5 fixes for ChatGPT network error on long responses

Onur Demirkol
Apr 21, 2023
Updated • Apr 20, 2023

The ChatGPT network error on long responses can be very frustrating at times as you will lose all the progress on a response, and the chatbot will start writing a new one from scratch. However, there are a couple of ways to avoid this issue. In this article, we listed the five best fixes to avoid this unpleasant issue that you can take as a precaution.

ChatGPT has been one of the most popular tools for a while now, thanks to its ability to help users with everything from text generation to question answering. There were some insane things that it accomplished. However, it may face issues that might disrupt your work. Some precautions could help you prevent these issues, and today, we will focus on the network error that occurs when the chatbot has to give a long response.

ChatGPT network error on long responses
ChatGPT network error on long responses

How to fix ChatGPT network error on long responses?

ChatGPT might have started a new era but still has many flaws. First, it sometimes gives false information; second, users can't access it due to errors. Luckily, there are a few fixes that might work for most errors.

The ChatGPT network error on long responses is just one of the issues that users face almost every day. The chatbot fails to give a lengthy response to a question and loses connection, forcing users to refresh the page and start from scratch. Here are a couple of fixes that you can try!

Limit the response length

As the error occurs on long responses, you can include a small section in your prompt to limit the response length. The word count depends on what you ask for, as it can vary between 5 words to 500. If you think the chatbot can give enough explanation using fewer words, try to keep the length as short as possible.

For example, if you want to know the details about the Eiffel Tower, type something like: "Tell me the history of the Eiffel Tower in less than 60 words." If you want to know any further information, ask one by one, and don't make it answer everything you ask for in one prompt. This way, you will dodge the ChatGPT network error on long responses and get the information you need in more detail.

You can ask follow-up questions about the subject, and its response will probably satisfy you as it will discuss a much narrower topic.

ChatGPT network error on long responses

Check ChatGPT status

Sometimes there might be problems caused on OpenAI's end; we can do nothing about it. If you think something is wrong with it, you can always check the official ChatGPT Server Status webpage. If the color red is more common on the screen, then there is nothing you can do but wait for the officials to fix the issue.

The ChatGPT network error on long responses is not the only issue that you may encounter. If the servers are down, you probably won't be able to use the chatbot until it is fixed.

Turn off your VPN

Even though VPNs are life savers, they might also create some network conflicts. There might be some geographic restrictions from the place that you are connecting from, as ChatGPT is only available in certain locations. Try turning off your VPN and refresh the page to see if you can use it properly.

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ChatGPT network error on long responses

Try other browsers

Another fix to this issue might be changing your internet browser. Even though it is not very common, the chatbot might face an internet issue, specifically on your browser. It is always better to double-check with another browser, and if the issue no longer continues, then you can pick up where you left off by signing in to your account on the other browser.

Avoid high-traffic hours

Lastly, try to avoid high-traffic hours, especially if you are not subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. Sometimes people face an error that says: "ChatGPT is at capacity right now," which might be why it shows a network error on long responses.

Try to use the chatbot in quiet times to get the best of it.


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