Antivirus software is essential for preventing attacks on your device from external or online sources. We’ll cover programs that prevent malware, viruses, identity theft, unsecure connections, bad links, phishing, scams, Wi-Fi intrusions, and more.

malwarebytes chameleon

Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on PCs where it is blocked

While most malware ignores software installed on a PC it is trying to infect, some have been designed to block security software from running or being installed on a system it has […]

x-ray 2.0 virustotal

X-Ray 2.0 VirusTotal frontend with a batch of extra features

If you are in the business of downloading and testing lots of different applications, you better make sure that the programs that you run on your PC are clean and not infected […]

avira free antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus 2013 released

Not everything that security company Avira did in recent times has received a positive reception by the company's user base. Especially the bundling of the software with the Ask Toolbar has been […]

dr-web live cd

Time to malware-scan new PCs before first use

You have probably heard about PCs being infected in China with malware in factories as part of the manufacturing process. If you have not, I suggest you read The Guardian's article first […]

Google acquires online virus scanning service Virustotal

My go to service for scanning individual files online for malicious code is VirusTotal. It scans files that you upload to it with 42 different antivirus engines that include the majority of […]

avg sitesafety plugin

How to uninstall the AVG Security Toolbar

AVG Technologies AVG Security Toolbar is included in the company's latest range of security software, as a standalone application, and as a third party offer included in the installer of software such […]

After Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu comes Gauss, another highly-targeted malware

If you are into math, computers or computer games, you have probably come into contact with the Gauss name. If you are living in the Middle East, or are one of the […]

avira protection cloud

Avira Protection Cloud: Cloud-based Antivirus Software

Avira, the company best known for its Free Antivirus program, has just made available a technical preview of Avira Protection Cloud, a new cloud-based antivirus solution that is leveraging the cloud and […]

panda cloud antivirus free 2

Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.0 released

Panda Software has just released version 2.0 of their Panda Cloud Antivirus application. Both the free and pro version of the security application are available for download at the Panda Cloud Antivirus […]

kaspersky security scan

Kaspersky Security Scan: Get a second opinion on your PC's Security State

Even if you are running security software that gets regularly updated by its development company, you run the risk of falling prey to dangers that lurk behind every corner on the Internet. […]

avast free antivirus

Avast 7 Public Betas Available, New Features Included

Avast! has just released the first public beta version of the company's 2012 security lineup. Interested users can download Avast Free, Avast Pro and Avast Internet Security from the official beta announcement […]

avira dns repair

Avira DNS Repair Resolves Manipulations By DNSChanger

The FBI back in November managed to close down a botnet that was created with the help of a malware called DNSChanger. In operation since 2007 it grew to a size of […]

x-ray antivirus analysis

Submit Suspicious Files to Antivirus Companies With X-Ray

We all know that there is not a single antivirus software on the market, either free or commercial, that detects 100% of malicious software. Some users help themselves by adding additional layers […]

Free Android Anti-Virus Apps are Proved Useless

Of all the smartphone and tablet operating systems available at the moment, the one that I simply can't recommend to people is Google Android.  Unlike Apple, Microsoft and some other companies Google […]

malware propagation

Windows XP Has 10-Times The Infection Rate Of Windows 7

The Security Intelligence Report is a biannual report by Microsoft that analyzes past and present security trends. It focuses on "software vulnerabilities, software vulnerability exploits, malicious and potentially unwanted software, and security […]

remove fake antivirus

Free Fake Antivirus Removal Software Updated

Fake antivirus software has been on the rise in the past years. The term refers to malware that disguises itself as system protection software. Some of those programs fake malware infections to […]

avira internet security 2012

Avira 2012 Beta Versions Now Available

It is the time of the year again where security software developers are pushing out updates for their products that increase the version or year by one. Avira has just started the […]


Free Outpost Security Suite Upgrades

It was only a matter of time until a security company would come up with an ingenious idea to increase their market share. The first company to do just that is Agnitum […]

microsoft security essentials

Use Exclusions when Antivirus Software is Slowing down your PC

While it is essential to protect Windows PCs with antivirus software, one of the drawbacks of doing so is that it can slow down the PC. While that depends largely on the […]

your computer appears to be infected

Your Computer Appears To Be Infected, On Google Search

A computer with a malware infection causes serious troubles for its owner or the current users, especially if they are not aware of the infection. The danger itself depends largely on the […]

avast internet security license

Avast Internet Security Free License

Like many other security software companies, Avast is offering both a free basic version of their software and a commercial advanced version that comes with extra features. Avast Internet Security is the […]

avira searchfree toolbar

Beware: Avira Partners With Ask And UniBlue

Free products often have a much wider reach than commercial software. This may be especially true when it comes to security software for the PC. This in turn makes the programs ideal […]

Have the biggest players dropped the ball on AV Protection?

