Free Software reviews
cybersight ransomstopper

CyberSight RansomStopper anti-ransomware for Windows

CyberSight, a new computer security company based in California, released the first version of the anti-ransomware software RansomStopper yesterday. RansomStopper is available as a free version for non-commercial use, and a paid […]

Is Classic Shell dead? Developer quits

The developer of the popular Classic Shell application for Microsoft’s Windows operating system released the last version of the program yesterday. Classic Shell is a free program for Windows that restores classic […]

teamviewer 13

TeamViewer 13: iOS screen sharing and more

TeamViewer 13, the latest version of the secure remote desktop access and support application, comes with iOS screen sharing functionality and usability improvements. TeamViewer GMBH launched a public beta of TeamViewer 13 […]


Simple Sticky Notes for Windows

Simple Sticky Notes is a free note taking application for Windows that puts sticky notes on your desktop so that they are in reach all the time. While new versions of Windows […]

superdelete long path

SuperDelete: remove files with paths that are too long on Windows

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has had a 260 character limit for paths for a long time. While most users may not run into issues with folder names and file names that exceed […]


TunnelBear makers launch password manager RememBear

The makers of the popular VPN solution TunnelBear, available as a free and paid version, have released a beta version of the company’s upcoming RememBear password management service. Password managers and services […]

stardock groupy program tabs

Stardock Groupy: Tabs for your windows

Stardock’s new application Groupy adds tabbed browsing options to all program windows on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. When browsers such as the classic Opera browser introduced tabs, browsing changed significantly. Instead of […]

vidcutter cut videos

VidCutter review: easy video cutting

VidCutter is a cross-platform software program for Windows, Mac and Linux devices that offers tools to cut video and audio files. The program is not a full blown video editor, but focuses […]

winaerotweaker 0.9

Winaero Tweaker 0.9 out with lots of new features

Winaero Tweaker 0.9 is the most recent version of the comprehensive tweaking software for Microsoft’s Windows operating system. We reviewed Winaero Tweaker for the first time back in 2015 when its initial […]


Delete files and free disk space securely with SDelete

SDelete is a free command line utility by Microsoft’s Sysinternals team that you may use to delete files and free disk space securely. While you can delete any file on a hard […]


DMEX: more Windows Explorer functionality

DMEX is a free program for Microsoft Windows operating systems that adds a large number of new features and improvements to Windows Explorer. The application is a rewrite of DMEXMenu and DMEXBar […]

controlmymonitor edit monitor settings

View and edit Monitor settings with ControlMyMonitor

ControlMyMonitor is a new application for Windows by Nirsoft that you may use to view and modify settings of the computer monitor. The application is a portable program that can be run […]

audacity 2.2.0

Audacity 2.2.0 major update released

Audacity 2.2.0 is a new major version of the popular cross-platform open source audio editing software that comes with pre-installed themes and more. The new version of Audacity can be downloaded from […]


Hardware information and monitoring software HWiNFO 5.60 released

The computer hardware information and monitoring software HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 5.60 has been released on November 2, 2017. We reviewed the application back in 2011 for the first time, and then again […]

spotify ad blocker

EZBlocker blocks ads on Spotify

EZBlocker is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that blocks ads on Spotify when it is run on machines running Windows. Spotify is available as a free version and a premium […]

deviceswitch windows

Toggle devices on Windows with DeviceSwitch

DeviceSwitch is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices to toggle (turn on or off) hardware devices with the click of the button. The Windows operating system comes with built-in options […]

foxit reader 9.0

Foxit Reader 9.0 major new version released

Foxit Software released Foxit Reader 9.0, a new major version of the company’s free PDF reading software for Windows, to the public today. The new version of the program comes with new […]

junkware removal tool discontinued

Malwarebytes discontinues Junkware Removal Tool

Malwarebytes announced on October 26, 2017 that it will discontinue supporting the company’s Junkware Removal Tool in the first quarter of 2018. Junkware Removal Tool is a free program for Windows designed […]