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VideoProc Vlogger is a powerful, intuitive and free video creation solution (includes free giveaway!)

Creators and home users alike need a feature-rich, powerful yet intuitive-to-use software when it comes to video editing and creation.  A powerful program speeds up the processing of videos significantly, and includes […]

Are the Patent Wars now a barrier to Technological Innovation?

If you look around the world at the moment you will see anti-capitalist demonstrations everywhere.  Here in the UK, the historic St Paul's Cathedral in London, which was built in 1677 and […]

Does a Hidden Office 365 Clause Prevent Spam or Hamper Business?

Spam is a thorny issue, but Ed Bott has written today about a little known clause in the contracts for Microsoft Office 365 customers that could give them serious cause for concern.  […]

I'm a Desktop, What are you?

I'm becoming increasingly confused by the whole computing market with all manner of new and, relatively, affordable form factors coming to market.  There was a day not that long ago when you […]

Curry's cut PlayBook Price by £150 in UK, but why?

British electronics retailer has today slashed the price of the RIM Playbook from £399.99 down to just £249.99, a decrease of £150.  It's the most significant price drop for a tablet since […]

Win a Windows 7 Tablet, Microsoft Press Books + a secret gHacks bonus Prize!

I'm running a competition on my Facebook page at the moment to win a selection of Microsoft Press books and a fantastic Acer Iconia Tab W500 Windows 7 Tablet, which I can […]

Dell drops to Third-Place Worldwide PC Maker

Figures released for the last quarter by IDC and Gartner show that, despite rumblings at HP that included rumours about dropping their entire PC division, the truly unprecedented Touchpad fire sale and […]

How to maintain a good security and backup strategy, Part 1 - the Home

Data is now everywhere and we store pretty much everything as data.  Contacts, diaries, music, photographs, videos, conversations, business records, everything is data.  In fact more and more people are shredding the […]

Google Engineer says Google+ is a "pathetic afterthought"

Google Software engineer Steve Yegge accidentally broadcast a 4,500 word rant about the company and described their latest social networking exercise as a "pathetic afterthought" and a "knee-jerk reaction" according to ZDNet's […]

Microsoft Launches Browser Security Website

Microsoft have launched a new website aimed at helping people identify how secure their web browser really is. will tell visitors in a simple score from 0 to 4 just how […]

Is Google+ Waning Already?

It's been less than a month since Google opened up it's new social networking site, Google+.  Now data collected by Chikita insights is suggesting that traffic to the site has recently dropped […]

Has Steve Jobs left a Four Year Plan at Apple?

Steve Jobs famously was Apple.  He ignored focus groups in favour of his own gut instinct and, as such, the latest rumour doing the rounds could well turn out to be completely […]

Apple Founder Steve Jobs Dies aged 56

Apple co-founder and the man responsible for making the company so successful in recent years has died at the age of 56.  Jobs had been suffering from pancreatic cancer since 2004.  He […]

Microsoft drops to 3rd Place biggest Tech company, behind IBM

It's not been a good year for Microsoft when it comes to their overall standing in the technology business space.  A couple of months ago Apple overtook the company as the number […]

Linux has "only 10 great apps" according to Gnome Creator

When Microsoft released a late alpha, but generally stable version of the Windows 8 Developer Preview the other week a great many people, including myself, were greatly surprised.  This is because it […]

The complete guide to Windows 7 Shortcut Keys

There's been a lot of talk recently about use use of shortcut keys in Windows 8, primarily because 90+% of the people who will be using that OS for the next few […]

Backing up and Restoring Windows Drivers

The hardware driver support in Windows 7 is just fantastic, especially with consumer hardware with more and more companies submitting their drivers for official certification from Microsoft than ever before.  This not […]

"Save Sam" and win some Great Tech Prizes from Microsoft

Microsoft UK are running a new Windows 7 competition with some really great prizes through their TechNet newsletter between now and the middle of December.  The competition is intended to bolster Windows […]

Is the Amazon Kindle Tablet Coming September 28?

Amazon have today issued invitations to a "special press conference" on September 28 and the tech community is expecting the online retailer to formally announce the Kindle Tablet. The tablet, which has […]

zInstall launch new Type-0 Hypervisor

Virtualisation specialist zInstall have previously impressed with their products that include utilities to capture an existing Windows XP, Vista or any other operating system installation and allowing you to boot from it […]

Should you Install the Windows 8 Developer Preview?

