League of Legends arena tier list unveiled

Kerem Gülen
Jul 24, 2023

When it comes to mastering the game, the League of Legends arena tier list is your key to unlocking the potential of the new 2v2v2v2 game mode, launched with the 13.14 patch on July 20th. Players, seasoned and new alike, are curious to explore the best champions to deploy, making the tier list a popular talking point.

League of Legends, a titan in the gaming world, might seem intimidating to beginners due to its vast selection of 163 characters, including the 2023 additions, Huntress Darkin and Naafiri. This complexity, however, is a part of the allure that keeps players coming back, striving to conquer the game's intricate challenges.

The introduction of the 2v2v2v2 mode has made the League of Legends arena tier list more accessible and interesting. The new mode can be seen as a training ground for novices, presenting them with the chance to familiarize themselves with the various champions and their distinct abilities.

Top League of Legends arena tier list

In terms of the best League of Legends arena tier list, famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer LS, renowned for his gaming expertise, offers his take. He has crafted an elaborate tier list, deciphering the intricacies of each champion and their abilities. His analysis helps gamers identify the best fit for their unique playing style.

LS' tier list

His comprehensive tier list is spread across eight categories, from Z to D. Throughout a detailed two-hour YouTube video, LS not only presents the list but also delves deep into his thought process behind the placement of each champion.

According to LS, champions like Syndra and Kayn reign supreme due to their overpowering abilities, earning them a spot in the Z tier. Shaco, Malzahar, Heimerdinger, and Zyra also find themselves in this coveted position. Champions like Fiora, Mundo, Singed, Riven, and Mordekaisser, famous for their low cooldowns and health regeneration abilities, sit comfortably in the S tier.

The A, B, and C tiers play host to champions with unique abilities, but also come with notable limitations. Lastly, champions like Fiora, Riven, and Mordekaisser, despite their unique abilities, find themselves once again in the D tier. LS's insightful interpretation of the League of Legends arena tier list is indeed a valuable resource for gamers aiming to unravel the complexities of this captivating game.

About the new arena mode

The introduction of the exciting new arena mode by League of Legends introduces a unique element of cooperation to the game. This innovative feature allows players to team up and face off against three other pairs in a thrilling fight for survival, enriching the existing League of Legends arena tier list.

Image source: Riot Games

This fresh arena mode seems to blend the conventional League of Legends gameplay with elements reminiscent of another hit game, Teamfight Tactics. The comparison is valid as teams navigate the game with a limited health pool, resulting in elimination when the health points run out. To sweeten the deal, the arena mode also incorporates player rankings, catering to those who thrive on competition.

Matches kick off by steering players into a lobby, either solo or accompanied by a chosen partner. The gameplay veers from the norm as it dispenses with Runes, leaving only the Summoner Spells - Flash and Flee - at the player's disposal. Every team sets out with a total of 20 health points, with potential losses escalating after each round. The intense match doesn't conclude until one team reigns supreme, injecting a dose of strategic depth to the League of Legends arena tier list.


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