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Google Instant Search Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Instant Search, which was introduced by Google earlier this month is posed to stay, it appears. I personally dislike the new feature for a number of reasons, including search results pages that change to fast, if you type fast, and the increased bandwidth requirements and having to press a key to accept a search term and remove the instant search form on top of the page.

To make working with Google Instant Search more comfortable, Google has introduced several keyboard shortcuts to speed up and improve the search experience.

Many users already know that it is possible to press tab to autocomplete the suggested term in the search form, to use the up and down keys to navigate the search suggestions and the right arrow key for the "I'm feeling lucky" option which loads the first page of the search results.

Google's Jonathan Effrat mentioned yesterday in a blog post on the official Google blog that new options have been added to the keyboard navigation on Google Instant pages.

It is for instance now possible to use the up and down keys on the keyboard to navigate the search results after accepting a phrase with the enter key. That's a functionality known from some Greasemonkey scripts, and helpful for users who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard while searching.

Another new addition is the integration of other search types. Previously, only web based searches made use of Google Instant. Now, other searches like video or news searches are also making use of the new feature. They do however have to be selected with the mouse first in the left sidebar as there is no keyboard shortcut for that.

Finally, Jonathan mentioned that google Instant will be rolling out to twelve additional countries. Signed in users in Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ukraine soon will be able to use Google Instant as well, with more places in the pipeline.

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    1. Luy said on March 13, 2011 at 9:26 am

      “It is for instance now possible to use the up and down keys on the keyboard to navigate the search results after accepting a phrase with the enter key.”

      It’s an annoyance. I would love it if there was a trailing character that would disable the entire thing on the fly. I really do want my up/down arrow back.

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