Amazon is one of the top tech companies in the digital world, with a huge focus on eCommerce, downloads, streaming, cloud computing, and more. We’ll cover some the latest news and updates from this media giant where we feel it makes a huge impact.

amazon digital game downloads

How To Purchase Digital Games at Amazon from outside the US

Amazon for some time now has been offering digital game downloads at its US shop. Here it is possible to buy games online, download them directly to the computer, to install and […]

amazon cloud drive

Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop App For Windows and Mac Launched

The cloud space is buzzing with activity lately.  First we had an update to Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage offering, with improved file upload size support and the SkyDrive for desktop app […]

kindle cloud reader

Read Free Kindle Ebooks with Kindle Reader Apps

Amazon's Kindle Reader is a big success for the online shopping giant. One of the reasons for the success is the cross-promotion that Amazon is running on the highly frequented shopping portal […]

Amazon Release "Send to Kindle" Software for Windows

I had to look twice at the press release about the new "Send to Kindle" program for Windows as on the face of it, it seems to be both obvious and something […]

amazon third party merchants

Display Only Items Sold By Amazon

Amazon has opened their marketplace for third party manufacturers who can sell their goods on the popular online shopping site. Shipping and handling fees are usually added to third party items sold […]

amazon s3 account

DragonDisk, An Amazon S3 File Management Client

Amazon S3, which stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service, is an online storage service by Amazon that gives web developers access to a scalable and fast infrastructure. Webmasters and services may come […]

Amazon To Start Publishing Books

Amazon is without doubt one of the largest online book stores in the world. People who once used local book shops to order and buy books are now using Amazon's online shop […]

filler seek

Amazon Filler Item Services

When you break a certain threshold with your purchases at the Amazon shopping portal you are eligible for free shipping. This threshold is $25 currently in the US, $39 in Canada and […]


Is the Amazon Kindle Tablet Coming September 28?

Amazon have today issued invitations to a "special press conference" on September 28 and the tech community is expecting the online retailer to formally announce the Kindle Tablet. The tablet, which has […]

amazon shipping

Verify That Amazon Items Are Shipped To A Selected Country

You may remember that I buy most of my computer games and media at the Amazon UK store and not the store in Germany. I benefit in two ways here: first, prices […]


Amazon Launches Cloud Based Reader to Thwart Apple

Amazon’s Kindle device was an instant hit when if first arrived on the scene. Many people were skeptical because they thought a simple device that didn’t even have a color screen, wouldn’t […]


How to use a Simple Jailbreak to Customize Kindle Screensavers

The screensavers offered as standard with Kindle devices can, to some people, be dissatisfactory. Many people think that Kindle’s are great devices, and from the perspective of a conservationist, can save a […]

amazon cloud drive

The Details of Amazon's Free Music Storing

Amazon's Cloud Drive service now lets you store previously purchased music for free and any music for free with a paid subscription. Anyone who signed up via buying an album (a promotion […]

PictureFox, Displays All Amazon Pictures In On Gallery

I love shopping at Amazon. The shopping experience is comfortable and I love the fact that you can use your Amazon login to log into all Amazon stores. I make extensive use […]

amazon digital items

Set Up Amazon to Download to Your PC & Cloud Drive

Most tech savvy people have figured out how to save music to their Amazon Cloud Drive, but not everyone knows how to save to the Cloud Drive and their PC. Snagging a […]

amazon cloud drive

Have You Read the Fine Print for the Amazon Cloud Drive?

Amazon's new Cloud Drive service has made the news recently. The service allows you to store any kind of file, and even stream music loaded to it through its Cloud Player. It […]

gladinet cloud desktop

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Adds Amazon Cloud Drive Integration

Gladinet Cloud Desktop integrates cloud storage as virtual storage on the computer system. The software combines the integration of cloud storage with backup and file synchronization options. Cloud Desktop supports many different […]

cloud drive upload

Amazon Cloud Drive, Free Online Storage

Free online storage; every company and their mother seem to be offering cloud based storage these days. Amazon has joined the fray with Amazon Cloud Drive, offering five Gigabytes of free online […]

test drive before you buy

Amazon Appstore Introduces Test Drive Now Feature

Buying smartphone apps is a lot like buying computer games: You buy the app based on description and reviews, or if you are lucky, based on a free version that you were […]

amazon watcher

AmazonWatcher, Amazon Price Drop, Product Availability Notifications

Amazon offers a great shopping experience when you are on one of the six localized Amazon shopping websites. One thing that I really like is that the pricing can change from one […]

