Microsoft Office

While Microsoft Office started with a few programs, it has a larger selection today with a cloud offering. Besides sharing news on the latest packages and prices, we’ll also review different apps, provide some tips, and compare them with others.

microsoft remote connectivity analyzer

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Gets Office 365 Support

Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a tool for system administrators to verify that the Internet connectivity of specific Microsoft services is setup and configured properly. The online tool has been initially released […]

office add-ins

Install Add-Ins to Office 2007 and Adapt Custom Functions

The Microsoft Office Suite is indispensable software for so many users. The ability to innovate custom functions in Office 2007 by installation of free add-ins is a practical advantage to anyone using […]

microsoft office 2010 sp1 update

Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 Released

Microsoft today has released the Office 2010 Service Pack 1 which combines improvements, new features and previously released updates in a single update pack. The update is available for free if downloaded […]

What will Office 365 Mean for Microsoft, Google and Us?

Next Tuesday Microsoft officially launches its Office 365 product.  This product, which was expected for several years before any official announcement came, is the company's new subscription service for business.  In short […]

google cloud connect

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Update: Google Cloud Connect is no longer available. An alternative is to install Google Drive and open, edit and save documents using it in Microsoft Office. How are you managing your documents? […]


OpenOffice, LibreOffice 3.3 Final Released

Oracle, with the purchase of the software company Sun, is the current main sponsor of the Open Source project. Members of the Open Office project formed The Document Foundation back in September […]

Office Live Files, Microsoft Office Add-In

The Microsoft Office add-in, Office Live Files closes the existing gap between Microsoft's popular Office suite and their online service Office Live. You see, while it is possible to save documents to […]


Microsoft Word Free Download, Is There Such A Thing?

The majority of computer users uses computers at least partially to work with documents and spreadsheets. Microsoft Word is still one of the most popular text editing applications on the Windows operating […]


Microsoft Security Bulletin November 2010

Microsoft has released information and patches of this month's patch day. It is promising that there is no patch for Windows in this month's patch day. The three bulletins that have been […]

microsoft offvis office visualization tool

Microsoft OffVis, Office Visualization Tool

OffVis, the Microsoft Office Visualization Tool, has been designed to visualize the binary file formats doc, xls or ppt. While it has been primarily created for IT professionals and security researchers, it […]

operations guide for microsoft office 2010

Operations Guide For Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has released a second Office 2010 guide, after the previously released  Getting Started With Microsoft Office 2010 Guide. The initial guide was designed for administrators and also end users alike and […]

office 2010 getting started

Getting started with Microsoft Office 2010 Guide

Microsoft has just released a Getting started with Microsoft Office 2010 guide that gives administrators and users of Office an overview of the changes in Microsoft Office 2010. The ebook acts as […]

office 2010 edition comparison

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Trial

Microsoft Office 2010 has been released by Microsoft. The popular Office suite is available in three different editions in retail shops: Office Home and Business 2010, Office Home and Student 2010 and […]

office web apps

Office Web Apps on SkyDrive Launched, Offers Online Document Management

The prime choice for most users who wanted to manage documents online was up until recently Google Docs with its advanced set of features. Microsoft launched the Office Web Apps on SkyDrive […]

office product key remover

Microsoft Product Key – Microsoft Office Key Remover

Office Key Remover is a small portable application for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system that can be used to remove Office licensing information from the system so that […]

office 2010 editions

Microsoft Office 2010 Download And Evaluation

Should you make the switch to Microsoft Office 2010? If you are not sure yet you could download the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus to evaluate it for 60 days. […]

hidden folder

MSOCache Folder Information

You might have noticed a MSOCache folder in the root directory if you have selected the option to view hidden folders in Windows Explorer. Microsoft Office creates the folder during installation to […]

docs com beta

Microsoft And Facebook Launch

Many Internet users who want to view and edit documents online use Google Docs to do so. There are other services besides Google Docs, but none that can compete with Google's service […]

sun odf plugin

Sun ODF Plugin For Microsoft Office No Longer Free

Update: The Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office is no longer available on the Sun Oracle website. You may still download the -- rather large -- plugin for Microsoft Office from third-party […]

