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PC Audit is a free and portable software application for Microsoft Windows operating systems that can be run from any location on the computer. The software developer did not list the compatible operating systems on the homepage but tests showed that it runs fine on Windows XP and Windows Vista and that the chance of additional compatibilities is great.

The software program PC Audit uses tabs to divide the information about the computer system into categories. It displays the tabs System, Software and Processes which each contain dozens of information about the computer system.

The System tab for example contains information about the system hardware, Windows product key, installed Windows hotfixes, startup items and network information while the software tab contains the list of installed software applications. While that is not that useful it does have a feature that might make it interesting again. It can list the product key of several of the installed applications on the computer system.

pc audit

The processes tab on the other hand is just a list of running processes with less detailed information as the Windows Task Manager. There is no real use for that tab in the software application.

The main use for this application can be narrowed down to its portability. It's rather lightweight and fits perfectly on USB devices. Could be used to get a first quick overview of a computer system without having to run any locally installed applications.

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