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Firefox 126: Telemetry, privacy feature, and security fixes

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 126.0 Stable later today. The new version of Firefox is a smaller release, as it makes just a few changes. Noteworthy are improvements to the browser's copy […]


Mozilla blames recaptcha issue in Firefox on Google

Mozilla confirmed a recaptcha issue in the organization's Firefox web browser yesterday evening. Affected Firefox users see a spinning animation when they try to solve the captcha, which means that they are […]

Mozilla Firefox 125 brings text highlighting in PDFs, URL Paste Suggestion

Mozilla Firefox 125 brings text highlighting in PDFs, URL Paste Suggestion

Mozilla is set to release Firefox 125 to the stable channel today. The update brings a handful of improvements, including support for text highlighting in PDFs, Tab Indicators in Firefox View. Update: […]

Mozilla released a Firefox Nightly test build with vertical tabs

Mozilla released a Firefox Nightly test build recently that includes support for vertical tabs. This new functionality is not available in regular Firefox Nightly builds, but there is a way to get […]


Firefox 124.0 launches with new features and security fixes

Mozilla has released Firefox 124.0 Stable and Firefox 115.9 ESR. The new stable version of the organization's Firefox web browser fixes security issues and introduces some new features and improvements as well. […]

How to enable Tab Previews in Firefox

How to enable Tab Previews in Firefox

Mozilla released Firefox 123 a few days ago, and it comes with a new feature. The browser now supports Tab Previews, but you can't access it directly from the Settings. The feature […]


Firefox 123 is out with broken site reporting tool

Mozilla Firefox 123.0 is the new Stable version of the open source web browser. The official release date is February 20, 2024. Mozilla releases Firefox 115.8 ESR on the same day. Firefox […]

Breaking: Mozilla changes strategy, focuses on Firefox and AI

It has been less than a week since the new interim CEO took over the reigns from long-time Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker. Today news broke that Mozilla is changing its product strategy […]

Breaking: Mozilla has a new CEO

Mozilla has a new CEO. The announcement on Mozilla's official web blog confirms that Mitchell Baker is no longer Mozilla's CEO. Mozilla's new CEO is Laura Chambers, who has been a Mozilla […]

Firefox 122 is out: here is what is new

Mozilla Firefox 122.0 is the latest Stable version of the open source web browser. The new browser version fixes several security issues and makes a few changes to the browser's functionality and […]

How to manage the site list in Firefox Containers

How to manage the site list in Firefox Containers

Do you use the Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on? Have you ever wondered how to delete a website from a container? Here is how to manage the site list in Firefox Containers. You […]

Firefox 121.0.1 fixes a hang and a USB security key issue

Firefox 121.0.1 will be released later today, if you are reading this on January 9th, 2024. The new stable update for Mozilla's Firefox web browser is a non-security update. It addresses four […]

Will Firefox rise like phoenix from the ashes in 2024?

2024 will be an interesting year for web browsers. Google will make changes to its dominating Chrome web browser that may affect part of the browser's userbase negatively. There is the move […]


Streaming Enhanced skips ads on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and co

Most online streaming services started to offer plans with ads recently. These plans are separate on Neflix, Disney+ and many other services. Amazon will soon start to display ads for all Prime […]

Memory Cache: local AI for Firefox that you feed

Current integrations of AI in web browsers rely on remote connections to servers. This is where the processing happens. Tools like Microsoft Bing, Brave's Leo or Google Bard require that connection to […]

Firefox 121: Mozilla ends 2023 with a bang

Firefox 121 is the last major release of the Firefox web browser of 2023. The new release introduces major changes, such as AV1 hardware decoding support on Windows, support for voice commands […]

Firefox Nightly for Android lets you install add-ons from files

Firefox Nightly for Android lets you install add-ons from files

Last week, Mozilla added support for over 450 add-ons for Firefox for Android. Now, the experimental version of the mobile browser has gained a new feature, to install add-ons from files. It […]

Firefox for Android now supports over 450 add-ons

Firefox for Android now supports over 450 add-ons

A few weeks ago, Mozilla had announced that it would soon support Open Extensions on Firefox for Android. The good news is that the waiting period is over, the mobile browser now […]

Mozilla VPN: security audit results and new features announced

Mozilla published the results of a security audit of its Mozilla VPN service last week. The organization unveiled new Mozilla VPN features last week as well. We followed Mozilla's VPN solution loosely […]

Mozilla earned close to $600 million in 2022

Mozilla published its audited financial statement for the year 2022 this week. Revenue has stayed approximately the same, but a certain trend starts to make a noticeable impact on the organization's revenue. […]


