Computer and mobile technology can be tricky at the best of times, and you’ll often run into issues. We offer basic tutorials for installing and using various programs, as well as some possible fixes to problems. There’s also tips for various apps.

audacity merge mp3

How To Merge Mp3, Wav With Audacity

I'm slowly getting the hang out of the video editing software VirtualDub. I recently ran into troubles with music for a video. The video had a playtime of 14 minutes which meant […]

How To Remove Black Bars On YouTube Videos

I have been dabbling in the video recording, editing and publishing field lately. One of the latest things that I had to get my head around was a black bar problem on […]


How To Change A Video's Speed With VirtualDub

In the past weeks, I have started to work with the video editing software VirtualDub to prepare videos before uploading them to the video hosting site YouTube. I learned a lot in […]

router port rules

Fix Game Connection Problems When Playing Online

With today's technologies it is a lot easier - usually - to play games in a multiplayer environment. It does not really matter if you play the games on a local area […]


4 Handy Uses for IrfanView (Besides Image Viewing)

IrfanView is a popular image viewer capable of opening a wide array of common and rare file types. It has an array of features that make it useful in this function, but […]

notepad load times

Trimming the Fat in Notepad++

Notepad++ is a great text editor for Windows. It has a lot of features and is very customizable. The downside to the program is that the load times can be noticeable. The […]

browser history

3 Options To Analyze Past Computer Usage

Operating systems and applications often save loads and loads of information, often without the user knowing about it. This can have privacy implications, considering that it may be possible to recover files, […]

word default file save location

How To Change The Default Picture Save Location In Microsoft Word

I'm frequently getting articles submitted as Word documents. These documents include pictures and the text, and I somehow have to save the pictures to my local drive before I can upload them […]


How To Split Videos In VirtualDub

After discovering how to merge avi movies in VirtualDub I ran into the opposite problem. I had a video that had a playtime of about 60 minutes. The YouTube account I wanted […]


How To Merge Avi Movies With VirtualDub

I have started to record game videos with the popular recording software Fraps. Problem with Fraps is, that it splits movies into 4 Gigabyte chunks which is not really helpful if you […]

Troubleshooting Windows Defender Conflicts

I get troubleshooting emails on a wide variety of subjects, it's always great when you can help people out and one I received this week was from someone who'd bought the latest […]

backup steam game files

How To Backup Steam Games

Steam users have several reasons for backing up some of their Steam games. Maybe they want to move the games to a new computer so that they do not have to download […]

power button action

Change The Windows Power Button Action

When you press the power button on your computer you are by default powering it down. You need to press the button for a few seconds for this to happen. This is […]

ipv6 address

An Introduction to IPv6

Right now, most of the world is using IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4). The problem is that it does not allow for enough addresses. The world is just too big of a […]

portableapps splashscreen

Getting Rid of PortableApps Splash Screens

The versatility of individual programs seems to grow daily. Just as we have watched technology move from bulky desktops to laptops and now to handheld devices, so too have some applications gotten […]

readability statistics word

Enable Readability Statistics In Microsoft Word

Sometimes when you write an article, review or letter you need to take into consideration the age and education of the reader. Your choice of words and sentence structure should reflect the […]

out-of-sync audio

How To Correct Out Of Sync Audio Before Burning Video To DVD

One of the most annoying video viewing experiences, at least for me, is a video where the audio is out of sync. You can think of video and audio as two lines […]

How To Import RSS Feeds Into Opera

I'm currently testing new RSS feed readers, and one of the programs that I have been looking at is the RSS reader in Opera, or more precisely in Opera's Mail module. RSS […]

sound adjust volume

Configure Automatic Volume Adjustments Under Windows 7

A friend of mine who made the switch to Windows 7 recently called me the other day. He mentioned that he was experiencing a strange system volume issue whenever telephone calls where […]

network connections priority

Configure Windows 7 Network Adapter Binding Priority

A computer running Windows 7 may connect to networks with various adapters. Probably the most common example is a notebook or mobile device that can connect to the Internet via a wireless […]

ease of access

How To Disable Aero Snap Under Windows

Aero Snap is a new feature that Microsoft implemented in the Windows 7 operating system. It can be used to automatically arrange windows when they are moved to the edge of the […]

translate rss feeds

How To Translate RSS Feeds Automatically With Yahoo Pipes

I have shown you how to Combine Multiple RSS Feeds With Yahoo Pipes. Today I'm going to show you another very handy, and easy to configure, Yahoo Pipes construct: Feed translations. I'm […]

facebook identify account

Why Websites Never Need Your Password

It is common knowledge that a website, such as PayPal or eBay, will never ask for your password. They do not need it, but rarely do we hear about why that is […]

