Microsoft Office

While Microsoft Office started with a few programs, it has a larger selection today with a cloud offering. Besides sharing news on the latest packages and prices, we’ll also review different apps, provide some tips, and compare them with others.

Apply To Become A Microsoft Office 2010 Tester (US Only)

Microsoft Office 2010 will be the next installment of Microsoft's popular Office suite. We already mentioned Outlook 2010 or more specifically the user protest that Microsoft's decision to use the Word rendering […]

How To Open Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Without Excel

There are quite a few ways of opening Microsoft Excel spreadsheets if Microsoft Excel is not installed on the computer system. The article will outline several popular ways of opening Excel spreadsheets […]

Microsoft Office Word 2007 AutoHistory

One element that is missing in Microsoft's Office Word 2007 program is the ability to manage document revisions. The software program comes with revision tracking features but those do not help that […]

Google Docs Adds Docx And Xlsx Support

Microsoft's decision to change the default file format in Office 2007 for some of its most popular Office programs has caused some confusion and controversy, especially shortly after introduction. Back then no […]

OffiSync Adds Google Docs To Microsoft Office

OffiSync is an add-in that adds the online document management features of Google Docs to Microsoft Office. Users who do use Microsoft Office and Google Docs do so for specific reasons. Update: […]

5 Tips To Reduce The Size Of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can take up lots of hard drive space. The size of the presentations depends largely on the multimedia content - that is pictures, videos and audio - that has […]

Microsoft Office Add-ins Manager

Add-ins are a great way to increase the functionality of Microsoft Office. Some add-ins are compatible with all Microsoft Office programs while others only work in specific applications such as the email […]

Docx And Xlsx Data Recovery Software

Dealing with corrupt Word documents or Excel spreadsheets can be quite the daunting task. This is true especially if you don't have access to document backups, for instance because they are also […]


Document Viewer TextMaker Viewer 2010

If you have to read or edit document formats such as doc, docx or odt regularly, it is probably best to install a full Office suite such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or […]

Microsoft Translator For Microsoft Office

Microsoft has released an add-on for Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 that adds the company's Live Search Translator tool to the two Office programs. This move replaces the WorldLingo translator, […]

Microsoft Download Portals Overview

Microsoft does not only maintain a public download repository on the Internet but several sites that provide downloads for various company products and services. Many of these download sites offer downloads for […]

google docs microsoft office

Google Docs Adds Office Excel 2007 XLSX Support

While Google Mail (Gmail) is already able to display the new Office 2007 file formats such as xlsx, docx or pptx by converting them to HTML format so that they can be […]

Create Professional Labels with gLabels

If you've ever had to create labels for mailings or any other reason you know how complicated labels can be (when using either a word processor or desktop publishing application). If you […]

Microsoft Office Classic Menu Add-on

If you cannot get used to the ribbon interface of Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 because it does not display all the options needed to do the job in one […]

If-Else Statements in OpenOffice Calc

I do a lot with spreadsheets. And when I work in spreadsheets I work in OpenOffice. Most people know the ins and outs of spreadsheets, but many don't realize just how powerful […]

PagePlus: A better and cheaper DTP program than Publisher

99% of home users will use Microsoft Publisher as their desktop publisher but will be unaware of a free superior package offered by Serif. PagePlus is a 'budget' desktop publishing suite published […]

Free Calendars To Print

Why buy a calendar for $10 or more if you can get free calendars to print out online? A search for free calendars to print displays lots of websites that offer free […]

groove folder synchronization

Remove Microsoft Groove Folder Synchronization

If you have installed Microsoft Office on a computer system you might have installed a module called Microsoft Groove with it. Microsoft Office Groove was designed for document collaboration "in teams with […]

Microsoft October 2008 Patch Day Patches 11 Security Vulnerabilities

It was always a mystery to me why Microsoft released security patches on one day only considering that an unpatched security vulnerability could be exploited easily in that time. The impression with […]

