You’ll find thousands of apps available for mobile operating systems, but not all of them are safe. We’ll review whether or not you should install them, show you which are the best options for various functions, and update you on the latest features.


Service marketplace Fiverr launches its Android application

The makers of Fiverr call it the world's largest marketplace, and while I cannot verify that claim, you will find loads of people on the site that offer their services for $5. […]

mute mic android

How to mute the microphone of your Android device

Android devices do not offer an option to mute the device's microphone with a switch. While you can change the volume of sound, that does not seem to affect the microphone at […]

google text to speech 3.0 update

Google's Text-To-Speech 3.0 Update for Android has its flaws

Are you using Android's Text-To-Speech (tts) feature when you are using your device? You can use tts on select services such as Google Translate or Google Maps, and other applications that you […]

blur dim muzei

Muzei is a unique wallpaper app for Android devices

Not another wallpaper app please, I hear you say. Well, normally I would agree with you and not review an app if it would be like any of the other apps available […]

opera max

Opera Max compression app now open to users from Western Europe

Opera Software introduced Opera Turbo as a new feature in Opera 10 back in 2009. The feature enabled you to compress web traffic to speed up web browsing. You can check out […]


90night: SleepyTime Calculator helps you pick the right wake or going to bed time

I try to go to bed at the same time every night. While that works fine most of the time, it sometimes does not because of work or other things that get […]


Meet Me Halfway finds interesting places near the halfway point of two locations

If you ever had troubles agreeing on a place to meet, or finding one, you may find the new Android application Meet Me Halfway useful in this regard. The free application finds […]


Mumble Basic improves text messaging notifications on Android

Whenever you receive a new SMS text message on your Android device, you get a notification that comes along with it provided that you have not completely silenced your phone. While that […]

notification light

How to disable the Moto G notification light

I don't like gadgets that use LED or other light sources as a notification form. You may remember that I ran into a blinking light problem a couple of years ago. My […]

custom notification sounds

MegaSound: customize all Android notification sounds

Whenever I take my phone with me I switch it to vibration only for all sounds. I believe that it is the polite thing to do, and while not everyone out there […]

whatsapp conversation shortcuts

Create shortcuts for important WhatsApp contacts

If you are using WhatsApp to chat with lots of people and groups, you may have some contacts or groups that you are especially interested in. While it is possible to access […]

whatsapp ghost

WhatsApp Ghost: use WhatsApp without being shown as online

Whenever you open the WhatsApp messaging application on your mobile device, your last seen counter is updated to reflect that. What this means is that any contact that you have in WhatsApp […]


Unshorten: speed up the opening of short urls on Android

Whenever you try to load a short url resource on Android, one that will redirect you to the original address in the process, you will be taken to the system's default browser […]

stack exchange android

Stack Exchange for Android brings the full experience to mobiles

Stack Exchange is a network of questions and answers sites, and probably best known around here for the programming site Stack Overflow, the computing site Super user, it its math site. The […]

sleepy time

Sleepy Time Sounds: play soothing background sounds on Android

If you cannot work, concentrate, read, or sleep in total silence, or when there is noise coming from the neighbor's TV, cars outside, a chatty couple downstairs, or a family with kids […]


App Updates not detected on your Android device? Try this

Google is currently rolling out an update for its Chrome web browser for Android -- the stable version -- that introduces the data compression feature to it that I have reviewed back […]

passing tests connectivity diagnostics

Check your Internet connection with Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

If websites do not load in the Google Chrome browser or another Internet browser, or if Internet connectivity appears limited in other ways, it is sometimes difficult to find out why that […]

determine starting player

Who goes first for Android picks the starting player for you

I like to play board games, a lot. While it is sometimes no problem picking a starting player, for instance if the game includes dice, it sometimes is not as easy. Some […]

android individual screen rotation settings

Define the screen orientation for individual Android apps with Smart Rotator

I usually have the Screen Rotation feature of my Samsung Galaxy Note II Android smartphone turned off, as I dislike it when it accidentally switches the orientation due to some false interpreted […]

first aid

WebMD for Android is probably the best health app around

Finding out why your body behaves in a certain way in a situation, or what to do when someone else requires medical attention or first aid, is often not an easy task, […]

bitcoin virtual currencies monitor

BTC-e Watch monitors ecurrency coins and alerts you about thresholds

If you have invested money in an ecurrency such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, you are probably aware of the fact that the price of a coin can swing a lot in a […]


