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When it comes to Google Android mobile devices, there are plenty of applications and networks that present new content for smartphones and tablets. We’ll be covering the news related to this operating system, updates, reviews, features, and guides.


Mobento: Search, download and watch educational videos on Android devices

Mobento is a new video learning application for Android devices that originated out of the web service of the same name. The application makes available a selection of high quality educational videos […]

android apps permissions

Display all Android apps permissions with G Data AntiVirus Free

Apps stores have become quite popular in recent time thanks to the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices powered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system. It has never been […]

park me right car locator

Park me Right for Android: never forget where you parked your car again

Have you ever had troubles locating your parked car? Maybe you drove with it to another city for a job interview or shopping and forgot where you parked it exactly. Or things […]

backup samsung android phone

How to back up your Samsung Android phone to PC

Creating regular back ups of your smartphone, in my case the Samsung Galaxy Note II, is an essential task for a number of reasons. You first have a safe copy of the […]

easy installer

It's Been a Big Week in Android World

Despite Hurricane Sandy raining on Google's planned Nexus parade in New York City, the company forged ahead with it's new product releases anyway, only issuing a simple press release instead of holding […]

samsung galaxy note ii website

The Samsung Galaxy Note II from a webmaster perspective

I recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note II after two years of using a Samsung Galaxy Wave for nothing but phone functionality and SMS messaging. I wanted to switch to a […]

google nexus

Why Google Nexus devices do not have SD card slots

The only Google Nexus device that shipped with an SD card slot was the Nexus One which came out in January 2010. All Nexus devices afterwards shipped without SD card slot. The […]

android 4.2

What's New in Android 4.2? A Lot Actually

While all of the new devices got most of the attention yesterday when Google skipped their New York City press event in favor of a simple press release, there was more than just […]

android 4.2 photo sphere

Photo Sphere for Android 4.2 is like Microsoft Photosynth

If you use the digital camera built in to your smartphone to record the moment, you have two main options to do so. You can shot single photos of a scene or […]

seriesguide x

Track TV series with SeriesGuide X for Android

If you like to watch TV shows and maybe even are collecting entire TV series on your computer or DVD or Blu-Ray, you may find an application to track TV series, including […]

e-codes food additives

E-Codes Free: Food Additives dictionary for Android

Have you ever asked yourself why food often contains food additives indicated by e-codes on the packaging? This may be especially helpful when you are in a foreign country where different food […]

camera zoom fx modes

Camera Zoom FX for Android Gets a Major Update

Every phone today comes with a camera, including even the most basic handsets.  But if you use a smartphone, be it Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, then you have a lot more […]

solid explorer android

Solid Explorer is an Android file manager with cloud support

When it comes to managing files on your Android smartphone, there is only so much you can do with the default tools Google built in the version of Android your phone is […]

Relax and Sleep for Android helps you fall asleep

I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve sleep in general, or falling asleep in particular. My main issue here is that I'm sensitive to noise, especially at night. I do […]

google play gift cards

Get Google Play Credit and Gift Cards

Recently Google updated their Play Store, not only with a new version for Android devices, but also with the ability to buy credits and also pick up gift cards in select retail […]

cartoon camera

Cartoon Camera for Android

I have recently started to look at various camera apps for Android, from the popular to solutions that are less popular but still pretty good in terms of functionality. Cartoon Camera […]

google play

Google Begins Rolling Out Play Store Update

Google hasn't changed their Android market app much since the big update that changed the name to the Google Play Store, but they are now rolling out a rather major update to […]

android 4.1 settings

Turn Off NFC on your Android Phone to Save Battery and Make it More Secure

Near Field Communication, better known as NFC, is being built into almost every new smartphone today, with the exception of the Apple iPhone.  It can be a tremendous tool for making payments […]

LearnEnglish Elementary: podcast app for Android

Podcasts are a lot like radio shows, only that you can download or stream them to your devices instead of having to listen to the shows while they are on air. LearnEnglish […]

google play apps on one page

Display your Android apps on Google Play one page

When you open the My Android Apps page on Google Play you see all the apps and games that you have installed on your Android device, and the total number of apps […]

stock quote android

Keep track of stock quotes and markes on your Android phone

An Android app like Stock Quote may be useful to you if you have invested money in the stock market, are thinking about it, or are just interested in finance in general. […]


