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Stay Secure: Unmasking Fake Virus Alerts with AVG AntiVirus FREE

Fake virus alerts are a common yet dangerous weapon often used by cybercriminals. These alerts masquerade themselves as legitimate security warnings, tricking users into actions that end up compromising their own digital […]

Thoughts on Linux migration

It's been quite a while since I managed to write something here, partly because of work and study, and partly because I didn't know exactly what to write about. But the muse […]

Use SyncKolab to synchronize your Thunderbird Data

If you happen to use an e-mail provider that's offering an IMAP-server (or you are boosting your own (mail-)server), this might be for you, because chances are if you are using IMAP, […]

Ulteo Virtual Desktop

I have watched the steps of Mandrake-Founder Gaël Duval since he (was forced to) quit the company, not because I was such a big fan of Mandrake (or Linux in general ^^) […]

Brief - RSS Reader for Firefox Dynamic Bookmarks

The concept of RSS or newsfeeds in general seemed quite appealing to me the moment I first heard (or read?) about it. But I never managed to find a way to utilize […]

About PuTTy and Tutorials, including a PuTTy Tutorial

After my last post about the powers of PuTTy in conjunction with an SSH-enabled router, I started thinking about tutorials.

Theoretical Cryptography Part I - MD5

Since Martin constantly manages to cover all ongoing news regarding cryptography and security I myself planned on writing about "any time soon", I had to look for other topics on the subject I could cover. So I decided to make good use of all the time I spend studying this kind of stuff and share this knowledge with you. And I would be very grateful, if someone could tell me in return how to defeat shirred fabrics with my sewing machine... but that's a whole different matter.

Fun Things to do with PuTTy and Linux-Routers

If you set up some kind of SSH Connection on a windows computer over the past few years, be it to connect to the university's network or to secure a line for an insecure FTP Transfer,you have probably encountered the program PuTTy on the way to salvation. It's easy to use, free and OSSish powerful. What many people don't know about PuTTy though, is what other powers aside from or better in addition to SSH slumber inside the little executable.

Late-Night Remoting

Maybe some of you guys know that feeling: You've just come home after a long stressful day at work looking forward to an enjoyable evening of watching TV or reading the latest news on gHacks. But as soon as you switched on your TV/Computer, your phone rings. It is your sister (mother in law, father) and you remember the promise - that you gave in a moment of feeble-minded weakness - that you would help if they would face difficulties with their computer. This leaves you with two options: Tell them you aren't in the mood, which might come back to haunt you on the next family day, or give in to a extended session of "what's wrong with it?" on the phone.