Firefox 120.0.1 update fixes issue that caused 100% CPU usage on some sites

Mozilla released the first point update for Firefox 120 some hours ago. This new version addresses several performance related issues, including one that caused 100% CPU usage on sites such as Google […]

Open extensions on Firefox for Android will be available from December 14

Open extensions on Firefox for Android will be available from December 14

Mozilla has announced that it will allow Open extensions on Firefox for Android from December 14. Users will finally be able to break free from Firefox's limited collection of extensions, and install […]

Firefox 120 ships today with massive privacy improvements

Later today, Mozilla plans to release Firefox 120. The new stable version of the web browser includes a large number of privacy improvements and some other changes. The release date is November […]

Mozilla doubles Firefox Translations languages in Firefox Nightly

Mozilla introduced a local translation feature in the organization's Firefox web browser recently. Local translations are the holy grail when it comes to privacy. Integrated cloud-translate features such as Google Translate require […]


Firefox 119 ships with security fixes and privacy enhancements

Mozilla Firefox 119 will be released later today. The new Stable version of Firefox is accompanied by Firefox 119 for Android and Firefox 115.4 ESR. Core new features of Firefox 119 include […]

Firefox will soon tell you if product reviews are reliable

Mozilla is testing a new technology in Firefox currently that analyzes reviews on ecommerce sites to help shoppers make buying decisions. Most ecommerce sites support reviews in some form or another. Amazon […]


Firefox is getting a button to Reset Private Browsing Sessions

If you are using Firefox Nightly, you may have noticed a new flame icon in the browser's toolbar when its private browsing mode is open. This new button enables Firefox users to […]

Firefox 118 boosts security with Encrypted Client Hello support

Mozilla released Firefox 118 Stable in late September 2023 to the public. It was a major release, as it introduced the long awaited native translate feature in the browser. Privacy friendly translations […]

Firefox Beta for Android lifts restrictions for Extensions

When Mozilla launched the redesigned version of Firefox for Android in 2019 as a preview, it changed several key features of the browser. The classic Firefox for Android browser was not restricted […]

Firefox 118.0.1 and ESR 115.3.1 fix a critical security issue

Mozilla has just released a security update for its Firefox web browser that patches a critical security issue in all supported versions of the web browser. The update is available for Firefox […]


Firefox 118 release brings new web translation feature and end of Firefox ESR 102

Firefox 118’s and Firefox ESR 115.3’s official release date is September 26, 2023. The new Firefox releases mark the end of Firefox ESR 102, which is no longer supported. Firefox installations that […]

Mozilla is renaming Firefox accounts to Mozilla accounts

Mozilla announced today that it is renaming Firefox accounts to Mozilla accounts. One of the main purposes of a Firefox account is the synchronization of data between different Firefox installations on the […]

Firefox 119 will launch with an important address bar change

Mozilla plans to change the information that its open source Firefox web browser displays in the address bar. Once the change lands, Firefox won't display https:// in the browser's address bar anymore, […]

Mozilla patches critical WebP security issue in Firefox and Thunderbird

Mozilla has released security updates for all supported versions of its Firefox web browser as well as for the email client Thunderbird. The updates address a critical security issue in WebP that […]


Firefox 117: native language translations, last Firefox 102 update and security fixes

Mozilla Firefox 117 is the latest version of the open source Firefox web browser. Launched on August 29, 2023, Firefox 117 ships with the new native language translation feature, enables credit card […]

How to enable Firefox's native translate feature in Firefox 117

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 117 Stable on Tuesday. The next stable version of the web browser includes the long-awaited native translate integration, which does not require server connections and works online […]


Firefox users may import Chrome extensions now

One of the main arguments brought forth for the switching to the WebExtensions system for browser extensions was that it made cross-browser extensions easier. Firefox users may now reap the benefits of […]

Mozilla disables Pull-to-refresh by default in Firefox for Android

Android users who download Mozilla's Firefox web browser to their devices for the first time may notice that the browser's pull-to-refresh feature is not turned on by default. Mozilla introduced pull-to-refresh relatively […]

Firefox for Android will soon support all extensions

After years of waiting, Firefox for Android users may soon install any browser extension in the mobile browser. When Mozilla launched a redesigned Firefox web browser for Android, it limited extensions to […]

Firefox 116.0.2 is the second point update in a week

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 116.0.2 later today. The second Firefox 116 point update follows Firefox 116.0.1, which Mozilla released last Friday. The two updates were released less than a week after […]