It can be challenging keeping up to date with hardware and PC specs, as they change daily as new components become available. Not only will we share what’s new on the market, but we’ll keep you abreast of how to improve performance and resources.

Archos 9 Tablet

Archos has been known for making tablets for ages, but recently they have been turning heads with their talks about contributing something to the Android iniciative as well as working on a […]

Disney Netpal

It’s not everyday you see a partnership like this. But taking into consideration the current economic times, the popularity of the netbook as well as Disney’s quest to control the digital lives […]

Zero Display Service Error

I bought a new and shiny ATI HD 4870 video card today. Had been using an Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS for some time and figured that it was time to update. I […]

Sleep Talking Mode To Save Energy

Sleep Mode - which goes under the name standby, sleep or suspend depending on the operating system in use - has been created to save energy in situations where a computer system […]

USB 3.0: What You Need To Know About SuperSpeed USB

USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 are serial bus standards that connect devices to computer systems. Most users probably know USB from devices like external hard drives, keyboards, mice but also mobile devices […]

Things To Do When Your Motherboard OnBoard Lan Dies

The onboard LAN of my Gigabyte ep35-ds4 motherboard died just a few hours ago. Was surfing the Internet and suddenly connection errors showed up. That's bad as the onboard LAN is located […]

OCZ Z-Drive

One of the latest hardware trends seems to be to use multiple Solid State Drives (SSDs) in Raid setups. We already mentioned the 24 monster SSD Raid video that was uploaded to […]

80 Plus Power Supply Units

Saving energy is already a critical task in many parts of the world, and started to become a issue even in countries that did not have this on a high priority. Computer […]


Ask the Readers: Someone Gave Me a Laptop. Now What?

I had relatives from out of the country a little while ago and before they left, one of them decided to leave his laptop behind for me. It's an old model from […]

Samsung 24 SSD Raid Viral Marketing

How do you create buzz on the Internet? One of the most successful ways is a viral marketing campaign. Samsung thought of a great way of promoting the company's new 256GB MLC […]

OCZ Vertex Series 120GB SSD

While I'm overall pretty happy with the purchase of the OCZ Core Series II SATA Solid State Drive some disadvantages do come to light every now and then. This happens in situations […]

Optimize Windows For Solid State Drives Usage

It might take some years from now on before most new computers will be shipped with Solid State Drives instead of conventional platter driven hard drives but the change is inevitable. SSDs […]

Document Scanning With Digital Cameras

Document scanning can be done with digital cameras. The process is very similar to scanning documents with a scanner. Instead of using a scanner that is connected to the computer to scan […]

Samsung SS805 SSD

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have many advantages over conventional hard drives like their faster access time, lower power consumption and silence while running. The read speed of SSD drives can be compared […]

Should You Defragment A SSD?

So called SSD hard drives are becoming increasingly popular especially in the netbook sector. Solid State Drives have several distinctive advantages like faster access times, lower power usage and being completely silent […]

Calibrate Your Flat Screen Computer Monitor

Computer monitors usually require some manual adjustments after connecting them for the first time to a new PC, which is called calibration in tech jargon. My newly bought HP flat screen computer […]

Decrease the Noise Of LCD Displays

In the past two years I bought a 42" Samsung LCD television and a 24" HP computer monitor and experienced a buzzing sound emitting from both screens shortly after plugging them in […]

Intel Product Comparison Chart

If you have already decided that the next processor that you are buying will be an Intel processor but are yet undecided on the processor itself you might find the Intel Product […]

Have You Ever Built a Laptop Sleeve

Almost everyone owns a laptop these days. And every owner will tell you what a challenge it is to keep the laptop from the bumps and scratches that result when your laptop […]

Erase Data On CD Or DVD Permanently

Data CDs and DVDs that are no longer needed pose a few problems. Throwing them away could be a privacy risk because everyone who finds them could simply read them and discover […]

Can You Build a PC for Less Than $100?

