Use TUGZip to View Archived Files

Update: TUGZip has not been updated since 2008. While it still works for the files it supports,it is generally recommended to use a program that is updated regularly and supports new file […]

Visit the Archive of Misheard Lyrics

I must confess to being one of those people who loves to sing along to songs and will often get part of the lyrics wrong. This may be due to the fact […]

Fix Your Task Manager if it is Disabled

If you are running Windows as an administrator, it is possible to disable the task manager. This is one of the options you would get if you right click your system tray. […]

Convert Files Online with Youconvertit

I had planned to review this website earlier but then forgot about it till Jajay commented about it in one of Martin’s earlier articles. Most of us will have needed to convert […]

What do you look for in Online TV?

Whether you have a cable subscription, Tivo, or other means of getting your daily dose of TV shows, most of you will have tried viewing shows online at least once. If you […]


View TV Shows Online with Alluc

There is only one television in my house so there are times when programs clash. At such times, I often have to forgo watching my choice of TV show. This means that […]

join images with xnview

Join Images Together with XnView

The majority of computer users are probably using GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or Paint.Net when it comes to the editing images on their systems. Sometimes though those programs are overkill and there are […]

Add Hard Drive Songs to Your Myspace Profile

I have a Myspace profile, thanks to a friend who had his own band. There are a bunch of sites that have fancy comments as well as cool layouts you can use […]

CD or DVD Drive Slow? Change it from PIO to DMA Mode

When you burn a CD or DVD in Windows, your DVD burner usually uses the DMA (Direct Memory Access) mode. Basically, this allows you to transfer large chunks of data onto your […]


Use MPUI as a Portable Media Player

When it comes to media players, there’s no doubt in my mind that Mplayer is head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, I think it’s even better than VLC. The only […]

hate mozilla

I dnt hate Mozilla but use IE or else…. Worm

I dnt hate Mozilla but use IE or else... is what I got when I tried to start Firefox sometime back. Just as the window opened, a box with this message popped […]