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Martin Brinkmann
Aug 2, 2011
Updated • Dec 16, 2014
Antivirus, Security

It was only a matter of time until a security company would come up with an ingenious idea to increase their market share.

The first company to do just that is Agnitum with an offer for residents of the United States or Canada.

Here is how the deal works. You can trade-in your current antivirus solution for a one or two year license of Agnitum Outpost Security Suite. The current license needs to be valid for at least three months to get the free version. If it is valid for more than 12 months, you'd even get a two year license instead.

A total of 15 different vendors are accepted by Agnitum, including Avast, Symantec, McAfee, AVG and ZoneAlarm.

Agnitum wants you to provide evidence of the license. This is done by making a screenshot of the purchase confirmation email, in-application or the active account screen from the security vendor's website.


I cannot really say what's on the next page after you have clicked on the Send button. I have send an email to my contact at Agnitum to find out more about that part of the process.

Update: The next page displays information about the upcoming steps. It contains a download link to a trial version and information that it will take up to two days to get the product key by email.

You have submitted your license in exchange for an equivalent license for Outpost Security Suite Pro. While you’re waiting for confirmation of your eligibility, please DOWNLOAD a free 30-day full-functional trial version and get ready for up to 2 years of high-performance proactive security!

Within 2 business days, you will receive an email from Agnitum Technical Support with the registration code for your Outpost Security Suite Pro with one or two years of free updates, upgrades and support. This license will be valid for up to 3 or 5 PCs for personal and/or family members usage, depending on the competing license you provide.

I'm also not sure if you can only trade-in Internet Security suites, as mentioned on the page, or standalone antivirus solutions as well. Try to get an answer here as well for you guys.

You probably would like to know what Output Security Suite has to offer, and how it competes against comparable suites.

The product page at the Agnitum homepage links to a pdf datasheet with information about the product. Outpost Security Suite is an all-in one solution that combines antivirus protection with a software firewall and other security related modules like a system and application guard or an anti-spam module.

I found several test sites where the security software was tested. I cannot vouch for those sites.

It needs to be noted that Agnitum is offering a free version of the Outpost Security Suite that anyone can download and use. The free suite comes with most of the features of the professional version. It offers the same antivirus and firewall protection. What it does not offer are unique ID theft prevention, priority updates and technical support.

Update 2: Agnitum seems to have pulled the offer.


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  1. Manny Carvalho said on August 4, 2011 at 7:32 am

    Rick, like you I’m a user. I’m not connected in any official way to Agnitum. The reason I saw your post is because I follow Agnitum news on Google. The reason I bothered to respond is because your experience is unusual and shouldn’t be considered representative. However, I have no insight as to what Agnitum service did or didn’t do. I do know that they have many satisfied customers. I’m sorry you aren’t one of them.

    I’m glad you were able to find the forum and if you are so inclined we can continue there. Otherwise I see no point and other folks can now read these comments and decide for themselves.

  2. Manny Carvalho said on August 3, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    I don’t know what prompted Rick to make such a post as clearly this does not happen to the average user. There’s no doubt that complications can happen and generally they are due to remnants of another firewall. This certainly doesn’t happen on any clean install of a supported operating system. I’m surprised he happened to have a clean install waiting around to try this out.

    As it happens, I am a moderator at the Outpost Forum. I’m a user myself and have been a user of Agnitum products for many years. There’s an active support forum that can be reached here: where we can discuss your issue Rick and are willing and able to dispel the other misconceptions about the product if you so desire.

    Whether or not this product is for you I can’t tell. I happen to like it and it has many favorable third party reviews, the original poster pointed to some, so there’s no need to take my word for it or that of any other disgruntled poster. You can make your mind up for yourself.

    1. rick said on August 3, 2011 at 7:24 pm

      What prompted? I once was a supporter of Outpost. When Vista came along, Agnitum was slow to put out a product that worked and I was forced to move to another solution.

      When seeing this post, I was interested to see what Outpost was now like and was disappointed (as you could tell) in the results and as I do often here, I posted my experience.

      Of course other folks will give your product a try and it may work; having said that, the installation and use on a fresh installation is as clean as you can get for looking at something given conflicts etc. that other apps could create. I do find it interesting that a negative review seems to get offers of immediate assistance when the “contact us” asked for 2 days for a response.

      On another point I didn’t feel I needed to add, I sent one of the direct Intel driver downloads tagged as “malware” to be reviewed through the online submission form. Nothing back from Agnitum – not even a thanks for submitting the file email. I know the automated response you get from others is just that – automated. Having said that, I least you know that submission was received.

      Anyhow, maybe a few other folks could offer up their experience – perhaps mine was not representative.

      1. rick said on August 3, 2011 at 7:26 pm

        Oh sorry, the aggressive malware scan seems to be a huge issue when scanning the forum. It almost appears that anything with Packed/PECompact is tagged. Yikes is all I have to say lol

  3. Natalia Solovyeva said on August 3, 2011 at 10:24 am

    To rick:
    In case of any technical issues with Outpost products please contact Agnitum’s support department at We would be glad to assist you.

    1. rick said on August 3, 2011 at 5:36 pm

      That I tried…after contacting the “chat with us live support” I was directed to send in my issues via email and I would hear back within 2 business days.

      1) Installation on a new Win 7 x64 fresh installation
      2) for issues essentially leaving the computer unusable, waiting for 2 days for what undoubtedly would be a canned message – not practical.

      The Live Support was average – and that is not an endorsement – average on live support to me means that you speak to a clueless person with no end result – but it happens without maximum pain.

      With no active user forum, you can’t get support via that means.

      So my summary is that software that appears to have significant issues remaining; poor company support solutions; poor user support options. Agnitum is charging approximately the same retail price as companies that do offer the aforementioned.

      Why bother? There really are too many good alternatives to spend any more time in face palming moments.

  4. rick said on August 3, 2011 at 1:03 am

    Well I gave Outpost another try – what a hunk of junk!

    I installed on a clean win 7 x64 machine (fresh installation). First of all, I thought the app crashed on the installation – it took over 10 minutes stuck on one part (system is a i7-2630 with 16G ram) before it finally got on. Performance on running the app was consistent with the installation – Outpost crashed no less than 5 times in the first 30 minutes.

    Ran a malware scan….only imagine my surprise to discover I already had 13 rogue programs. Ok…only to Outpost….Intel drivers for lan were malware, so were the wireless lan, and realtek sound drivers.

    Get ready folks…..the program locks the file through security settings, and even when you correct the malware diagnosis it stays locked. I got the driver installation programs back only by removing outpost.

    Now the firewall is great right? PFFFFFT There is a feature to allow trusted vendors to be have rules automatically created for their apps. Sounds nice. Unfortunately, if you disable this trusting feature, the app still lets their trusted vendors through – or so I found with Adobe, Microsoft, and of course, themselves. I didn’t get around to installing much more before giving up.

    So if you do grab a license, don’t install it …really….Agnitum used to have a great product about 7 years ago. With Vista / Win 7 – they didn’t really get it and with x64 support really new for them….most likely explains my experience.

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