I was reading The Simple Dollar where there was an interesting post on the cheapest fully functional PC a person could use. The post was sparked by the author's own experience of […]

Create Your Own USB Stick

Something interesting for the weekend. If you feel that the usual retail usb sticks are to boring you might want to give designing your own a try. You can do that at […]


Meet Emily -- Facial animations

I'm loosely following the technological advances in a few sectors that are not directly related to the topics I write about here on Ghacks. This includes advancement in new input technologies like […]

Bios Update Made Easy

Many users shy away from updating the computer bios of their motherboard probably because of the fear of damaging the motherboard irreparably. Methods have evolved in the last years and it is […]

galaxy watch

Do You Want A Watch That Catches Attention?

Tokyoflash is a well known Japanese company that is producing lots of "I need to read the manual to read the time" watches on their website which surprisingly - for a Japanese […]

paypal security key

Dell Releases Bios Updates For Several Nvidia Video Cards

Dell has released a Nvidia GPU (Graphics Processing Units) Bios Update for several Dell notebooks on their Dell Direct website. Nvidia confirmed earlier this month that some notebook GPUs were affected caused […]

samsung ssd benchmark

Solid State Drives Test Results

I ordered and added the OCZ 64 Gigabyte Core Series Sata II Solid State Drive to my computer and have been playing around with it for some time now. This Solid State […]

Got My SSD, Any Questions Or Suggestions?

Okay the Solid State Drive that I ordered on Sunday arrived today and I thought it would be nice to give everyone the chance to ask questions about it and point to […]

Beat Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchases are those "see-grab-buy" purchases without really thinking hard about the purchase before making it. It's a phenomenon especially in the electronic world with a trend that many want to have […]

diagnose hard disks

Diagnose And Manage Hard Disks with HDD Scan

HDD Scan is a very sophisticated hard disks diagnosing and managing tool that provides a wealth of information and options to the user. It basically provides the user with information about the […]

Fast SSD vs. Hard Disks

I first thought about getting a SSD (Solid State Disk) drive for my new computer that I assembled at the beginning of this year. The SSD drives were rather expensive and only […]

Netgear WGR614L Open Source Wireless-G Router

Netgear WGR614L Open Source Wireless-G Router

Netgear decided to hop onto the Open-Source bandwagon by developing a wireless router that would take user created firmwares without complaints, heck that was developed just for this purposes. I covered some […]

What Would You do with a 1.5 Terabyte Hard Drive?

When I got my first computer, my hard drive was all of 2.1 Gigabytes. At that time, it was a huge amount and I didn’t think I’d ever run out of disk […]

nvidia driver notebook screenshot

Install the latest Nvidia Drivers on your Notebook

Graphic card drivers for notebooks are usually not updated that often by the manufacturer of the Notebook. Nvidia on the other hand does not provide access to many graphic card drivers for […]

test computer heavy load

Test Your Computer With Heavy Load

It is always a good idea to stress test a new computer or new hardware to make sure that it is fully functionally and without errors. Hardware that is not working properly […]

waterproof computer keyboard

Waterproof Keyboards

After asking about the keyboards you are using I thought it would be nice to introduce some specialized keyboards that might be interesting for one or the other. Specialized usually means keyboards […]

das keyboard

Ask the Readers: What Keyboard are you using?

I just finished reading the review and comments about Das Keyboard on Slashdot which apparently seems to provide a better typing experience for a hefty price tag. In case you are wondering […]

Color Laser Printers and Tracking Dots

Did you know that a lot of newer color laser printers create yellow tracking dots on their output which can be used to identify the printer and probably even the person that […]

hdtune benchmark

Test the Speed of your USB Flash Drives

The speed difference of USB Flash Drives that support the USB 2.0 standard can be more than 15 MB/s with maximum speeds of about 30 MB/s for fast drives. That's still less […]

Computers' energy costs

Ever wondered how energy friendly the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii were ? Or how a LCD monitor would fare against a good old CRT monitor ? Australian consumer group […]



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