You’ll find thousands of apps available for mobile operating systems, but not all of them are safe. We’ll review whether or not you should install them, show you which are the best options for various functions, and update you on the latest features.

puzzle alarm clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock makes sure you are really awake before it stops the alarm in the morning

Waking up in the morning has never been a real problem for me. While I'm usually tired when I know I have to get up at a specific time, and not tired […]

wakey keep awake android

Wakey keeps your Android phone awake when activated

Most Android devices are set to turn off the screen after a certain time of inactivity. This is done to increase the battery life of the phone or tablet, and while that […]

android move apps to sd card

AppWererabbit is a versatile app manager for Android with auto-backup functionality

Not all applications that you install on your Android phone can be installed on or moved to a SD card that you have added as additional storage to your smartphone, tablet or […]

regularly tasks android

Regularly for Android: Keep track of tasks without fixed calendar schedule

There are tasks in life that follow no regular schedule. Think about cleaning the computer keyboard, mopping the floor, going to the dentist for your check-up or changing your car's oil. With […]

Camera 360 review

Camera360 4.0 for Android adds many new features

I have a minor obsession with Android camera apps -- I seem to collect them, but there are only a handful that I really use on a regular basis. One of my […]

hp suresupply

Check your HP ink levels from Android

In 2012 I made the move from an Epson printer and Canon scanner to an HP all-in-one. I would love to tell you how I carefully researched and compared devices, but the truth […]

gaming news app android

Filtr Gaming is a game news monitoring app for Android

I'm usually not a fan of apps or programs that monitor news for you as I prefer to use an RSS reader for that as it provides me with customization options that […]

twilight eye friendly screen

Twilight for Android makes your screen eye-friendly for the night

Remember F.lux, the cross-platform application that adds a filter to your computer screen as the day passes to make the screen more eye-friendly and help you sleep better at night if you […]

redreader reddit android

RedReader for Android: Open Source Reddit application

There is certainly no shortage in regards to apps for Reddit on Google Play. In fact, if you search for Reddit apps in the store you end up with more than 1000 […]

3dmark benchmark

3DMark is a cross-platform mobile benchmark app

Back when Futuremark released their first benchmark for Windows PCs I was more interested in watching all the great effects and graphics that it shipped with than at my score. While it […]

google play my orders

My Purchases lists all your Android app purchases

If you are purchasing Android apps regularly, for instance to reward authors for creating great apps, getting rid of ads in apps you use often, or simply because there is no free […]

app cache cleaner review

Android: Free up space with App Cache Cleaner

Most Android apps use a caching feature to store temporary data on the device. A basic example is a web browser that saves visited web pages to the cache to open them […]

intelligent ringer

Automatically set Android's ringer based on the surrounding noise level

Whenever I leave home, I tend to set my phone to vibrate only as I dislike it highly when it is going off in a crowded place or in a situation that […]

adblock plus android screenshot

Google independent Adblock Plus for Android released

Less than a week ago Google started to block ad blocker apps from its Play Store. Ad blockers are used for a variety of purposes on mobile devices, including blocking advertisement in […]

adblock removed

Google bans Ad Blockers from its Play Store

After retiring Google Reader, a highly unpopular move by the reactions on the Internet, Google made another move that is infuriating part of the company's user base. According to first hand sources, […]

shady contacts

Shady Contacts: Hide communication with contacts in Android

You have certainly a couple of options at hand if you want to protect the data on your phone from being accessed by third parties. The pin code to unlock it is […]

battery doctor android app

Battery Doctor: make the most out of your Android's phone battery

The more powerful phones get the more you can do with them while on the go. From browsing the Internet to using cool features such as GPS to listening to music or […]

chrome android data compression proxy setting

How to enable Chrome for Android's data compression proxy

Google is currently working on an Opera Turbo like feature for Google Chrome for Android to speed up web browsing by redirecting data through a proxy that is compressing it before it […]

