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waterfox third generation browser

A preview of the upcoming Waterfox Browser third-generation release is now available

Alex Kontos, developer of the Waterfox web browser, has published a preview of the upcoming third-generation version of the Waterfox browser for all supported operating systems. The preview is designed for testing […]

waterfox sold

Waterfox web browser sold to System1

It appears that the Waterfox web browser has been sold to System1 recently, the same company that bought the Startpage search engine some time ago. To be precise, Startpage was bought by […]

waterfox 2019 10

Waterfox development splits into Classic and Current branches

A new version of the web browser Waterfox has been released on October 23, 2019 that introduces a new versioning scheme and introduces two different branches called classic and current. The Waterfox […]

screenshot waterfox 68 alpha

Waterfox 68 Alpha is out

Alex Kontos, the developer of the Waterfox web browser, released the first alpha version of the upcoming Waterfox 68 release on May 8, 2019. Waterfox 68 is the next major release of […]


What you need to know about add-ons in Waterfox 68

Waterfox 68 will be the next major release of the web browser that is based on Firefox code; it will replace the current branch, Waterfox 56, eventually after its release. The developer […]

waterfox 56.2.8

Waterfox 56.2.8: improved web compatibility, security patches, new logo

Waterfox users who waited for a new version of the web browser to come out patiently can now upgrade the browser to version 56.2.8. Waterfox 56.8.2 was released on March 14, 2019 […]

waterfox 56.2.7

Waterfox 56.2.7 released

The developer of the Waterfox web browser, Alex Kontos, released Waterfox 56.2.7 (and to the public recently. Waterfox 56.2.7 is the first release of the browser in 2019. Existing users of […]

waterfox 56.2.3

Waterfox 56.2.3 Security Update

The developer of the Waterfox web browser, Alex Kontos, released version 56.2.3 of Waterfox to the public yesterday. The new version of Waterfox is a security release that follows Mozilla's Extended Support […]

waterfox for android

Waterfox for Android update brings huge privacy improvements

A new version of the Waterfox web browser for Google's Android operating system has been released. The developer of Waterfox released a first public version of Waterfox for Android in 2017. The […]

waterfox 56.2.0

A look at Waterfox 56.2.0

The web browser Waterfox 56.2.0 was released by its developer Alex Kontos on May 16, 2018 to the public. The new version of the browser that is largely based on Firefox code […]