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wufb branch readiness 1903

Microsoft changes Windows Update for Business options

Microsoft employee John Wilcox revealed yesterday that Microsoft will remove the Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) option from Windows Update from Windows 10 version 1903 forward. Business customers have two options right now to […]

smartadblock filters

SmartAdblock updated: memory optimizations and custom filter support

The developers of the free cross-browser adblocker SmartAdblock have released an updated version of the extension that introduces a number of improvements and optimizations. We looked at the initial release version of […]

Ghacks Deals: The Complete Full Stack Web Development Master Class Bundle (95% off)

The Complete Full Stack Web Development Master Class Bundle is a big bundle of eLearning courses that teach you full stack development skills. The courses cover a wide range of skills, e.g. […]

opera r3

Opera reveals R3 design changes in latest Opera Developer browser

Opera Software released a new version of the Opera Developer web browser that incorporates some of the upcoming Opera R3, or Reborn 3, changes. The company put up a teaser on a […]

youtube recommended blocker

Block certain recommended videos on YouTube permanently

YouTube Recommended Blocker is a new browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser to block video recommendations on YouTube. YouTube's recommendation algorithm uses the viewing history and other data to suggest […]

distill web monitor

Monitor webpage changes with Distill Web Monitor

Distill Web Monitor is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers that you may use to monitor webpages for changes. Internet users have some options when it […]

chrome extensions

Surprise (not): Extensions may impact a browser's performance

Most web browsers nowadays support extensions that add, change, or remove certain functionality from the browser itself or websites. Extensions may be installed to block advertisement or tracking, add functionality to websites, […]

firefox 65.0.1

Here is what is new in Firefox 65.0.1

Mozilla released Firefox 65.0.1 to the browser's stable channel yesterday. The new release is a bug fix and security release and as such a recommended update for all stable users. It is […]

microsoft windows security updates 2019 february

Microsoft Windows Security Updates February 2019 overview

Microsoft has just released security updates and other updates for Microsoft Windows, Office, and other company products. The updates are available through automatic updating systems, update distribution systems, and also manual download. […]

Ghacks Deals: The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle (97% off)

Microsoft Excel is an important program in many work and home environments. The 2019 microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle teaches you important Excel skills. It is designed for all users; it includes an […]

chrome themes by google

Google publishes official Chrome themes collection

Google published a new themes collection for the company's Google Chrome web browser recently that come directly from the Chrome team. Google Chrome's theming capabilities were limited right from the start. While […]


Counterpoint: Why I’m keeping my subscription services

Recently my colleague, Martin Brinkmann, wrote why he was getting rid of streaming services. That’s fine, he’s entitled to do what he wants, and if he doesn’t watch them, then, by all […]

gmail right-click

Google finally making Gmail's right-click menu more useful

Google announced recently that an update of Gmail's right-click menu functionality will land in February 2019. Gmail's right-click menu is not particularly useful at this point in time as it provides only […]

autofill logins

Firefox 67: password manager improvements

Mozilla plans to launch several password manager and password related enhancements in the upcoming Firefox 67 Stable release. The features, which are already implemented in Firefox Nightly, the cutting edge development version […]

netflix membership end

2019: the year I dropped all entertainment subscription plans

This is somewhat of a personal story but it is probably one that is of interest to many out there. For the past couple of years, I had Netflix and Amazon Prime […]

chrome skip best effort tasks

Chrome to skip low priority tasks until shutdown to reduce memory use

Google is working on a new memory reducing feature for the company's Chrome web browser. The new function, called "Skip best effort tasks" landed in Chrome Canary just recently; it is designed […]

f8 microsoft word copy

Use F8 in Microsoft Word to select text quickly

Most Microsoft Word users use the mouse when it comes to text selection, probably. It is easy enough to make fine-grained text selections or quick selections using the mouse only. A double-click […]

microsoft edge background

Block Microsoft Edge from running in the background on Windows 10

If you run a device that is powered by Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, you may have noticed Microsoft Edge processes in the Task Manager or another program even if you don't […]