Computer and mobile technology can be tricky at the best of times, and you’ll often run into issues. We offer basic tutorials for installing and using various programs, as well as some possible fixes to problems. There’s also tips for various apps.


Adobearm.exe And Reader_sl.exe

Adobe just announced changes to the way they deliver updates to their users, specifically an option to install an Adobe Reader update silently in the background without user interaction. The new feature […]

A Life Without Flash

Adobe has a market penetration of 99% which means that it is installed on 99 out of 100 computer systems according to a study posted on the Adobe website. Security vulnerabilities on […]


How To Delete And Add Registry Keys From The Command Line

There are a few scenarios where a Windows user might have to or want to use the command line instead of the Regedit tool to change, delete or add keys in the […]

DTP in Linux with Pagestream

Remember Amiga? Well, if you're old enough to remember that platform, then you might remember the Pagestream desktop publishing system. Pagestream began in 1986 as Publishing Partner for the Atari Computers. By […]


How To Move Large Apps Or Games To Another Drive

Regular readers know that the main drive of my new PC is a 80 Gigabyte capacity Intel Solid State Drive. The hard drive is excellent and works well in combination with the […]

What Is WMPSideShowGadget.exe?

I just noticed on a new computer system that two Windows Media Player related processes where running on it even though Windows Media Player was not running at all. The two processes […]

Configure The 7-Zip Windows Explorer Context Menu

The popular compression software 7-Zip integrates itself nicely into Windows Explorer to make compression related tasks easily reachable within a couple of clicks. Depending on the file that you are selecting, options […]

Incorrect Password Or Not A True Crypt Volume [Troubleshooting]

One of my True Crypt partitions failed to mount after a recent system crash. I entered the right password and received the message "Incorrect password or not a True Crypt volume". I […]


Automatically Attach VHD Images

The Windows 7 operating system comes with (a new) option to create virtual hard drive [vhd] images that can be mounted in the operating system after creation. It is naturally also possible […]

A few cool plugins for The GIMP (and how to add them)

One of the many nicer aspects of the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Project) is that, like Photoshop, you can extend it's usability by adding plug-ins and scripts. These plug-ins are quite numerous […]

Speed Up WordPress With Better Permalink Rewrite Code

WordPress by default uses a link scheme for articles that uses numbers instead of words, and it is considered bad not only for the user experience but also from a SEO perspective. […]

What Are CCC.Exe, Atiedxx.exe, Atiesrxx.exe, Mom.exe And CLIStart.exe?

Owners of a AMD ATI Radeon video card will notice the four processes ccc.exe, atiedxx.exe, atiesrxx.exe and mom.exe when they open up the Windows task manager. Those processes are installed with the […]

Turn Off Crash Logging In Flash 10.1 Beta

You may want to consider turning off crash logging in Flash 10.1 beta, if you are experiencing lots of disk activity whenever Flash content is accessed in a web browser the plugin […]

Install Adobe Flash Without Adobe DLM

Adobe has issued an update for Adobe Flash yesterday that fixes a security vulnerability. Most users who received notice about the update are download an update for Adobe Flash at the official […]

Windows Explorer: Add Copy To and Move To

The following tip provides you with information on adding copy to and move to actions to the Windows Explorer context menu on Windows. Here is an old Windows Explorer tip that I […]

Fix uTorrent Write Errors In Windows 7

I received error messages in uTorrent after switching from Windows XP to Windows 7. All uTorrent downloads were showing Error: Access is denied after a few seconds. The temporary solution was to […]

uTorrent Error: Access is Denied Windows 7

I switched to Windows 7 earlier today and have started to install most of the computer programs that I work regularly with. One of the programs is the Bittorrent client uTorrent which […]

How To Loop Youtube Videos

Note: The first method outlined below is not working anymore. Both the autoplay and loop parameters stopped working some time ago and cannot be used anymore. The scripts listed below are also […]

windows explorer jump

Windows Explorer: Quickly Jump To Files

Windows Explorer is not one of the most sophisticated file explorers available for the Windows operating system. It is, however, the default file explorer for the Windows operating system and many Windows […]

word welcome back

Microsoft Word: Jump To Last Cursor Position

If you open a Microsoft Word document you will notice that it will always open the first page of the document no matter if it is a new document or one that […]