AppSales app for Android highlights on sale store apps

Having spend the last day or so browsing the Android store both on the Google Play website and on the Galaxy Note 2 phone, I have come to the conclusion that it […]

android lock screen password

Encrypt all data on your Android phone

One of the first things that I decided to do of after getting my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone was to protect the data stored on the phone's memory space from […]

android screenshot upload

Automatically upload Android screenshots to the Internet

I'm planning to increase the Android coverage here on the blog using my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone that I have just received. One of the things that is really essential […]

avast mobile security

Don't Forget Avast for Mobile Security

After posting an article yesterday regarding a new update coming to Lookout for Android, I received a nice email from an Avast representative pointing out they too offer a very good, and free, […]

lookout announcement

Lookout Plans to Take Android Security to the Next Level

Mobile security has become a necessary evil in today's world, with malware and hacks for both Android and iPhone devices finding their way into our mobile lives, most recently with a high-profile, […]

fake iphone 5 launcher

iPhone 5 Launcher for Android Released

This may have been done partially as a joke, but an iPhone 5 launcher for Android devices has been released.  I say joke because Android users are notorious for making fun of […]

android update

Force an Android Device to Find an Update

Android phones are the top-selling devices in the world today with Google recently announcing that they are currently activating 1.3 million handsets every single day. With all of the different versions of the mobile […]

skydrive android app

Microsoft SkyDrive app for Android released

SkyDrive has made a big leap forward in the last year functionality-wise which can only be partially explained with the October launch of Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8. Google's launch of […]

ubi voice controlled computer

Ubi voice-controlled wireless computer on Kickstarter

I love to browse around new projects that have been added to the Kickstarter crowd funding platform. While I'm mostly interested in board and computer games, I have also discovered electronic devices […]


MightyText, Text and read from computers using your Android phone

If you are one of those who gets itchy fingers whenever your phone leaves your hand in fear of missing a text, you may like the MightyText application for Google Android mobile […]

OUYA Android-based video game console breaking Kickstarter record

If you think about video game consoles names like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and maybe even Sega and Atari may come to your mind first. The market has seen its ups and downs […]

Adobe ditches Flash Player for Android (sort of)

Adobe up until now has made available a version of Flash Player for the Android mobile operating system. Back in February, Adobe pushed out a notification that it stopped developing Flash for […]

Game Developer Abandons Android App Citing Unsustainability

The company behind the popular Battleheart game for Google's Android operating system are ceasing support for the platform citing that the platform is unsustainable in the long term. In a blog post, Mika […]

android desktop notifications

Get Android Notifications Pushed To Your Desktop

There may be times where you do not have the time to pay attention to your Android phone. This can be at work where you may not be allowed to have your […]

google sesame

Log Into Google With Your Smartphone And A QR Code

Smartphone users can access most Google services on their smartphone. Those using Android are often logged in to a Google account all the time. Most do not know however that they can […]

carrier iq detector

Bitdefender Carrier IQ Finder

The deeply integrated Carrier IQ software for mobile devices has made the rounds lately. Check out this introductory post for detailed information about Carrier IQ. The technology has recently been discovered on […]

samsung kies firmware update

How To Update Your Samsung Android Device

Looking at my mobile phone usage I can tell that I use the phone primarily for making calls and sending the occasional SMS. I do not use Internet, apps or other fancy […]

usb android

USB Accessories Support on Android

In the recent past the Android users have been facing problems accessing the USB port efficiently for configuring their accessories to the Android powered phones or tablets. To solve these problems Android […]

Over 300,000 Android Phones Are Being Activated Every Day

Back in August, Google's Andy Rubin proudly boasted that Android phones were being sold at the rate of 200,000 worldwide every day.  The statement drew snyde remarks from Steve Jobs.  Now, Rubin […]



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