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We reviewed a software program yesterday that allows you to remove the region protection from Blu-Ray rips stored on a computer's hard drive. Most Blu-Ray discs are region coded which means that you cannot watch movies not officially available in a certain region. That's a major nuisance for users, for instance if you purchase a movie in a different region on holiday.

Today's application can be used to rip Blu-Ray movies to the hard drive. The application is portable but requires the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0.

Blu-Ray Disc Ripper is the perfect complement for the Blu-Ray Region Code Remover that we introduced yesterday. You can start using Blu-Ray Disk Ripper to rip the Blu-Ray movie to the hard drive, and then use Blu-Ray Region Code Remover to remove the region code protection from the movie as well if that is an issue.

The Blu-Ray Disk Ripper requires a unique volume key which the user has to supply. The software developer suggests to either search the Doom9 forum for the movie title or use the applications DumpVID and AACS Keys to find them. The program will check the key if it can be used to decrypt the Blu-Ray movie.

blu-ray disk ripper

The software provides access to four actions.

  • Copy the contents and decrypt the .m2ts files
  • Copy the contents and do not decrypt the .m2ts files
  • Decrypt BD-Live files related to the movie for a specific software player
  • Sync modified dates between source and destination folder

The program is available at the Doom 9 forum. The current version can be downloaded at Sendspace directly.

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Update: The program has not been updated since 2008, which means that it is likely that its developer has abandoned the project. While you can still download the latest version of the program, you should note that it is likely not working with Blu-Ray movies released in recent time.

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  1. Dante November 25, 2008 at 4:52 pm #

    I thought DVDFab can decrypt blue-rays in a one step process?

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