Circle of 6: contact friends if you run into uncomfortable or dangerous situations

The idea behind the Circle of 6 application for Android and iPhone is simple: provide users of the app with options to quickly ask friends they trust for help when they encounter […]


Track your Caffeine Level throughout the day

I drink two or three cups of coffee each morning during breakfast and afterwards when I start to work. I do that mainly because I like to drink it, especially in Winter […]

opera max 2

Opera Max is a standalone Opera Off-Road Mode app for Android

Opera was the first company to introduce a compression feature to its web browser. It was called Opera Turbo back in the days and was shipped with all desktop versions of the […]

redirect pro android

Automatically sort files into custom folders on Android with Redirect File Organizer

If you are downloading files on your Android device regularly, you know that they get saved to the downloads folder by default. The folder can grow rather quickly depending on how much […]

instant heart rate monitor

Measure your heart rate with your Android camera

You have lots of options to measure your heart rate. One of the easiest options is to measure your pulse by placing two fingers on the thumb side of the wrist until […]

expense manager

Financius is a lightweight expense manager for Android

Keeping track of all your expenses can be quite the difficult -- but also rewarding -- task. While you can do it the old fashioned way, by keeping all recipes and do […]


Keepass2Android: local and remote KeePass-based password manager app

I have been using KeePass as my password manager ever since I decided that I wanted full control over my password database. Before that, I have used online password managers like LastPass, […]

schedule facebook twitter google posts android

Schedule SMS and posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google Mails with Schemes for Android

Most mobile phones and web apps do not come with options to schedule posts or messages. If you want to schedule a SMS for a later date, for example to make sure […]

youtube music save bandwidth

Save bandwidth while listening to YouTube music with uListen for Android

I don't play videos on my Galaxy Note II usually for a number of reasons. First, they drain a lot of battery. Second, they waste lots of bandwidth. And third, I prefer […]

Android's app can now be used offline

One of the things that I like to put on any phone that I own is a dictionary, as it enables me to quickly look up information on the phone. Dictionaries that […]

football app android

Keep track of everything football with Live Score Addicts - Soccer for Android

If you are a football fan, and chance is you are if you are not from the US, then you have probably your favorite local team and a favorite league that you […]

track warranties return information

Warranty Tracker for Android keeps track of warranties and deadlines

It can be quite difficult to keep an overview over the warranty periods of each item that you have purchased in recent time. It is likely that you will have to look […]

deliveries android

Deliveries for Android tracks local and international postal packages for you

Its the time of the year where people start to send a lot of packages around. I'm not saying that this does not also happen at other times, but the Christmas season […]

8tracks app

InfiniTracks is an player for Android is a popular music streaming website that mixes things up with social networking features. Users of the service can create  themed music playlists that need to have at least 8 tracks […]

android default browsers

Android: set default browsers based on connection type

Android users have quite a few choices when it comes to web browsers on their phone or tablet. They can use the stock browser, or install a third party browser of which […]

DuckDuckGo app for Android ships with Tor integration now

If you are using the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo, you have probably installed the official application of the search engine on your phone or tablet as well to make use of the […]

screen controls free

Android: Set custom brightness & screen timeout for individual apps

There are several reasons why you may want to change the display brightness of your Android device. One is to save battery, as a darker screen requires less juice than a screen […]

pushbullet device to device

PushBullet update allows you to push files to other devices

PushBullet at the time of my initial review enabled you to push files, texts, and other information to your Android device from the service's website or the Chrome and Firefox extensions. Today's […]

firefox mobile android guest browsing

How to use the new guest browsing feature of Firefox Mobile

Handing over your mobile device to another person can be quite the challenging experience. Maybe a friend asks for your phone to browse the Internet for a moment, or a family member […]



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