New trademarks registered by Apple regarding MR headsets

Kerem Gülen
May 23, 2023

Further trademark applications related to Apple's highly anticipated mixed-reality headset have been revealed, following our report yesterday on the emergence of "xrProOS."

Apple's highly anticipated foray into the realm of mixed reality is drawing closer than ever before, with speculations indicating that the tech giant may unveil its inaugural mixed-reality headset at the forthcoming developers' conference, slated for June 5. Adding fuel to the rumors, Apple has recently secured the trademark for 'xrOS,' further hinting at significant developments in this domain. However, the intrigue deepens as two additional trademarks, namely 'realityproOS' and 'realOS,' have been filed by the company, fueling further speculation about their future endeavors.

In a noteworthy development, Immersive Health Solutions LLC, the same company that previously sought legal protection for terms like "Reality One" and "Reality Pro," has recently filed a patent application for "realityproOS" in New Zealand. Intriguingly, the company has established a priority date for its filing through a submission made in Jamaica on May 1. At present, accessing trademark activity records from Jamaica remains unavailable online, adding an air of mystery to Immersive Health Solutions' latest move in securing intellectual property related to mixed reality technologies.

Intriguingly, another intriguing trademark, "realOS," has also emerged, deepening the mystery surrounding Apple's mixed-reality endeavors. This particular term was registered on a broad scale across Europe last year by a company called Realityo Systems LLC, which appears to have associations with Apple. The comprehensive filing encompasses various aspects related to computers and operating systems. It's worth noting that Realityo Systems is the same entity that previously sought legal protection for the trademark "realityOS" towards the end of 2021, indicating a consistent focus on the intersection of reality and operating systems.

Realityo Systems has taken further steps in different countries to secure the "realOS" trademark, with a specific description relating to "computer operating systems and computer operating systems for integrated circuits." Adding an additional layer of complexity to the situation, it's worth mentioning that Fujitsu, a well-known technology company, had previously held the "realOS" trademark in the United States since 2006. However, ownership of the trademark has changed hands multiple times before ultimately being acquired by Realityo Systems in November 2022, underscoring the company's growing involvement in this field.

While the trademarks "realityproOS" and "realOS" have been filed by Apple-associated entities, it is unlikely that either of these names will be used for the software powering Apple's highly anticipated mixed-reality headset. Instead, the software is expected to be called "xrOS," which stands for "extended reality." This name encompasses the augmented and virtual reality capabilities offered by the headset. Notably, Apple has taken measures to secure the "xrOS" trademark across multiple countries, utilizing a discreet shell company for this purpose.

Image source: Unsplash

During the development phase, the software was initially referred to as "Reality OS" or "rOS." However, it appears that Apple has ultimately opted for a more specific and distinctive name, settling on "xrOS" prior to the forthcoming launch of the mixed-reality headset.

The upcoming "xrOS" is reported to feature a user-friendly interface reminiscent of iOS, Apple's well-known operating system. Users can expect a Home screen with customizable app icons and widgets, providing a familiar and intuitive navigation experience. Furthermore, the headset will include popular applications such as Maps and Messages, specially redesigned to deliver an immersive augmented and virtual reality experience.

In addition to the software powering the mixed-reality headset, Apple is actively working on a software development kit (SDK) that will enable third-party developers to create applications specifically tailored for the headset's unique capabilities.

Furthermore, Apple has submitted trademark applications for several terms related to mixed reality. These include "Reality One," "Reality Pro," and "Reality Processor." Speculations suggest that "Reality One" could potentially be the name designated for the headset itself, while "Reality Processor" would likely refer to the chipset or processing technology embedded within the device. These trademarks indicate Apple's comprehensive approach to branding and protecting various aspects of its mixed-reality ecosystem.


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