Top 3 AI content detector tools: Plagiarism checkers

Onur Demirkol
Feb 21, 2023
Updated • Feb 21, 2023

AI has taken over the technology world with its help to humanity, and today we will be giving you the top 3 AI content detector tools. These tools will come in handy without a single doubt, and they will save not only time but also effort to help you finish your job accurately and easily.

AI content detector tools could be very useful in different industries and areas. We have chosen three of them to inform you that such technology is usable and offered by different companies and services.

AI has taken over the technology world with its help to humanity and today we will be giving you the top 3 AI content detector tools.

What are AI content detector tools?

There are multiple examples of AI content detector tools, and these are specifically perfect for school teachers and professors to check for plagiarism. Just like teachers, students are also aware of today's technological gifts, and sometimes they might use AI-generated texts in their assignments. To stand against plagiarism and such, there are different AI tools for detection, fortunately. It is almost impossible to detect whether a text was written by a human or an AI with a bare eye, but fortunately, we have other AI tools that will help us with the matter. These are not restricted to literary usage; any industry in which writing is inquired could also benefit from them. Below you will find the best detectors to help you handle the matter perfectly.

AI Text Classifier by OpenAI

You probably heard about ChatGPT, the most famous AI platform that has taken over the internet in a short amount of time. The AI Text Classifier was also founded by the same company that introduced ChatGPT, OpenAI. It uses the GPT-3 and ChatGPT detector to tell if an actual human being or a computer wrote a text. Considering ChatGPT's short-lived success, relying on OpenAI's AI content detector wouldn't hurt.

After submitting a text, the AI Text Classifier examines it in seconds and decides whether a human or a computer wrote it. It uses a rating metric that could be easily understood; Very Unlikely, Unlikely, Unclear if it is, Possibly, and Likely. It is unknown how it differentiates the score between closer metrics such as "Possibly" and "Likely," but they align between less than 10% to greater than 98%.

Considering ChatGPT's accuracy, the AI Text Classifier is one of the top reliable sources on the market. Besides, most of the world uses ChatGPT to generate texts, and there is a strong chance that ChatGPT has written the text you want to check. Luckily, it would easily understand its sister software's writing without a doubt.

AI Text Classifier pricing

We had so many positive thoughts on the tool; more is to come. It is completely free to use, and you don't have to pay a single dime.

AI has taken over the technology world with its help to humanity and today we will be giving you the top 3 AI content detector tools.
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Originality is another AI content detector that you could choose. The company labels its product as a "plagiarism checker and AI detector." Nowadays, using an AI tool's help in writing is very common, and it produces high-level content with improved technologies. There are two sides to the medal as even though it is very easy to make AI write content for you, it is also very easy to make another AI check if a human or a computer wrote it. is an example of the second case.

It is one of the most accurate and trusted AI content detector tools you can find online. Some call it an "AI text killer" because of its accuracy. It is very simple to use as you only need to add the text to the box and hit enter. The second way is by providing the address of the web page you want to check, which is another service it offers.

Originality pricing

Unfortunately, it is not fully free, but the company doesn't ask for too much. You must get credits to check the texts, and to obtain credits; you must pay money. Originality charges $0.01 per credit; you can scan 100 words with a single credit.


AI has taken over the technology world with its help to humanity and today we will be giving you the top 3 AI content detector tools.

GPTZERO has also placed itself in our "top three AI content detector" list. A senior at Princeton, Edward Tian, developed the AI with the slogan "Humans Deserve the Truth." It was mainly purposed and developed for educators to help them identify whether a text was written by one of the students or ChatGPT. The tool prevents students from using ChatGPT-generated texts, and it is known that the website has over 20,000 registered educators from all around the globe.

GPTZERO offers two different identification methods. You could put the text in the given box on the home page or upload a PDF, DOCX, or TXT file. After hitting the "Get Results" button, the AI content detector will work and hand out the result in seconds.

GPTZERO pricing

Like the AI Text Classifier by OpenAI, GPTZERO is also completely free to use. You don't have to pay any money to be able to check if ChatGPT wrote the text.

The three are not the only AI content detector tools you can find online. You could use many different tools, but we tried to gather some of the most popular online.


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