500px android app

Photo sharing service 500px updates its Android app

500px is a popular photo sharing web site and mobile app -- its not Instagram or Flickr, but it is loved by many professional photographers. That is a fact that actually got […]

podkeeper android podcasts screenshot

Podkeeper: search, download and listen to podcasts on Android

Maybe it is just my feeling but podcasts never seem to have really taken off beyond a small tech audience that enjoys this talkshow-like format very much. One of the things that […]

android custom vibrations screenshot

Assign custom vibrations to your Android contacts

My Samsung Android phone is set to vibrate throughout most of the day regardless of whether I'm at home or on the way. I may be a bit old fashioned in this […]

chrome 25 android background music screenshot

Chrome 25 for Android brings background music support

Google Chrome is the default web browser that ships with Android devices. While it is certainly possible to use a third party browser instead, it is likely that the majority of users […]

drivedroid boot iso img screenshot

DriveDroid: use your phone to boot ISO images

With storage size increasing every year, smartphones are finally reaching levels that make them interesting for other applications as well. My Galaxy Note II ships with 16 Gigabyte of storage which can […]

android silence on schedule screenshot

Silence for Android lets you change sound and system settings on schedule

If you take your smartphone with you wherever you go, you probably encounter several situations in a week where it may be appropriate to change some of the phone's settings. Say you […]

notable android note taking screenshot

Notable is an unobtrusive elegant Android reminder app

What do you do if you need to be reminded of something? Do you use a note taking application on your smartphone, a notepad or calendar that you carry around with you […]

uberhype hype machine app screenshot

Listen to Hype Machine tracks on Android

I have to admit that I have not really explored many audio streaming options on my Galaxy Note II. The core reason for that is that I'm on a plan that limits […]

wipeout android screenshot

Game show Wipeout gets its own Android game

While it may not be familiar to readers around the world, U.S. folks will likely recognize the name Wipeout. If you are not familiar with it then let me explain. It is […]

winzip windows 8 screenshot

WinZip app for Windows 8 now free. Update: Not

One of the first apps to land in Windows Store that allowed you to unpack archives was WinZip, and like the desktop application it was not available free of charge. What users […]

image optimizer android screenshot

Free up disk space on Android with Image Optimizer

If your Android phone or tablet is running out of storage space, you may want to free up disk space on the device. While you can uninstall apps, delete a couple of […]

android homeflip app screenshot

Homeflip makes app switching on Android a breeze

Switching to an application while another is running is not really that comfortable of an operation on most Android devices as you need to open the apps listing page first or the […]

pin anything screenshot

Pin Anything to Windows 8's start page

While it is possible to pin different items to Windows 8's start page, installed desktop programs and websites come to mind, it is not possible by default to pin files to it. […]

firefox marketplace screenshot

What is the Firefox Marketplace again?

If you are a Firefox user you may have heard about the Firefox Marketplace before. While I read about it I never really bothered to check it out to see what it […]

mighytext sms receive send desktop screenshot

Check Android SMS on your desktop computer

I sometimes do not have my mobile phone in reach when I'm working on my desktop PC. This can be because it is charging in another room or because I forgot to […]

ghacks chrome fullscreen android

Running Chrome beta on Android in full screen

Chrome Beta for Android has been available in Google's Play store for less than a month for anyone to play around with. It introduced a couple of new features, including support for […]

chrome flags android beta

Chrome Beta for Android gets experimental features

Google some time ago launched Chrome Beta for Android as a testing and sneak peak version of the browser for the company's Android operating system. The idea here was to provide users […]

temple run 2

Temple Run 2 for Android is out

I have to admit that I'm not a big gamer on Android. While I tried a couple of games ever since I switched to my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I simply do […]

search wikipedia android app

Read and queue Wikipedia articles on Android

Having access to Wikipedia can be helpful in a lot of cases. Maybe you are at school and currently using it for research or in a foreign country or city that you […]

android compass

Add a compass to Android with Holo Compass

A compass is a relic of the past in times where GPS seems to be all-present, right? Wrong. While you may use GPS for a lot of things, it requires that your […]

remove metadata exif android photos

Remove identifiable information from Android photos before sharing

When you take photos with a digital camera metadata or EXIF data is added to it automatically which can reveal a great deal about the digital camera that was used to capture […]

google chrome beta android

Google launches Chrome Beta for Android

Desktop users of the Google Chrome web browser already have the choice between different versions of the browser. While the majority is using the stable version of the browser, beta, dev and […]



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