The latest anti-virus test figures for Windows 7 are out and there are a good few shocks to be seen in the results. In the tests performed by AVTest, BitDefender has leapt […]


MultiScan, Scan Local Files With Multiple Antivirus Programs

The idea to scan files with multiple antivirus engines is not new, online portals such as Virustotal offer that feature for quite some time. If you look at desktop applications you notice […]

avira de cleaner

Avira DE-Cleaner, On Demand Virus Scanning

Avira DE-Cleaner is a new specialized security software from the makers of the popular antivirus software AntiVir. The program has been designed as an on-demand virus scanner that can be installed or […]


Jottiq, Upload Files To Online Malware Scanner Jotti

Sometimes you may not be sure if a local file is safe to execute even with an up to date antivirus software installed. It can then be reassuring to scan the file […]

iobit cloud

IObit Cloud, Online Antivirus File Analysis

When in doubt verify. That's one of the maxims that I use daily to avoid running into troubles. That's especially true for files and programs that I want to test and run […]

kaspersky usb rescue disk

Make A Bootable USB Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Many antivirus companies offer free rescue disks to provide their customers with an option to disinfect a system from the "outside"; in other words, an option to boot using the rescue disk […]

BBC News releases Smartphone Malware… deliberately

No, the BBC isn't trying to subsidise its coffers by branching out into cyber-crime.  As an experiment the British public-service broadcaster wants to know just how secure smartphones really are. The malware […]


Computer Virus Repair Software Re-Enable

Some computer viruses disable system specific features to make it harder for the computer user to detect and remove them. Most people will understand that something is wrong if the Windows Task […]

panda cloud antivirus pro

Panda Announces Cloud Antivirus Pro

Panda Cloud Antivirus made quite an impact in 2009 when it was officially released after an initial beta testing period. The cloud driven antivirus solution combined effective virus protection with a smaller […]

multi antivirus

Antivirus Multi Monitors Directory With Multiple Antivirus Software

A common rule for Windows users is to install and use only one antivirus software solution at a time. Most developers ask the computer user to uninstall other security software before the […]

wordpress hack

WordPress Hack Terrifies Webmasters

Reports about a WordPress hack affecting self-hosted WordPress blogs have appeared on the Internet in March. The hack seems to affect WordPress 2.9.2, the latest version of the blogging platform, and maybe […]

Avira Antivir Ads Remover

Update: The most recent versions of Avira don't display the popup advertisement anymore. The software reviewed in this article is only useful if you are still using older versions of the application […]

no virus thanks

NoVirusThanks Is A Virus Total Alternative

NoVirusThanks is a free service similar to VirusTotal that allows you to upload files to the service to have them scanned against multiple antivirus engines. Virus Total is one of the most […]

Bitdefender: Linux antivirus made simple

We've covered a few Linux antivirus tools here on Ghacks (see "Install Avira Antivirus on Linux" or "Rescue that infected Windows drive with Trinity Rescue" or the articles covering ClamAV). All of […]

Rescue that infected Windows machine with Trinity Rescue

Sticking with our current theme of rescuing, we will now focus our magnifying glass another another useful Linux tool - Trinity Rescue Kit.TRK is another live Linux distribution, but with a different spin. […]

Install Avira Antivir on Linux

In yesterday's post (see "Scan a Windows drive for viruses using Linux") in which I mentioned the Avira Antivir software. This piece of software is a commercial, cross-platform anti-virus solution that offers […]

The Cleaner

The Cleaner was one of the few solid programs back in the good old days to clean malicious software from a Windows computer system. It somehow seems to have lost its appeal to […]

Avira Malware File-Extension Statistics

Malware is a generic term for trojans, viruses, worms, keyloggers, rootkits and other malicious program code. Avira posted on the official company blog interesting statistics about malware that gets distributed using url, […]



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