The Benefits of Windows Diagnostic Startup Mode

Sometimes when you need to perform diagnostics on a faulty or malfunctioning copy of Windows, Safe Mode is too restrictive, too frustrating in use and unable to provide an environment that has the […]

windows device manager

How To Update Hardware Drivers In Windows

A driver, or hardware driver, is needed so that computer devices like the mouse, monitor or video card, can communicate with the operating system. The Windows operating system ships with a huge […]

Why no Operating System will Ever be Good Enough

The sheer volume of excitement about Windows 8 has taken me quite by surprise with more leaks than we ever saw with Vista or Windows 7 in the same time-frame.  The excitement […]

fetch feed

Combine Multiple RSS Feeds With Yahoo Pipes

Mike just emailed me asking for a way to combine all of his author feeds from all websites he is writing for to publish all of his articles as a single feed […]

internet explorer delete cookies

How To Delete Cookies On A Computer

Yesterday I have published a tutorial on clearing the browser cache which is an essential thing to know. Today I'm going to show you how to delete cookies from your PC, which […]

delete browsing history

How To Clear A Browser Cache

Ghacks regulars know how to clear the cache of their web browser. I get support emails occasionally from new readers who do not know how to do that, or who, when asked […]

create truecrypt volume

Storing Data In The Cloud With Dropbox And TrueCrypt

In Why You Need To Protect Your Data In The Cloud I have explained why it is important to protect data that you upload to the cloud. In this guide, I will […]

drive name before drive letter

Windows Explorer: Display Drive Letters Before Drive Names

Hard disk drives, devices with removable storage and network locations are displayed with their name followed by their drive letter. The device names can be customized which is for instance helpful to […]

Fixing a Common Windows Phone Update Issue

Now that mobile carriers around the world are beginning to roll out updates to Windows Phone, many Windows PC users are finding that the update(s) cannot be installed because they encounter an […]

itunes genius

A Guide to The Genius Feature and DJ Feature On iTunes

The features available on iTunes have developed a lot over recent years. One thing that has become more popular is the ability to create a playlist. Of course, there are several reasons […]

nvidia update

NVIDIA Update, 3D Vision Controller, New NVIDIA Graphics Driver Components

NVIDIA has just published a new beta driver on their driver downloads website. The driver GEFORCE/ION DRIVER V270.51 is available for all supported operating systems and NVIDIA graphics card from GeForce 6 […]

true crypt backup

How To Backup True Crypt Data To Be Prepared For Emergencies

I have been using the encryption software True Crypt for years and ran only once into a situation where I nearly lost all the data on one of the partitions. Back then […]

create admin account

How To Change A Windows Account Name And User Profile Folder Name

Changing a user's account name in Windows is a straightforward, easy to achieve task. The problem that many users experience after changing the name is that the name of the profile folder […]

custom categories

WordPress: Customer Headers For Categories

I'm currently working a bit on the technical backend of this WordPress blog. You may know that I have started to create custom category pages for each blog category (like Windows, Firefox […]

Repairing a Corrupt Multi-Boot Startup

I get all manner of emails in my weekly mailbag, but one of the most common is about repairing a corrupt startup. I have a video on YouTube explaining how to use the […]

create a password reset disk

How To Create, Use A Windows Password Reset Disk

Windows users with little computing experience enter a world of trouble if they forget their login password. They receive the error message "the user name or password is incorrect" and do not […]

windows parental controls

How To Configure Account Time Limits Under Windows 7

Family computers should have independent user accounts for every family member. These user accounts can be configured by the system administrator, usually one of the parents, for specific requirements and regulations. Some […]



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