amazon releases Storywriter, a cloud-based screenwriting app

Amazon Studios released Storywriter today, a free cloud-based screenwriting application that anyone with an Amazon account can use. Internet companies like Amazon or Netflix started the production of original series and movies […]

amazon two step verification

Protect your Amazon account with Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification is a popular method to improve the security of accounts by adding another verification step to the authentication process. It blocks attackers from accessing the account with the password alone, […]

amazon cloud drive unlimited

Amazon launches Cloud Drive Unlimited plan for $59.99 per year. Good Deal?

Amazon's Cloud Drive has been a contender in the cloud storage and file synchronizing vertical for some time now. Today, Amazon announced the launch of two new plans that simplify Cloud Drive […]

amazon cloud drive

Save to Cloud Drive extension released by Amazon for Chrome

Amazon has been pushing its Prime subscription service quite a bit in recent time. Prime started as a service for Amazon customers to pay a flat fee for the shipping and handling […]

amazon unlimited photo storage

How Amazon's unlimited photo storage for Cloud Drive works

Amazon Prime has evolved a lot in recent time. Designed in the beginning as a yearly-paid subscription service to cover all shipping and handling costs for Amazon purchases, it is now offering […]

feature hero

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Google Chromecast vs Fire TV Box

Amazon announced the Fire TV Stick today. It is on first glance similar to Google's Chromecast and other streaming sticks and solutions. You connect the stick to your TV's HDMI port and […]


Save money by buying PS4 games in the USA

Ah, the global economy. When you compare the price of a game in select countries, you may notice huge differences. A game may cost half the money in the USA for instance […]

problem mit dem service 1002 1

Amazon Instant Video Error 1002: what you can do

Amazon launched its Instant Video feature a couple of days ago for Prime members in Germany. Existing Prime members can use Instant Video without additional costs or signing up for the service […]

discount amazon coupon

Before you buy on Amazon, check out the coupons section

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping sites on the Internet, and while you find great deals quite often on it, there is always room for improvement. If you happen to shop […]

amazon instant video

Tip: don't buy digital movies on Amazon Instant Video

Whenever I purchase movies or videos, I do so on DVD or Blu-Ray exclusively and never as digital content on the Internet. The reason is simple: if I purchase it on DVD […]

amazon price comparison

Compare international prices on Amazon

Depending on where you live, you may be able to shop in different Amazon stores and have access to all or at least a large selection of items in those other shops […]

amazon coins

Why Amazon Coins are worse than gift cards or cash

Amazon launched Coins recently, a virtual in-store currency similar to Microsoft Points or the Steam Wallet. Coins can be purchased directly on Amazon in chunks of 500 or more. Coins are linked […]



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