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The usual way of organizing files is by either performing a realtime search on the computer system or by using a search software that build an index of files which speeds up the search tremendously. The search usually finds file names and directories but can also search for information contained in the files, at least some file types like documents.

Tag 2 Find uses a different approach. It brings the tags known from indexing websites to the computer desktop. It is currently available in a preview version for the Windows operating system. Users who have been using services like Delicious and Flickr or run their own blog will be immediately comfortably with the software program. Any file located on the computer system can be tagged by the user. No user would want to tag all files as this would mean to work with hundreds of thousands of files which could take a lifetime. The software program can assist the user by automatically suggesting tags based on file names, directory names, file extensions and even metadata for multimedia files.

It is furthermore possible to include and exclude drives from the program completely. The software program will display a wizard after installation that is walking the user through the first initial configuration. The user can pick drives, directories and files that he wants to tag right away. Tag 2 Find can also be integrated in Windows Explorer to add tags right away for selected files.


It would be impracticable if the application window would have to be opened to search the files and tags. The application is therefor offering a floating transparent search window that can be moved around on the computer desktop. Entering tags into that search form will open another transparent connected window that is displaying the results which include hits, partial hits and related tags. A click on a resulting tag will show all the file names that have been tagged with the word or phrase.

Tag 2 Find can monitor the computer system for new files. The folders that are monitored can be defined in the application. It is for instance monitoring the Windows Clipboard and will display files that are copied to it for a while waiting for user input.

Additional options that might be interesting for some users are access to a tag cloud, automatic category management for selected file types, color coding tabs, drag and drop support plus import and export options for tags. It is really surprising how stable and extensive this early version of the software program is.

The only downside is the rather large resource usage. The software program uses roughly 23 Megabytes of computer memory while displaying the floating tags search box and about 53 Megabytes of virtual memory. Tag 2 Find runs on Windows XP or Windows Vista and requires the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0, an NTFS formatted file system (at least on the partitions that contain files that the user wants to tag and administrative privileges during installation.

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Responses to Tags For Your Files

  1. Xun March 22, 2009 at 8:44 am #

    I expect a file-manager support Tags for a long time
    Hope this is what I want ...

  2. Brett March 23, 2009 at 3:36 am #

    XYplorer allows coloured, modifiable tags along with comments of "virtually any size" to folders and file. These tags and comments move with the files and are retained across sessions.

    xyplorer.com for detailed info.

  3. Hoxeflox March 27, 2009 at 6:12 pm #

    Seems like a dead project to me. Tried it out last year but wasn't very stable. No activities for almost a year now :-(

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