Ribbon Hero Teaches Office In A Playful Way

There are two types of Office users: Those who know everything - or nearly everything - about the program and those who do not. The latter group usually has to look really […]

Free Office 2007 To Office 2010 Upgrade Period Starts Today

Microsoft plans to release the final version of Microsoft Office 2010 on June 15 and is - as always - offering free upgrades for users who happen to have purchased the previous […]

Tips to help users migrate to OpenOffice

The office suite. Ah the importance you hold over the PC user. You help our business to flow, you help us to draft our papers and novels, and you help us communicate. […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Pricing Revealed

Microsoft Office 2010 is currently offered as a beta version for anyone interested. We have published Microsoft Office 2010 download details and information about the various editions in the past but the […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Download And Information

Microsoft's recent strategy change in regards to product launches - or to be more precise - to public relations during product development has been successful so far. The company related public beta […]

Clear Microsoft Office History

Esecure Delete is a free add-on for Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 to delete the recent document history in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office keeps track of the recent document history. […]

Office Tabs Brings Tabs To Microsoft Office

Working with multiple open documents in Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel is not as comfortable as it can be. The documents are all placed in the same interface […]

Manage Office Add-Ins With Portable OfficeIns

Microsoft Office add-ins are a great way to enhance the functionality of Microsoft's popular Office program. The software program comes however only with a basic add-ins manager. Far better are third party […]

Microsoft Office Live Workspace Add-in

Microsoft Office add-ins add a wide variety of features to Microsoft's Office. Most are designed to add functionality to specific programs like Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook. The Office Live Workspace add-in […]

Apply To Become A Microsoft Office 2010 Tester (US Only)

Microsoft Office 2010 will be the next installment of Microsoft's popular Office suite. We already mentioned Outlook 2010 or more specifically the user protest that Microsoft's decision to use the Word rendering […]

How To Open Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Without Excel

There are quite a few ways of opening Microsoft Excel spreadsheets if Microsoft Excel is not installed on the computer system. The article will outline several popular ways of opening Excel spreadsheets […]

Microsoft Office Word 2007 AutoHistory

One element that is missing in Microsoft's Office Word 2007 program is the ability to manage document revisions. The software program comes with revision tracking features but those do not help that […]

Google Docs Adds Docx And Xlsx Support

Microsoft's decision to change the default file format in Office 2007 for some of its most popular Office programs has caused some confusion and controversy, especially shortly after introduction. Back then no […]

OffiSync Adds Google Docs To Microsoft Office

OffiSync is an add-in that adds the online document management features of Google Docs to Microsoft Office. Users who do use Microsoft Office and Google Docs do so for specific reasons. Update: […]

5 Tips To Reduce The Size Of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can take up lots of hard drive space. The size of the presentations depends largely on the multimedia content - that is pictures, videos and audio - that has […]

Microsoft Office Add-ins Manager

Add-ins are a great way to increase the functionality of Microsoft Office. Some add-ins are compatible with all Microsoft Office programs while others only work in specific applications such as the email […]

Docx And Xlsx Data Recovery Software

Dealing with corrupt Word documents or Excel spreadsheets can be quite the daunting task. This is true especially if you don't have access to document backups, for instance because they are also […]

Document Viewer TextMaker Viewer 2010

If you have to read or edit document formats such as doc, docx or odt regularly, it is probably best to install a full Office suite such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or […]

Microsoft Translator For Microsoft Office

Microsoft has released an add-on for Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 that adds the company's Live Search Translator tool to the two Office programs. This move replaces the WorldLingo translator, […]

Microsoft Download Portals Overview

Microsoft does not only maintain a public download repository on the Internet but several sites that provide downloads for various company products and services. Many of these download sites offer downloads for […]

google docs microsoft office

Google Docs Adds Office Excel 2007 XLSX Support

While Google Mail (Gmail) is already able to display the new Office 2007 file formats such as xlsx, docx or pptx by converting them to HTML format so that they can be […]



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