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Avira Free Security for Mac is an excellent security software for Apple Macintosh devices

Avira Free Security for Mac is a free antivirus, security and privacy solution for Apple Macintosh devices that protects Macs reliably from attacks. Macs do need security software as devices running Mac […]

windows xp updates

How to get security updates for Windows XP until April 2019

Microsoft's official support for the Windows XP operating system ended more than a month ago. While some companies and organizations are still receiving updates for the operating system, end users do not. […]

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Windows XP End-of-Support is not the End of the World

Today is the last day of extended support for Microsoft's popular operating system Windows XP. What this means is that Microsoft won't publish public security patches for the operating system after that […]


Microsoft will inform XP users about end of support with a popup

If you are interested in technology you know that Windows XP support will end in April. To be precise, the extended support for Windows XP with Service Pack 3 ends on April […]

How to protect your Windows XP system after April 2014

You know by now -- probably - that Microsoft will retire the Windows XP operating system for good come April 2014. It is also likely that you won't notice lots of changes […]

Windows XP users will still get some security-related updates after April 8, 2014

While still a rumor, it is likely that Microsoft will release Windows 9 in April 2015 or at least around that month. The core reason for that is to move away from […]

No big deal: Google supporting Windows XP longer than Microsoft does

We all know that the days of Windows XP are numbered, and that Microsoft will officially stop support for the operating system in the beginning of 2014 (April 8 to be precise).  […]

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Windows XP users: what will you do on April 8, 2014?

So what is happening on April 8, 2014 that is affecting all Windows XP users? It is the end of support for the operating system. What this means is that Microsoft won't […]

What do you like most about Windows XP?

Windows XP, released in 2001 is for many people "as comfortable as an old shoe", but why is this and why do people hold this insecure and buggy operating system in such […]

windows vista extended support end date

Microsoft Extends Vista Extended Support Cycle To 2017

Microsoft initially planned to end support for some Windows Vista versions, Windows Home Basic and Ultimate for example, in April 2012. The effect would have been devastating for customers running those editions […]

ReactOS, the Windows XP Alternative

While we wait for the Windows 8 beta to be released at the end of the month questions are looming over what will happen with legacy software support and how we'll run our […]

Windows XP Now Has Less Than 800 Days of Support Left

It seems like just a short while ago that I was writing about how Windows XP had just 1,000 days of support left but now that number is down to under 800!  […]

Windows XP support ends in 999 days

The day is finally within sight when Windows XP and the dreaded Internet Explorer 6 will finally be out of support.  This means that there will be no further patches or updates […]

Must Microsoft Offer a Direct Upgrade Path from XP to Windows 8?

Microsoft came under heavy fire with the launch of Windows 7 for not offering a direct migration path from XP. The older operating system, which is now ten years old, is something Microsoft […]

ipv6 protocol

How To Enable IPv6 On Windows XP

Most ISPs are in the process of enabling the IPv6 protocol which is then available for usage in addition to the currently used IPv4 protocol. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users do […]

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Vista Drive Status, Drive Storage Information For XP's Windows Explorer

Windows 7 and Vista users see a representation of the free and used drive space in Windows Explorer. That's handy for a number of reasons, for instance before copying or processing large […]

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How To Use 3TB Hard Drives On Windows XP

All hard drive manufacturers have announced the first wave of 3TB (that's 3 Terabytes) hard drives in the first half of 2010, and first 3TB hard drives like the Western Digital Caviar […]

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility Virtual PC Images

Web developers have several options to test their web projects in different web browsers. Among the available choices are virtual operating system images that provide access to specific web browsers. Microsoft has […]

Windows XP Help attacks on the rise

Update: Microsoft has patched the issue and it is no longer a problem provided that Windows users have patched their system with the most recent security updates provided by the company. An […]