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Windows 11 provides much better functionality and security over previous Microsoft operating systems. In this category, we’ll provide news articles that highlight all the latest news, rumors, features, and updates of the popular OS.

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Windows 10 kept its dominating lead in April 2023 over Windows 11

Windows 10 continues to be the most popular version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, even though Windows 11's usage share continues to climb. Usage statistics tracking service Statcounter published its stats […]

windows 11

Windows Development: overview of the April 2023 changes

Work on various Windows 11 development editions continued in April 2023. Microsoft announced the end of feature updates for Windows 10 in March 2023, which means that most, if not all, upcoming […]

According to recent leaks, Microsoft Surface Dock 3 is coming with new features. Moreover, the upcoming device's images were leaked!

Microsoft is rewriting core Windows code in Rust

Core Windows components are rewritten in the memory-safe programming language Rust by Microsoft engineers, according to David Weston, Enterprise and OS Security Vice President at Microsoft. Weston revealed the change during the […]

Microsoft announces Windows 11 LTSC

Microsoft made two important announcements today regarding the future of its Windows operating system. In the first, Microsoft revealed that it would not release any feature updates for its Windows 10 operating […]

Microsoft adds Fast Lane option to Windows Update

Microsoft released the latest preview update for Windows 11 version 22H2 a moment ago. These preview updates include the majority of non-security updates of the upcoming month's cumulative update early. Microsoft does […]

Windows' default Weather App will soon have ads and news

Microsoft is working on an updated version of the official Windows weather application. The new version of the Weather application has new features but displays advertisement in a prominent location as well. […]

Microsoft may restore these popular Taskbar features in Windows 11

When Microsoft launched Windows 11, at least some users who upgraded to the new operating system were disappointed by the taskbar of the operating system. The problem was not that Microsoft changed […]

Please Microsoft, stop these Evil Empire tactics in Windows

If you have read the blog post about the latest Windows 11 Dev build, you may have noticed the following paragraph: "We are continuing the exploration of badging on the Start menu […]


Windows 11 Search may soon open on hover

Windows 11 users may soon use the built-in Search of the operating system by just hovering over the search field on the taskbar. The change landed in the latest Windows 11 Dev […]

Windows 11 is getting Presence Sensing privacy settings

Microsoft is working on integrating Presence Sensing privacy settings and APIs to its Windows 11 operating system. Presence Sensing makes use of sensors that determine whether a user is near a device. […]

Windows 11's Print-key may soon have a different function

When you press the Print-key on Windows 11, Windows copies a screenshot of the desktop to the operating system's desktop. This option has been the default for a long time on Windows, […]

Windows 11 is testing an option to install preview updates automatically

Windows 11 Development: an overview of the March 2023 changes

Microsoft released several Windows 11 Insider builds for the various development channels that it maintains. Following progress on a day-to-day basis can be quite the time consuming task, as Microsoft releases quite […]

Soon, you may be able to kill open apps from the Windows taskbar

The Windows operating system offers several methods to close programs and kill misbehaving processes. From using the x-icon in the program window to right-clicking on programs displayed on the taskbar and selecting […]

Microsoft testing error badge in Windows 11 to promote Microsoft accounts

Microsoft is testing a change in one of the latest Windows 11 Developer builds; it is displaying an error badge on the user's account profile image if a local account is being […]

You may soon install apps and games directly from Windows Search results

Microsoft released a new Insider Preview build for Windows 11's Canary channel yesterday that introduces a new option to install Windows apps or games directly from Windows Search results. The Canary Channel […]

Windows 11: Microsoft rolls out Start Menu Promotions

Microsoft released optional updates for its Windows 11 operating system yesterday. These non-security updates may introduce new features and changes to Windows. The official changelog of KB5023778 for Windows 11 version 22H2 […]

How To Check If Your Device Meets Windows 11 System Requirements

How To Check If Your Device Meets Windows 11 System Requirements

If you have recently upgraded the hardware of your PC or laptop, it’ll be good to check whether your device meets the system requirements for Windows 11. So, stay here to read […]

How to Get Apple iMessages on Windows 11

How to Get Apple iMessages on Windows 11

The collaborations between Apple and Windows have completely been nothing short of amazing. This kind of reminds me of the time when Blackberry opened up their BBM messaging service to Nokia and […]

Microsoft is testing these Windows 11 Widgets Board changes

Microsoft released a new test Windows 11 test build to the Canary Insider channel yesterday. Along with other changes comes an "evolved Widgets Board" and at least one unmentioned change. Microsoft introduced […]

Microsoft has a fix for the Windows screenshot tool leak issue

Microsoft has released a new version of the Snipping Tool for Windows that fixes potential leaks of original images after cropping them. The issue originated on Google Pixel devices on Android, but […]

