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remove firefox suggest

Firefox: menu to remove Firefox Suggest address bar entries is coming

Mozilla is working on a new usability feature in the Firefox web browser that improves the removal of Firefox Suggest entries in the address bar. When Firefox users type in the address […]

firefox 109.0.1

Firefox 109.0.1 Enhances User Experience with Font Smoothing and Enterprise Fixes

Mozilla Firefox 109.0.1 will be released later today. The first Firefox 109 point release is a non-security update for the stable version of the open source Firefox web browser. The new Firefox […]

How to remove the Firefox Unified Extensions button and restore the Overflow Menu

How to remove the Firefox Unified Extensions button and restore the Overflow Menu

Mozilla released Firefox 109 to the stable channel yesterday for Windows, macOS and Linux. One of the biggest changes in the update was support for Manifest V3, and the introduction of a […]

firefox 109

Firefox 109: Manifest V3 support, security fixes and improvements

Firefox 109.0 Stable is the latest version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser. The new release of the open source web browser introduces support for Manifest V3 extensions, improved security on Windows devices, […]

firefox check sandbox

Firefox 110 will launch with GPU Sandboxing on Windows

Mozilla plans to enable GPU sandboxing in Firefox 110 Stable for Windows in February 2023. GPU sandboxing improves Firefox security by applying isolations to the GPU process. A sandbox isolates a process […]

firefox 108.0.2

Firefox 108.0.2 will be released later today fixing crashes

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 108.0.2 later today, if you are reading this on January 5, 2023. The new Firefox Stable release addresses browser crashes. Most Firefox installations will receive the update […]

firefox user-agent internet explorer

Mozilla changes Firefox's user agent because of Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft retired its Internet Explorer 11 web browser in 2022 officially to concentrate fully on Microsoft Edge. While Internet Explorer is disabled on most systems and from the focus of most developers, […]

firefox android save pdf

How to save webpages as PDF in Firefox for Android

Firefox users who run the web browser on Android devices may use it to save webpages as PDF documents. Mozilla added the feature to Firefox for Android recently. Veteran Firefox users may […]

firefox assistive technologies

Firefox's Accessibility Performance is getting a huge boost

Firefox users who use Accessibility tools in the web browser will soon notice huge performance improvements. Accessibility tools, like screen readers, help users access content provided by the web browser and the […]

firefox cookiebanners

Configure Firefox to reject cookie banners automatically

Mozilla is working on a new feature for its Firefox web browser that takes the annoyance out of dealing with so-called cookie banners. Mozilla created a built-in solution that deals with cookie […]

firefox no url but search term

Firefox may soon display the search term instead of the Search Engine's address

Firefox Nightly users may have noticed a change regarding searches made in the development browser. When users type search terms in Firefox's address bar, Firefox displays the typed in search term instead […]

Firefox for Android Nightly adds support for 5 more extensions

Mozilla hints at unlocking more add-ons for Firefox for Android

Mozilla announced the general availability of five additional extensions for Firefox for Android last week. The five extensions, Firefox Relay, Tampermonkey, Read Aloud, Adnauseum and ClearURLs, may now be installed in Firefox […]

Firefox for Android Nightly adds support for 5 more extensions

Firefox for Android Nightly adds support for 5 more extensions

Mozilla has added some more extensions to Firefox for Android Nightly. Let's take a look at the new add-ons. New extensions in Firefox for Android Firefox Relay Tampermonkey Read Aloud AdNauseum ClearURLs […]

firefox 108.0.1

Firefox 108.0.1 fixes a single non-security issue

Mozilla released Firefox 108.0.1 yesterday. The new stable version of the open source Firefox web browser addresses a single non-security issue in the browser. Most Firefox users are not affected by the […]

firefox 108

Firefox 108 out with security fixes and Windows 11 efficiency mode support

Mozilla Firefox 108.0 Stable is the latest version of the Firefox web browser. The browser will be released today, alongside Firefox 102.6 ESR, the Extended Support Release. Firefox 108 is a security […]

firefox android pdf viewer

Firefox for Android is getting a native PDF viewer

Mozilla is working on integrating a native PDF viewer in Firefox for Android. Firefox Nightly for Android users may test the PDF viewer already, but it will become available to all users […]

tor browser 12

Tor Browser 12.0 is out with native Apple Silicon support

Tor Browser 12.0 is available for all supported desktop and mobile operating systems. The new version of the Firefox ESR-based browser makes the jump to a new ESR-base version, adds native support […]

firefox site specific search

A look at Firefox's upcoming site-specific search feature

Mozilla is working on a site-specific search feature in Firefox currently that enables users of the browser to run searches on the active site from the browser's address bar. The feature landed […]

Did Firefox hop on board the Metaverse train

Did Firefox hop on board the Metaverse train?

Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox web browser, bought Active Replica in November 2022. This Canadian company is currently working on a web-based metaverse. But, what does Mozilla intend to do with […]

Mozilla and Microsoft distrust TrustCor root certificates in their browsers

Mozilla and Microsoft have taken action against three root certificates by TrustCor. These root certificates are now distrusted by the browsers. Mozilla set the distrust date to November 30, 2022, while Microsoft […]

firefox 107.0.1

Firefox 107.0.1 fixes a hang and other non-security issues

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 107.0.1 later today. The new stable version of Firefox is a non-security update that addresses a hang, a compatibility issue with certain sites in private browsing mode, […]

firefox translations free text translate

Firefox Translations 1.2: free text translate option and usability improvements

Mozilla released Firefox Translations 1.2, an extension for the organization's Firefox web browser that adds translate functionality to it. The new version of the add-on comes with free text translations support, an […]

firefox manifest v3 new ui

January's Firefox release will support Manifest V3 extensions

Mozilla plans to launch support for Manifest V3 extensions in Firefox 109, which it aims to release on January 17, 2023. The first Firefox Stable release of the year introduces support for […]

Mozilla increased revenue significantly in 2021

Mozilla published its annual audited financial statement for the year 2021, and the outlook could not be better. The organization managed to increase total revenue to $600 million, an increase of more […]

firefox 107 stable

Firefox 107 out with security fixes and Windows performance improvements

Mozilla Firefox 107 will be released later today. The new Stable version of the Firefox web browser fixes several security issues in the browser and improves performance for some users who run […]

Total Cookie Protection Firefox for Android

Total Cookie Protection is now available in Firefox for Android

Mozilla is set to release Firefox 107 for Android devices tomorrow. The update adds support for the enhanced anti-tracking feature, Total Cookie Protection. (Image via Mozilla) Total Cookie Protection in Firefox for […]

translatelocally firefox

TranslateLocally: local translations as an Extension and Desktop app

TranslateLocally is an open source browser extension and desktop application that promises local translations. It's source is the same that the official Firefox Translations extension uses: Project Bergamot. Project Bergamot is a […]

firefox 106.0.5

Firefox 106.0.5 fixes a crash on certain Intel systems

Mozilla released another Firefox 106 point release. Firefox 106.0.5 addresses a crash that is affecting devices with Intel Gemini Lake processors. The new update is available already. Firefox should pick it up […]

firefox 106.0.4

Firefox 106.0.4 fixes browser crashes

Mozilla released a new version of its Firefox web browser today. Firefox 106.0.4 addresses three non-security related issues in the browser, including a crash fix during media playback that affected some users […]

mozilla firefox

Mozilla may extend Firefox on Windows 7 and 8.1 support

With Windows 7 and 8.1 ending official support by Microsoft in January 2023, software companies face a tough decision: should they support the operating systems for longer, or drop support at the […]

firefox 106.0.3

Firefox 106.0.3 fixes a crash and hangs on Windows

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 106.0.3 Stable later today, if you are reading this on October 31, 2022. The new release for Firefox addresses a crash and a hang issue that may […]

firefox 106.0.2

Firefox 106.0.2 fixes a freeze, opening issue and more

Mozilla Firefox 106.0.2 will be released later today. The second Firefox 106 point release addresses five different issues in the browser, none is security related. The browser's automatic updating system should pick […]

How to add a custom add-on collection in Firefox Beta for Android

Firefox Beta for Android now supports custom add-on collections

Mozilla has updated Firefox Beta for Android to version 107.0 b1. The new version adds support for custom add-on collections. If you are using Firefox on your phone, you are probably aware […]

firefox 106.0.1

Firefox 106.0.1 fixes a crash on certain AMD systems

Hot on the heels of Firefox 106 Stable comes the first point release update for the browser. Firefox 106.0.1 addresses a crash on systems with certain AMD processors. Mozilla released Firefox 106 […]

firefox list all tabs

How to hide Firefox's List All Tabs icon

Mozilla released Firefox 106 Stable yesterday. Several new features were introduced in Firefox 106, including Firefox View and basic PDF editing. Some Firefox users here in the comments noticed that Firefox displayed […]

firefox browser 106

Firefox 106 is out with Firefox View and other improvements

Mozilla released Firefox 106 Stable and Firefox 102.4 ESR. The new Firefox 106 Stable release introduces support for Firefox View, PDF editing, text recognition and extraction on macOS, and new Colorways themes. […]

SearchPreview for Firefox and Chrome is being discontinued, it will be replaced by a new add-on called Search Result Previews

The popular add-on SearchPreview is being discontinued this month. But it already has a replacement called Search Result Previews. What happened to SearchPreview? For those unaware, this is a nifty little plugin […]

firefox 105.0.3 avast crashes

Mozilla rushes to address an Avast bug that causes crashes in Firefox

Thousands of Firefox users reported crashes of the Firefox web browser to Mozilla, the maker of the browser. The, often angry user comments, all reported that Firefox had crashed out of a […]

firefox 105.0.2

Firefox 105.0.2 fixes 5 different issues in the browser

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 105.0.2 Stable later today. The non-security update addresses five different issues in the browser, including a potential browser deadlock. If you are reading this on October 4, […]

firefox tab groups

Container Tab Groups: group sites securely in Firefox

Container Tab Groups is a browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It extends Firefox's partitioning feature Containers with a tab grouping feature. Firefox's Container feature is a unique feature of […]