Creating forms to aid OpenOffice.org Base data entry

In the first entry to this "series" I worked through the process of creating a database with OpenOffice.org Base ("How to create a database with OpenOffice Base".) Upon completion of that article […]

How To Back Up WinSCP Sessions

The following guide explains how to back up WinSCP sessions easily using native functionality the software client ships with. WinSCP is a very flexible SFTP and SCP client for the Windows operating […]

Stop Restart Now Restart Later Dialog After Windows Updates

Microsoft has released several security patches in the last 24 hours which every Windows and Office user should install as soon as possible to protect the operating system and software programs running […]

How To Make uTorrent Portable

Using a portable version of uTorrent can be beneficial or even required in several situations. It is for example easier to put a portable version of the Bittorrent client on a removable […]

Save Printer Ink With EcoFont

Printer Ink is often referred to as liquid gold because of its price. It is pretty expensive and methods to save printer ink are always in high regard as they can save […]

Guides For DVD Burning Software ImgBurn

The developers of ImgBurn have just released version 2.5 of their lightweight DVD burning software which added some interesting features to the already excellent software program. The biggest quirks that new users […]

Java Error 25099 Unzipping Core Files Failed

The installation of Java can terminate on some computer systems with the error message "Error 25099 Unzipping Core Files Failed". This can happen with the Java online or offline installer. The reason […]

5 Full Time Freelancing Tips

I have been working from home exclusively for almost two years now which is as great as it sounds. It does come with a few risks that not everyone is able to […]

Disable AppleMobileDeviceService.Exe, iTunesHelper.exe and iPodService.exe

Users of the Microsoft Windows operating system who install the music manager iTunes will notice a large number of background processes that are connected to that program. The processes that all users […]

Turn Off Computer Hardware With A Single Click

Rarst inspired me to take a closer look at the command line utility devcon which has been created by Microsoft. Devcon is a command line version of the Windows Device Manager. We […]

chrome extensions

Google Chrome And Firefox Extensions Differences

Update: Extensions are now an integral part of the Google Chrome web browser. We have updated the article to reflect that at the end of it. We all know that the Google […]

7 Computer Energy Saving Tips

The following guide provides you with tips on how to save energy when you use a computer. Energy saving is important these because of rising costs, but you have other motivation for […]

5 Tips To Reduce The Size Of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can take up lots of hard drive space. The size of the presentations depends largely on the multimedia content - that is pictures, videos and audio - that has […]

Add Play With Windows Media Player In Windows Explorer

The latest installments of Windows Media Player add two context menu entries to select folders in Windows Explorer, Window's default file manager. The options that are added are "play with Windows Media […]

Create your own file extension icons

Air Icon Generator is a free Adobe Air application that you may use to create icons in different output sizes quickly and without extra costs. I absolutely love all kinds of icons, […]

Win more eBay auctions

Pretty much everyone uses eBay, but it is often frustrating when you're suddenly outbid on a rare or unique item. There are a number of strategies one can use to maximize the […]

SSD Security: Erase Solid State Drives Data

While it is still not common sense to securely erase data on hard drives (read: Securely Erase Files) before computers or hard drives are sold, or given away. the matter becomes even […]

Backup your Linux, Mac, or Windows machines with fwbackups

Are you looking for a simple backup solution that will work cross platform, with a user-friendly interface, that's open source, and free? If so, you've found it. The fwbackups backup solution is […]

Using Content Copying Websites To Your Advantage

Update: It is no longer recommended to use the method described in the article. The best approach as it stands is to sent DMCA takedown notices to operators and web hosts. Every […]

Should you run MSI or EXE Setup files?

Some software programs are unpacked to both an msi and an exe setup file. If you are an end user you may wonder which -- or both? -- to execute to install […]



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