I've been using the Windows 8 Developer Preview now for a few days on three different machines, a desktop, a laptop and a tablet, to get a good overall view of how […]

Is the Desktop Dying Out?

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 yesterday they said what most people were expecting them to, that a new tablet-friendly interface would be the default way to interact with the new version of […]

Windows 8 unveiled with a focus on Metro

Windows chief Steven Sinofsky unveiled Windows 8, well some of it anyway, to the world today and put most of the focus on touch and the new Metro interface that we've seen […]

How will Microsoft Market Windows 8 tomorrow?

Tomorrow (Tuesday 13th September 2011) sees the official unveiling of Windows 8 from Microsoft at their BUILD conference in Anaheim, California.  The keynote address, which goes out at 9am PT | 5pm […]

EFS, and why you shouldn't ever use it!

Yesterday I wrote here about the BitLocker security file encryption system that was introduced with Windows Vista.  BitLocker is a full-disk encryption technology but I also alluded to problems with Microsoft's other […]

Bitlocker, a Guide for the Uninitiated

BitLocker, first introduced with Windows Vista, is a full drive encryption technology that works with hardware in compatible computers known as a Trusted Platform Module (TPM chip).  It offers enterprise-level data encryption […]

Dell Precision M6600 Workstation Laptop Review

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes these days from tiny netbooks to sexy ultraportables and everyday value machines.  Then however there are the workstations.  These laptops are designed with the needs of […]

Setting Windows Virtual Memory, why you need to and what about SSDs?

Virtual memory is a throwback to Windows of old, when the physical memory available to a computer was severely limited.  Essentially it uses a chunk of space on your computer's hard disk […]

HP TouchPad Review

The HP TouchPad is dead, long live the HP TouchPad!  It feels very odd reviewing a product that you can't buy any more.  When you factor in though that this new tablet […]

The HP TouchPad Fire Sale... Was it Worth it?

Last week when HP announced both that it was going to sell off its PC division, but also that it was dropping its WebOS devices, the tech community went into shock.  This […]

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

It's being reported, and this news is coming in live as I type this, that Apple founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs has tonight resigned as the head of the company.  […]

Migrate Your Email Between Providers

Update: TrueSwitch has shut down as of May 15, 2013. Several email providers provide you with options nowadays to migrate an email account to them. This is for instance the case for […]

Overcoming Office 2010 Starter Purchase Problems

Most new PCs these days will come preinstalled with Microsoft's relatively new Office 2010 Starter.  This is the replacement for the frankly awful Microsoft Works and gives people a much better upgrade […]

Xbox Live user tries to sue Microsoft for $500 billion

I just love stories like this and it is the silly season after all so here's a story to make you chuckle for the end of the weekend.  A man known as […]

Why are we still waiting for affordable laptops / netbooks / tablets for schools?

The mobile computing market changed forever a few years ago with the introduction of the netbook.  Finally a small, reasonably lightweight personal computer that could be carried by anybody.  Then the technology […]

Apple tries to ban Samsung, is "Patent Tennis" going too far?

If you ever wondered who Apple consider its biggest rival the answer probably lies in the dutch judicial system with an injunction the company has brought against Samsung. In the documents reported […]

HP kills WebOS, PC Business up for Sale!

This can hardly be believed but it's actually true and not some cruel joke.  Having only just released the first WebOS tablet after having purchased Palm last year, and having spent the […]

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Review

Samsung's new Series 5 Chromebook is one of the very first devices to market running Google's own Chrome OS, a Linux variant cloud-based operating system that is essentially just a web browser […]

Apple's new mothership HQ gets visualised

The first glimpses of Apple's new proposed Cupertino HQ appeared the other month, but now more images have appeared courtesy of Techcrunch The new building, known as Campus 2, will take up […]

Can you live with Google’s Chrome OS? Erm, No

A few days ago I took delivery of a Samsung Chromebook to test, I'll be writing my full review of the Chromebook in a few days, but I wanted to see how easy […]

Is the era of the PC over?

PCs are going the way of typewriters according to an engineer who worked on the original IBM PC.  In a blog post to mark the 30th anniversary of the IBM PC 5150, […]