EZTV Allows BitTorrent Streaming

Ever since BitTorrent first appeared on the scene, it has become one of the most popular file-sharing methods around. BitTorrent is fast because each file is split into very small chunks and […]

Amarok 2.0 is Ready

Some of you will remember my post a little while back about favorite music players. For most people on Linux, Amarok rules hands down. In fact, Amarok has gained a reputation as […]


Good Old Games Plans to Offer DRM-Free Classic Games

I’m not that much of a gamer these days. My game-playing skills are restricted to Solitaire and an occasional online game. But in the early 90s, games fascinated me. My introduction to […]

What Would You do with a 1.5 Terabyte Hard Drive?

When I got my first computer, my hard drive was all of 2.1 Gigabytes. At that time, it was a huge amount and I didn’t think I’d ever run out of disk […]

firefox reset

Delete about:config Entries in Firefox

I love Firefox because I can pretty much customize it anyway I like while the majority of browsers do not allow me to do so. Besides add-ons and themes, which can change […]

Watch the Olympics with TVTonic

It’s Olympic year and this time we’re heading to Beijing to watch the best athletes in the world battle it out for glory. If you’re lucky enough to actually be going to […]

Control Windows Media Center with Keyboard Shortcuts

For those people who use Windows Media Center, it can be a pain to have to navigate around the program using the mouse, especially if you’re watching a movie and you need […]

Don’t Fancy Twitter? Try Jaiku

I’m not a big user of social networking sites for a very simple reason: I simply don’t have the time. The little time I spend at home can definitely be better utilized […]

Put Music in Images Uploaded to Flickr and Picasa Web Albums

Online services like Flickr and Google’s Picasa are primarily photo-hosting and sharing sites. This means that apart from image files, you can’t really upload any other type of file you choose. Well, […]

manga website

A Comprehensive Site for Manga

For those of you who are new to this, manga is basically the Japanese version of a comic book. Why should manga interest you? Well, for one thing, if you enjoy watching […]

Send Faxes for Free

Sometimes, you may urgently need to send a fax across to someone but you do not have access to a fax machine. If this is the case, don’t worry. File-hosting site drop.io […]

Napster Goes DRM-Free

I don't own an iPod or any other music player so this post is not really something I've tried out yet. First it was Amazon, then iTunes, and now Napster. What am […]

Access Music through your iPhone from Anywhere with Simplify Media

If your home computer runs 24/7, there’s a strong chance that you use it to access the music stored on your hard drive when you’re at work, on vacation, etc. Even if […]

Finally! Block Applications on Facebook

I have a lot of friends gushing over popular social networking site Facebook but I can't for the life of me figure out what's so great about it. It's cluttered, difficult to […]

A Comparison of Multiple File-Hosting Sites

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Uploadjockey, which allows you to upload a file to many of the popular file-hosting sites at one time. I also asked readers for their […]

Upload Files to Multiple File-Hosting Sites at One Time

There are umpteen numbers of file-hosting sites on the internet. If you had to choose one to upload your file, which one would you select? What if the file could only be […]

Amarok is now Available for Windows

In my last post about everyone’s preferred music player, I mentioned that I was dying to try out the Linux player Amarok because I’d heard great things about. There’s just one problem: […]

Which Audio Player are You Using?

You can’t ignore the fact that at some point of time, you’ll listen to music on your computer. Whether it’s a CD, mp3, Internet radio or even to an annoying Flash ad […]

The Trouble with Nokia’s Music Service

Mobile phone giant Nokia is looking for a foothold into the music distribution business. To that end, Nokia has introduced an online music service called the Nokia Music Store in Australia. Their […]

Find Personal Information about People

The Internet is a big place with a lot of information. While most of it is helpful, there’s also a lot of rubbish. For example, social networking sites like Facebook can help […]

Get Things for Free at Freecycle

Picture this. You just moved house and are looking out for a little furniture to tide you over till you can afford to buy something new. Or, you have an old rocking […]

create movie trailers

Make Your Own Movie Trailers

I got a call from a friend sometime back, frantically asking me if I knew anyone who could create a movie trailer for her. It was part of an assignment that was […]

Draw Amazing Pictures with Only a Pencil

All of us have had to take drawing classes at some point in our lives. At school, you would have had to deal with messy paints and a teacher who shook her […]

Create Animated Gifs from Movie Clips

Animated gif files are a great way to get your profile pic or avatar to really stand out from the rest of the crowd. I’ve seen software that will make gifs for […]

youtube video stats

See Who’s Watching Your Videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites on the internet today. Although videos posted on the site may not have the best quality there’s no doubt in my mind […]

What’s Your Take on Downloading?

I was first introduced to the downloading phenomenon back in 2000 when a friend got me hooked on Napster. I thought it was cool that I could have songs on a CD […]

Hack Your iPhone or iPod Touch in Under One Minute

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you know by now that you are subject to a lot of limitations such as being restricted to the […]

Find Book, Music, and Movie Recommendations According to Your Tastes

You’ve just watched this movie that you really enjoyed. Now you’re in the mood for something similar but you don’t quite know what to pick next. Don’t worry. All you have to […]

look up error messages

Look Up Error Messages in Windows

If you use Windows, chances are you get error messages with different Microsoft software from time to time. Of course, this being Windows, you don’t get a straight error message. Instead, you […]

Which Facebook Apps do You Think are Worthless?

I’m not a big social networking person. There are way too many social networks out there like Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, etc. All my friends are on one network or the other and […]

exe files

Check Exe Files on Your Computer

If you open up your task manager and navigate to the processes tab, you will see a bunch of entries with the extension ‘exe’. While entries with application names on them tell […]

Add a Youtube Video to Your PowerPoint Presentation

Almost everyone has used PowerPoint for presentations at some time or the other. Even if you’ve moved on to apps at GoogleDocs or the Zoho suite, PowerPoint is still a handy tool […]

Force Extensions to Work in Firefox 3 Beta

The Beta version of Firefox 3 is already out and it has a whole bunch of new and improved features for you to play with. However, as of now, most Firefox extensions […]

Browse through the List Universe

I like going through top ten lists. I find it fascinating largely because it’s a comparison style. It is nice to check out how people rate events and other people, based on […]

Nat Geo Cover

Make Your Own Magazine Cover with Magmypic

Yesterday, I posted about the software U.R.Celeb, which allowed people to create personalized covers of popular magazines. Later on, I found a website that offers pretty much the same thing. Magmypic means […]

Put Your Face on the Cover of Time Magazine

Interesting title isn’t it? What if you could put yourself on the cover of not only TIME but every major magazine in the world? For example, you could grace the cover of […]

500 free fonts

Get 500 of the Best Free Fonts

I don’t use a lot of extra fonts on my computer. For me, the standard fonts are good enough for my needs. However, a lot of my friends are font-crazy and love […]

comic book reader

View Comic Books with CDisplay

Have you ever come across files with the extension cbr or cbz? These are the standard file formats for digital comic books. Whether you have a subscription to a comic book archive […]

customize youtube profile

Customize Your Youtube Profile

Considering how many people post videos on Youtube, I’m surprised I never thought of posting about this before. While Myspace has been customized to such an extent so as to make the […]

Listen to Complete Albums on Lala

Lala used to be a CD exchange site until pretty recently. Since its launch, more than 500,000 CDs have been traded on the site. Now, the site has reinvented itself and has […]