Amazon Login May Accept Password Variants

The online shopping portal Amazon may accept password variants during login according to the German technology news site Heise Online. According to the information published there, Amazon may accept passwords that are […]

eBook Readers Might Not Spell the Death of Libraries After All

Amazon have now launched their latest salvo in the eBook wars, allowing people to borrow eBooks much like we've been doing with libraries for hundreds of years. The books can only be […]

better amazon

Better Amazon Userscript, User Friendly Amazon Product Pages

Many companies seem to add more and more information and features to specific pages on their websites. A prime example is Google Search which turned from a minimalistic page into a complex […]

amazon your account

Amazon Personalized Ads Opt Out

The popular online store Amazon keeps a record of a customer's likes and dislikes by tracking activities on Amazon properties but also on third party sites that display Amazon advertisements. These information […]

Manage your Kindle in Linux

I've owned a Kindle 2 for nearly a year now. I have to say I do love it and am not impressed with the iPad's ability to allow the user to read […]

Download music from Amazon with clamz

Lately I have been going on and on about the Ubuntu Music Store. So much so, it would seem I have forgotten the other music store that is friends to Linux. Not […]

Monitor Amazon Price Changes With Wootch

Amazon with its vast assortment of items is one of the preferred online shopping locations for Internet users. Buying items on Amazon is comfortable, and its excellent return policy has contributed to […]

Purchase music from Amazon on your Linux machine

For most lovers of music on the go, the default seems to be the combination of iTunes and iP* (where * is either hone or od). This is great for Apple and […]

Amazon Kindle International Version review

I have longed for an ebook reader for some time, but the most popular one - the Amazon Kindle - has long been reserved solely for the US market. Whilst it has […]

Amazon Deletes a user's Kindle Books Without Consent

If you ever needed another reason not to purchase hardware, software or media with DRM then this latest story may convince you that DRM is utterly bad for consumers in general. Amazon […]

How To Go Discount Hunting On Amazon

Did you know that it is possible to go discount hunting on all Amazon websites? It actually is pretty easy to search for discounts on Amazon, and this guide explains how you […]

How To Coordinate Multiple Amazon Purchases

If you make purchases at an Amazon store you have the option to let Amazon ship the items as soon as they are available or grouped together to save postage and handling […]

Alexa's What's Hot on the Web

Alexa announced a new service a few days ago. Their What's Hot on the Web service aggregates data from all Alexa toolbar users to provide a list of the hottest, i.e. the […]

Free Amazon Movie Downloads Thanks To Adobe Flash

Did you ever come upon a news story that sounded interesting enough to pursue? It happened today with the Reuter's story that the Amazon streaming movies service was flawed and allowed users […]

amazon price watcher

Amazon Watcher

Amazon Watcher is a handy application to monitor availability and changes of items at the six Amazon stores. Users can feed Amazon Watcher with full urls to Amazon items, their ASIN or […]

Useful Amazon Power Shopper Tools

Kevin published a great top ten list of Amazon Power Shopper Tools at Lifehacker which is a great list of services that can save lots of time and money. I want to […]

Never again run out of household items

Amazon Subscribe and Save was mentioned in the Cybernet News RSS feed and it sounded that interesting that I decided to take a look at it myself and write a small article about it. The service offers a way to subscribe to household items and select a delivery schedule for those items. Shipping is free of charge and buyers do get a 15% discount on purchased items.

amazon price tracking

Get notified if item prices on drop

Price Drop is a Firefox add-on that gives the user the option to track prices for selected items at the online store and notify him when the price drops. Besides keeping track of prices drops at the Amazon store it also notifies you if the price dropped after purchasing the item which helps getting a refund for the item that you bought because of the lower price.

Amazon DRM Free MP3 Store

I always wondered which company would be able to compete with Apple's iTunes store and only a handful companies came to my mind. Besides Microsoft and eBay Amazon came to my mind. They are a established brand and I do not know a single person who does not have an Amazon account already.

NBC cooperates with Amazon after ditching Apple

NBC wants more control on pricing and usage restrictions while Apple did not want to give in which is why the current relationship between those two is a little bit icy and it remains unclear if NBC shows will still be available in iTunes at years end. Meanwhile Amazon and NBC announced that NBC's tv shows will be made available on Unbox.



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