Samsung's S23 isn't the only phone with great gaming features - find out which older models are getting a boost

Russell Kidson
Feb 16, 2023
Updated • Feb 16, 2023
Games, Mobile Computing

Welcome to the “Pause USB Power Delivery,” feature. A feature that has been set up to deliver a more powerful gaming experience for players while extending the lifespan of your battery. The feature is set to roll out on the Galaxy S23 and some older Samsung phones. The launch of the S23 series brought a wide range of software improvements, and these improvements are likely to get to the older Galaxy models as well. 

Most of the software improvements are to be compatible with devices such as the Galaxy Fold Range, the Galaxy A73 5G, and the S22.

Some Older Samsung Phones Are Getting This Great New Gaming Feature From the S23

The “Pause USB Power Delivery” Feature

This is a feature that will come with the game booster settings in your Galaxy S23 Series. If you own a Samsung, I know you’re already familiar with the game acceleration feature, and you'll agree with me this has made gaming amazing. Well, this time Samsung has brought us another feature known as the “Pause USB Power Delivery.” This feature you can simply use by toggling on or off to improve gaming on Galaxy devices. 

This feature comes essential for gaming phones because it means when playing games with the phone plugged in, the battery doesn't charge.  Instead, the power is directly diverted to the phone, and this results in better gaming performance.  The processor receives more power making it less likely to throttle as your phone won't overheat. Charging your Phone whilst playing games is one of the greatest sources of overheating, resulting in a reduced lifespan. 

The feature is set to roll out not in the system update but as an update to the Game Booster app. This will make gaming better with a Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy phones are known for having extensive features that have made the brand great for gaming over the years. These features could either extend battery life or boost performance along with the game launcher. 

Setting Up Game Launcher on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

I have some good news for you when it comes to the game launcher. Game Launcher comes pre-installed almost on every Galaxy device. To enable the game launcher, simply go to settings> advanced features and turn on the game launcher.

When Game Launcher has been enabled, the next step is to set up your gamer profile which needs to be unique from all other players. You can always change your gamer name and avatar later, just in case you aren’t sure about the one you've selected. 

Some Older Samsung Phones Are Getting This Great New Gaming Feature From the S23

What Can You Do With Game Launcher?

  1. You can use it to have all your games in Game Launcher only. No more crowded home screens because it comes with excellent library management features. 
  2. You can have quick access by simply adding bookmarks.
  3. You can play demos without downloading them.
  4. You can easily access notification history for your games.
  5. You can use the booster to improve game performance

I think you’ll agree with me that the Samsung game launcher is a perfect place to organize your games and track your playtime as well as your notification history and more.


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  1. basingstoke said on February 17, 2023 at 1:08 pm

    “The processor receives more power making it less likely to throttle as your phone won’t overheat” this sentence literally makes no sense.

    If power from the USB is made to directly go to the phone, without needing to go through the battery, this is pretty cool, and essentially what laptops can do. Not sure how this is in any way related to software as it seems to be something hardware would be responsible for.

    You could always do this for phones, but it required some physics knowledge, and soldering skill – if it came as standard, that would be cool.

  2. piomiq said on February 16, 2023 at 11:27 am

    Would be nice if this “Great New Gaming Feature” would be applied to Android by Google, to all users be happy use it.
    I know we can dream.

  3. Service Pack said on February 16, 2023 at 8:20 am

    Samsung should allow S9, Note9, S10, Note10 to be able to download the Camera app that is only available in newer models… They should make it available in Google Playstore and not just their own store…

    I don’t play games on a smartphone but not using the battery charge while plugged in should be a feature in all smartphones and other devices…

    1. Jek Porkins said on February 16, 2023 at 9:54 am

      If they did that, it might make some people not buy new Samsung phones making Samsung less money and you and I both know they don’t want that.

      Samsung devices have been dropping in quality, features and overall value for years now, they are becoming like Microsoft with Windows – they have a monopoly over the computer market so they can afford to release crap versions of Windows, because people will use it regardless.

      The difference is that in the smartphone market there are alternatives to Samsung. Too bad Huawei got neutered, because they made some really high quality devices, but Xiaomi every now and then comes with something pretty nice, and most of the time just recycling older devices.

      For example the Redmi 10C is pretty high value for its price – $180 for a Snapdragon 680 and UFS 2.2 which makes is fast enough to be in the $380 price range.

      1. Clearer said on February 16, 2023 at 10:39 am

        > but Xiaomi every now and then comes with something pretty nice
        Yeah, with built-in ad and tracking, even more advanced than Google’s (and Google is hard to beat).

      2. Jek Porkins said on February 17, 2023 at 9:15 am

        That’s the most brainwashed comment ever. Yeah some apps have ads, but they are MIUI-specific like Audio/Video player or something that only has basic capabilities. I use VLC so I never open those apps or uninstall them so I never see ads. The only ads I see is from the Themes app, which occasionally posts me a notification about cool themes, which I can turn off if I want, just don’t care.

        As for tracking, they must have the lousiest tracking, because I get ads for shoes, slippers and wristwatches where all my phone activity involves technology, gaming, movies, anime. Yet I’ve used that phone since August 2022 and the ads never adapted to my interests.

        So that statement of yours about tracking is complete BS, just some blind, uninformed parroting of someone else’s propaganda.

        Also the ads are the reason why Xiaomi devices are probably $100-150 cheaper than they should be, which is a fair trade since you can easily make it so you never see an and and still get the device for that lower price. The only ones who are stuck up about it are some boring sticks in the mud. Normal and mentally healthy people don’t give a rat’s ass about that.

      3. Jek Porkins said on February 17, 2023 at 9:22 am


        – Snapdragon 680
        – UFS 2.2
        – 128 GB storage
        – 4 GB RAM

        For $180. Who cares if it has ads. The devices that are of the same price and released between 2022 and now from other brands are all worse. Weaker SoCs, eMMC, Micro-USB instead of USB-C only may have better cameras and if they do their price is higher. I’ve seen phones from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola that are $100+ more expensive and have worse specs all around. Makes them look like ripoff scams.

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