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Eray Eliaçik
Aug 5, 2023
Updated • Aug 3, 2023

Welcome, fellow content creators and avid YouTube enthusiasts! Today, we embark on an exciting journey into the realm of the latest YouTube Shorts trends that are currently taking the platform by storm. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too does the art of storytelling and content creation. YouTube Shorts, with its bite-sized and captivating format, has quickly become a breeding ground for innovation, ingenuity, and sheer creativity.

Whether you're a seasoned creator looking to stay ahead of the curve or an aspiring YouTube star eager to make your mark, this post can help you to understand the latest trends.

Latest YouTube Shorts trends

YouTube highlighted some of the latest trends on YouTube Shorts, its short-form video platform. These trends include:

  • Popular Media as Muse: Some of the most popular Shorts have been made by capitalizing on current events and cultural phenomena (like Barbie) to get exposure. This strategy is also known as "trendjacking" or "newsjacking." This kind of advertising on social media has been used successfully for some time. You plot the major seasonal news events, and then you make material to go along with them.
  • Rizz: It's easy to make a fool of yourself by mishandling this trend and entering cringe land. Charisma has been shortened to 'rizz,' and it has become trendy to describe a person's ability to attract love and attention. YouTube claims this is an example of participatory content, where the original trend has inspired more involvement with the phrase, but this provides almost no useful guidance to the author; after all, no one could have foreseen that "rizz" would become a widely used slang term. Hence, it's more of a curiosity than a practical example.
  • Skibidi Toilet: 'Skibidi Toilet,' the most bizarre of YouTube's trending topics, centers on a guy who covers a Biser King song from a toilet.  YouTube claims this is evidence of the influence of Shorts in generating new trends since it has spawned a flood of material revolving around this figure. Nevertheless, that's not what the evidence suggests. What it does reflect, though, is Generation Z's fondness for absurdist comedy, which requires full immersion to really understand and exploit.
  • Permission to Flex: This movement is predicated on the concept of personality types and encourages other artists to join in by discussing what their own type means to them. This one is a better illustration of interactive content and the ways in which short-form may be useful in promoting such interaction because it involves less time and effort on the part of the audience to contribute their own viewpoint.
  • Chess: The popularity of "The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix may have contributed to a renewed interest in the age-old game of chess and its various variations, such as "Chess Boxing," in which players engage in physical combat between moves and "Chess Jokes," in which comedians crack wise while playing chess in live streams. YouTube believes this trend demonstrates how to make new trends out of old ones by rethinking them in a different context, however, it's doubtful that many of your ideas will be as amusing as Chess Boxing or anything like it. Nonetheless, I do believe there may be openings to broadcast games like Connect 4 in an unusual environment or board games with comedic commentary. Although the creative value is probably not very great, that has the potential to start a new trend.

Here is the video from the official YouBube blog that explains the latest trends.

YouTube also noted that participatory content is becoming increasingly popular on Shorts. This type of content involves viewers interacting with the video in some way, such as by commenting, liking, or sharing.


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  1. Anonymous said on August 5, 2023 at 11:12 pm

    My most profound thanks to Juhat. I agree that the shorts are boring and unnecessary – and worse …

  2. Juhat said on August 5, 2023 at 11:10 am

    To block these boring and unecessary shorts, put this in your filters on uBlock:

    ! Block Youtube Shorts on front page > .ytd-rich-section-renderer > .ytd-rich-section-renderer[is-shorts=””]

    ! Block Youtube Shorts on the subscriptions page[overlay-style=SHORTS]:upward(ytd-grid-video-renderer.ytd-grid-renderer)

    ! Remove Shorts on sidebar menu[title=Shorts]:upward(ytd-guide-entry-renderer.ytd-guide-section-renderer)

    ! Block Youtube Shorts on the search results page[overlay-style=SHORTS]:upward(ytd-video-renderer.ytd-item-section-renderer)

    1. Paul(us) said on August 7, 2023 at 1:10 am

      Thank Juhat! Much appreciated!

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