Free Software reviews
regex captor extract email addresses

Extract email addresses and other data from files on Windows

RegexCaptor is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may run on any number of files to extract email addresses and other data from them. The program was created to […]

key manager long press

Add long-tap keyboard functionality to Windows

One thing that I really like on mobile devices is the long-tap functionality to write different characters to the screen when I long-tap on a key. Useful to write Umlauts ä,ö, or […]

faststone image viewer 6.5

FastStone Image Viewer 6.5 supports video import

FastStone Image Viewer 6.5 is the latest version of the media viewer for Microsoft's Windows operating system. The new version of the application supports the importing of video files, improved the slideshow […]

freefilesync 10

FreeFileSync 10.0 updates removes ads from installer

FreefileSync 10.0 is the latest version of the popular cross-platform file synchronization software that I reviewed in 2009 for the first time here on Ghacks Technology News. The program is listed in […]

7-zip 18.05

7-Zip 18.05 update: performance improvements and security patch

7-Zip 18.05 is a new version of the popular open source archiving software for Microsoft's Windows operating system. The new version improves the performance of some decoding and compression operations, and includes […]

gimp 2.10

Image Editor GIMP 2.10 is out (after six years)

After six years of development, a dedicated team of contributors released GIMP 2.10, a new version of the open source cross-platform image editor. The new version of GIMP is the first major […]

youtube video effects

Apply video effects to YouTube Videos in Chrome or Firefox

YouTube Video Effects is a free browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which you may install and use to apply filter effects to YouTube videos. The browser extension supports other […]

software download tracking

Of software downloads and unique identifiers

When you visit a website, there is a chance that you are tracked by the operators of the site or by third-parties. Whether that is the case or not depends on the […]

defender injector

Add file or folder exclusions to Windows Defender with Defender Injector

Defender Injector is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices by the prolific developer Sordum that makes it easier to add file or folder exclusions to Windows Defender. Windows Defender is the […]

prevent disk sleep

Prevent Hard Drives and External Storage from powering down

Some internal and external hard drives use power saving functionality to power down (go to sleep) after some time of inactivity. That's beneficial for power consumption but it adds a spin-up delay […]

security task manager

Security Task Manager review

Security Task Manager is a shareware program for Microsoft Windows devices that ranks running processes based on an algorithm that determines the security risk of each process. You can download a 30-day […]

Display all TCP and UDP network activity on Windows

LiveTcpUdpWatch is a free software program by Nirsoft that displays information about the TCP and UDP activity of any Windows device it is run on. Windows comes with a handful of tools […]

avira privacy pal

Avira Privacy Pal first look

Security company Avira, best know for its antivirus products, launched Privacy Pal yesterday which promises to reveal privacy issues on Windows, prevent (select) tracking on the device, and remove digital traces it […]

windows defender atp

Intel Threat Detection Technology launches

Intel launched a new security technology that the company calls Intel Threat Detection Technology today. Intel Threat Detection Technology can best be described as a set of features that assist partners in […]

spectre meltdown vulnerability check

New InSpectre release reveals if microcode updates are available

We reviewed the InSpectre application by Gibson Research when it first came out in January 2018. The program checked whether Meltdown or Spectre patches were installed on the Windows machine and gave […]

cloneapp save application data

CloneApp: backup Windows program settings

CloneApp 2.0 is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to back up preferences, settings and other data of supported applications. Windows users have access to plenty of backup programs to back […]


WizFile is an ultra-fast Windows Search tool

WizFile is a free portable search program for Microsoft Windows devices to find files stored on the device it is run on quickly. Windows Search has never been great when it comes […]

magnify text you write

Magnify text you write with BigType

BigType is a free portable accessibility software for Microsoft Windows devices that magnifies text you write automatically using a magnifier window. Visually impaired computer users have a couple of tools and options […]