Microsoft confirms "Local Security protection is off" Microsoft Defender issue

Microsoft Windows 11 systems may display the error message "Local Security protection is off. Your device may be vulnerable." after installation of a recent Microsoft Defender Antivirus update. Microsoft confirmed the issue […]

Windows 11 is testing an option to install preview updates automatically

Windows 11; Microsoft is testing an option to install preview updates automatically

Microsoft is testing a way to install preview updates for Windows 11 automatically. The feature is currently available in the Canary Channel of the Windows Insider Preview Program. In case you missed […]

Windows Screenshot Tools may also leak cropped image content

Microsoft's Windows operating system includes screen capturing tools, which users may use to take screenshots and do light image editing. While not as sophisticated as other screenshot tools, it is the daily […]

How to update video card drivers in Windows 11

Many Windows 11 device owners never install drivers on their devices. Windows 11 does a good job in most cases, ensuring that all connected devices work right on the first login. This […]

Windows Boot drive has become mindboggling slow? The latest Windows Update could be the cause

Microsoft released a cumulative update for Windows 11 last week that included the usual list of security patches for the operating system, but also new features. The second Moments update for Windows […]

Microsoft promises to give users and apps more control over app defaults and pinning in Windows

Tired of Microsoft Edge placing multiple icons on the Windows desktop, even after you have just removed them? This and other shenanigans are soon a thing of the past according to Microsoft's […]

Microsoft releases PowerShell script to address Windows Bitlocker vulnerability

Microsoft has released a PowerShell script for Windows 10 and 11 devices to address a BitLocker security feature bypass vulnerability. Microsoft confirmed the issue on November 8, 2022. It is tracked as […]

Microsoft is reportedly offering free USB drives to Insiders to reinstall Windows 11

Microsoft is reportedly offering free USB drives to Insiders to reinstall Windows 11

Rumor has it that following changes to the Insider program, Microsoft is offering free USB drives to select Windows Insiders, including the introduction of the new Canary Channel. Part of the process […]

Google Play Games on PC launches in Europe and Japan

Google announced an expansion of Google Play Games on PC today, noting that more PC gamers could soon play Android games on their computers. Google Play Games on PC was launched by […]

The ultimate overview of recent Windows 11 changes

Microsoft released the first version of its Windows 11 operating system at the end of 2021. Development appeared to follow Windows 10's pace in the first year, but this changed with the […]

Enhancing Cursor Visibility in Windows 11/10: Tips and Tools

Enhancing Cursor Visibility in Windows 11/10: Tips and Tools

To enhance recorded Windows video tutorials or live presentations, you can highlight the mouse cursor. This involves applying a highlight effect to the small mouse cursor, making it clearer for viewers to […]

How to Capture Screenshots on Windows 10 and 11

How to Capture Screenshots on Windows 10 and 11

Capturing screenshots on your Windows 10 or 11 device is a common practice that can be useful for a variety of purposes, including documenting software bugs, creating tutorials, or sharing information with […]

Best Fixes for Firefox High CPU Usage on Windows 11

Best Fixes for Firefox High CPU Usage on Windows 11

While many users claim that Firefox is the best browser for customization, security, and speed, it does come with some problems. One of these is pushing the CPU so high that it […]

Top Free Tools for Windows 11

Top Free Tools for Windows 11

While Windows 11 has some almighty features built into the operating system, there are some free tools from third parties that enhance the experience. You don’t have to settle for a bland […]

Quick Ways to Open Device Manager in Windows 11

Quick Ways to Open Device Manager in Windows 11

Device Manager is a handy tool in Windows 11 if you need to check your hardware specifications or update drivers. Despite its importance to many users, there isn’t a shortcut on the […]

How to Open Registry Editor on Windows 11

How to Open Registry Editor on Windows 11

I don’t know about you but when it comes to the many functions that Windows can do I am almost clueless. But it’s never too late to learn to do new stuff […]

Microsoft rolls out first Canary Channel Build for Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft rolls out first Canary Channel Build for Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft announced a new Canary channel for the Windows Insider Preview Program a few days ago. Today, it has released the first build for the channel. What's new in Windows 11 Build […]


Windows 11 File Explorer is getting a Recommended section

Microsoft is testing a new recommendations feature for Windows 11's File Explorer application. File Explorer is the default file manager on Windows 11 systems. Recommendations are not a new feature in Windows […]

windows 11

Microsoft confirms that Windows 11 will receive annual feature updates

Next Tuesday, Windows 11 devices will receive new features as part of the monthly security update for the operating system. This is the second update that introduces new features outside of a […]

Windows 11 update glitch for unupported devices is back as the latest report shows that it could give false information.

Microsoft announces new Canary Insider channel for the bold

Microsoft announced several major changes to its Windows Insider program today, including the launch of a new Canary channel. The Insider program was established when Microsoft released Windows 10. It offered development […]



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