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External Hard Drives: How do I Choose Which One to Buy

Lately, I've realized that my computer is full of data and is close to its limit. Normally, I burn data onto a CD or DVD and then delete it off my system. […]

Setting up a Dual-Boot – Just the Tutorial to Help

Until a couple of months ago, I didn't know much about dual-booting. Yes, I knew it meant running two OS's on one machine but beyond that, not much else. So when I […]

Track Changes to Website Policies with TOSBack

When you sign-up at a website or install a piece of software, you are often asked if you 'accept the terms-of-service.' This is a really long document full of legalese. Most people […]

Go Green with Ideas from greenUPGRADER

Do you have a spare sheet of cardboard lying around and are trying to find a use for it? You can turn it into a stand for your laptop. Have a ton […]

Ubuntu Take 2 - I Think I'm Getting the Hang of Things

First the good news: My laptop finally has access to a working internet connection so the lack of connectivity is no longer a problem with me installing Ubuntu. Now, after last time's […]

Play Videos on your Mobile Phone with Vuclip

Almost everyone has at least one mobile phone in these days and phones have become more than devices which you can use to talk to people or chat with them. Today's phones […]

My First Tryst with Ubuntu: Things Worked. Mostly

In my last post, I mentioned wanting to try out Linux, specifically Ubuntu. After much consideration and with the help of the Ghacks readers, I decided to try the Ubuntu LiveCD before […]

Ask the Readers: Someone Gave Me a Laptop. Now What?

I had relatives from out of the country a little while ago and before they left, one of them decided to leave his laptop behind for me. It's an old model from […]

How to Find the Best Deals on Textbooks

Most of you will agree with me when I say that education (especially in university) is expensive. After tuition and living costs, the next highest expense on the list will no doubt […]

internet clipboard

CL1P is an Online Clipboard

Sometimes, you may urgently need to share information with a friend or family member. Or maybe you need to access a particular file from another computer. The easiest way to do this […]

photoshop tutorials

Get Free Photoshop Tutorials with Vunky Search

Whether you are a novice or an intermediate user in the world of Photoshop, everyone can use tutorials. Even if a person is comfortable with the software, tutorials are a great way […]

gmail undo send

Use Mail Goggles to Avoid Sending Embarassing Mail

Update: Please note that Mail Goggles is no longer provided by Google. It has been removed from the Labs section on Gmail. The closest experiment that you may want to enable instead […]

Find the Cheapest Music at Mp3StoreGuide

Digital music has come a long way. From just one or two portals, the present scenario has an innumerable catalog of stores offering music completely legally and at a reasonable price. Digital […]

DVD Sales Down. What do You Think the Reasons are?

At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Digital Entertainment Group released its figures for DVD spending in the United States in 2008. The results were a 5.5% decrease from the […]


Create Slideshows with ImageLoop

In today’s digital world, pretty much everything is possible online, including creating photo slideshows. And ImageLoop is an online service that helps you do just that. This free service makes slideshow creation […]

Get Handy Household Tips from MrsFixit

I confess that I’m not particularly adept when it comes to working with hardware. I can work with nuts and bolts and have even built my own switchboards but I’m always looking […]

Add Effects to Your Pictures Using piZap

Photo editors are a dime a dozen, both as software and browser-based apps. Programs like Photoshop and GIMP are far ahead of browser apps in terms of the functionalities they offer. However, […]

Increase the Volume of Audio Files with Vloud

Like most people, I have a fairly large collection of music in a digital format. The only problem is that very often I get songs that are at different volume levels. This […]