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Keep track of television shows with epCheck

There are lots of TV databases out there on the Internet that you can use to track your favorite TV shows online, or get information about new and upcoming shows that sound interesting. One of the issues that you may run into is that it is not always that easy to navigate those sites, or find TV shows that you are interested in fast using […]

miro 6.0

Internet TV app Miro 6 has been released

Miro, which started out as the democracy player is a cross-platform Internet TV application that supports a wide range of channels and sources. The developers of the program have just released version 6.0 of it to the public. You can download Miro 6.0 from the official website. Note that a web installer is offered on the main download page and that you should click on […]

filebot rename tv series

FileBot: automatic movie and TV show renamer

I have ripped - and downloaded - some of the TV shows that I really like to my PC so that I can watch them whenever I want without having to find the right disc to do so. Most of the TV shows that I own are boxed sets in DVD format, but that is not really the best format in my opinion to enjoy […]

bittorrent live

Bittorrent Live public beta needs better controls

Bittorrent Inc. seems to be working constantly on new technologies and products. Last year, the company released OneHash, a technology to stream torrents directly in the web browser and Bittorrent Live, a broadcasting solution based on P2P technology. Bittorrent Live back then was available as a closed beta that you had to sign up for to get access to the client. Yesterday, that restriction was […]

samsung smart tv

TVs are the battleground for the next tech revolution

I'm using televisions for two purposes: to watch TV or media like DVD or Blu-Ray movies, and to play games on gaming systems like the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. I'm not doing that a lot though but now people who have the TV turned on all day long even if they do not watch actively. TVs have not changed much in regards to […]

christv online main screen

ChrisTV Online is one more app for cord-cutters

These days everyone seems to be talking about "cutting the cord", but while we all want to do it, it is more difficult than you think. That is why we talk about it, but few of us actually do it. Thankfully, it is becoming increasingly easier with more and more services becoming available to ease the transition. Netflix offers affordable streaming of movies and TV […]

live tv

Watch television with Windows 8′s Live TV application

Live TV is without doubt one of the cooler applications that has been released for Windows 8 up until now. It provides direct access to a mixture of traditional TV channels from the UK, Germany, Italy, France and a couple of other countries, plus a selection of custom channels that cater to specific audiences. When you first start the program you see a list of […]

samsung channel editor

Sort Samsung TV channels on your PC

One of the things that really annoy me is how - even modern - TVs scan and display TV stations on first run. It is usually a big mess with TV stations listed on first come first serve basis and not on a logical sorting order. If you then try to sort the television channels with the remote, you will notice that it is not […]