O3Find Star Office Full Text Search

O3Find is a standalone Open Source application for Windows that can be installed or used as a portable application that can perform full text searches on Open Office and Star Office documents. […]

Microsoft Office Add In ClickSolve

Clicksolve is a Microsoft Office Add In that integrates an Internet mapping and searching feature into several Microsoft Office programs. The programs that benefit from the Office add in are Microsoft Word, […]

First Ribbon User Interfaces Begin To Appear

Microsoft introduced a new user interface that  it called the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007. It was designed to reduce the number of hierarchical menus in previous versions of Microsoft Office. It […]

Evaluate Document Information Leak Level

SolFileFinder is a risk visualization tool for Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents as well as zip files. It searches the system for Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 documents encrypted […]

Microsoft Excel Autobackup

Excel Autobackup is an Microsoft Excel add-in which adds automatic backup capabilities to Excel. The default autosave in Excel is overwriting previous versions of the spreadsheet without asking the user if that […]

Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager

The Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager has been designed to aid individuals, administrators and companies to migrate from an earlier version of Microsoft Office to the latest version Microsoft Office 2007. It […]

Microsoft Office Slipstreamer

It has just been a week ago that I reviewed Microsoft Office Integrator, a tool that made it possible to create a new Office installation disk containing all the official Office Service […]

Sendshield Prevents Private Data Leaks When Sending Office Documents

Experienced users know that Microsoft Office documents can contain hidden information that can be revealed after enabling functions to see them in Microsoft Office products. This can include hidden rows and data […]

Microsoft Office Integrator

You find lots of applications on the Internet that allow to slipstream service packs, patches and updates into a Microsoft Windows installation CD or DVD. This has a serious advantage the next […]

Open Office Bookmarks Extension

If you are working with the same kind of documents on a regular basis in Open Office, you might find the Open Office Bookmarks Menu extension helpful. It adds the possibility to […]

Microsoft Office Live Update

Microsoft just published Office Live Update 1.2 which improves the integration of Office Live with Microsoft Office programs. The four updates and tools that are installed by Office Live Update increase the […]

ODF Addins For Microsoft Office Suite

The Microsoft Office Suite is currently not supporting the Open Format (ODF), a file format for spreadsheets, charts, presentations and word processing documents. Most users will probably have come in contact with […]

Default To Doc in Word 2007

It seems that Lifehacker is having Ghacks week which I personally do not mind but the amount of articles that they referred to is large to say the least. You may know […]

EverNote over OneNote

I never had any experience with using Microsoft OneNote before getting the Microsoft Office 2007 Home Edition. I’m a university student and having spent a few weeks attempting to organise my notes […]

openoffice translation

OpenOffice On The Fly Translations

The EuroOffice Dictionary is an Open Office extension that provides access to on the fly translations of words in Open Office. The user only needs to hover over a word or type […]

google docs templates

Google Docs Templates

Everyone likes to bang on about how Google Docs is going to be the end of Microsoft Office, but people say that sort of thing all the time… 2008 is going to […]

remove hidden data

Remove Hidden Data tool for Office 2003 and Office XP

Much like images that have been created with digital cameras, Word documents contain hidden meta data that reveal information about the author of the document. Documents can also contain additional information, like […]

Grab the ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office early

Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will officially add support for the Open Document Format ODF which is a free and open file format for electronic office documents. The format is already […]

Microsoft Security Updates May 2008

Microsoft released four security updates for various applications and operating systems that they produce. Three of the four updates are regarded as critical while one has a moderate risk level. To break […]

microsoft office design templates

Microsoft Office 2007 Design Families

Microsoft's Small Business Center is offering six free design families for Microsoft Office 2007 that can be downloaded directly from the promotional website. A design family is simply a collection of several […]

microsoft office accounting express

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 is a free edition of Microsoft Office Accounting that is currently designed for small businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom. While there is no […]



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