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Martin Brinkmann
Aug 31, 2006
Updated • May 10, 2013
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What would we do without online retailers who add new products quickly to their stores even if those products are not yet fully available. They often leak pricing information and information about the products to the public.

This time it was Amazon wthatadded product pages for all Windows Vista versions, which as you might now will be available in seven different versions. Windows Vista Home Basic Edition is the cheapest version of Windows Vista with a price tag of 199$ and can be compared to the Windows XP home version which also retailed for 199$.

Then we have Windows Vista Home Premium which seems to be what the Media Center Edition was on Windows XP, it retails for 239$, Microsoft Windows Vista Business will be available for 379$ and Microsoft Windows Ultimate will retail for 399$. Many news sources on the net report a business price of 299$ but I did look it up on and it stated 379$ for the Vista business version. The Vista Enterprise edition is not available through Amazon.

All versions are available as upgrades as well which reduces the price if you can prove that you own a version of Microsoft Windows XP. I think that most customers will be confused by the huge amount of different versions of the new operating system. Most will of course upgrade by simply buying a new computer which comes preinstalled with the new operating system.

Wikipedia has a nice entry on Windows Vista and I decided to copy the paragraph that details the different versions of it from their website:

  • Windows Vista Starter - Much like the Windows XP Starter Edition, this edition will be limited to emerging markets, mainly to offer a legal alternative to using unauthorized copies. It will be severely limited, for example only allowing a user to launch at most three applications with a user interface at once, will not accept incoming network connections, and physical memory is limited to 2 GB.Additionally, only Celeron and Pentium III processors from Intel, and AMD's Duron, Sempron and Geode processors are supported.
  • Windows Vista Home Basic - Similar to Windows XP Home Edition, Home Basic is intended for budget users not requiring advanced media support for home use. The Windows Aero theme with translucent effects will not be included with this edition. Home Basic will support up to 8 GB of physical memory.
  • Windows Vista Home Premium - Containing all features from Home Basic, this edition will additionally support more advanced features aimed for the home market segment, such as HDTV support and DVD authoring. Extra games, mobile and tablet computer support, file system encryption, and a photo management application are also included. This edition is comparable to Windows XP Media Center Edition and Tablet PC Edition. Home Premium will support up to 16 GB of physical memory.
  • Windows Vista Business - Comparable to Windows XP Professional, and aimed at the business market. Does not include the Media Center features of Home Premium, but does include the IIS web server, fax support, offline files, dual physical processor support, Remote Desktop, ad-hoc P2P collaboration capabilities, and support for 128 GB of memory. Product activation is not present in this edition.
  • Windows Vista Enterprise - This edition is aimed at the enterprise segment of the market, and is a superset of the Business edition. Additional features include a single-session version of Virtual PC, multilingual user interface support, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and UNIX application support. This edition will not be available through retail or OEM channels, but through Microsoft Software Assurance.
  • Windows Vista Ultimate - This edition combines all the features of Home Premium and Enterprise editions, and additionally comes with podcast creation support, a game performance tweaker (WinSAT), DVD ripping capabilities, and special online services for downloadable media, as well as additional customer service options. The Ultimate edition is aimed to be the most impressive edition of Vista, aimed at high-end PC users, gamers, multimedia professionals, and PC enthusiasts.

One question remains though: Will you make the switch to Vista or stick with your current operating system?


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  1. Justin Moser said on September 1, 2006 at 10:54 pm

    beta versions *were* available to download, at least. i was about to d/l one but unfortunately they took them offline. filled up the tester slots, they say

    bleh. can’t stand p2p spyware garbage, so i guess i’ll just remain content with XP.

  2. Johnny J. said on September 1, 2006 at 4:17 am

    I do plenty of beta testing for several companies. Stick with your present O.S for now. It will take Microsoft 6 months minimum to iron out all the major flaws at this point..that does not include the hundreds of minor ones that will pop up..including a major revision of I.E 7..when all the upgrades and hotfixes are done..[I would guess in 2 years for real]. Vista will be a assett to he comercial market..I dont see a good home market for this at the present time.due to the anticipated pricing..and the upgrades that the homeuser would have to make in hardware to acomadate this product.[harddrive space and prossesor speed].video cards will also need to be upgraded as well. If you just want to try it for kicks for now. beta versions are available for download..Hope this helps..

  3. reinkefj said on August 31, 2006 at 9:38 pm

    Switch to linux.

  4. pete Bondurant said on August 31, 2006 at 6:18 pm

    One question remains though: Will you make the switch to Vista or stick with your current operating system ?
    Vista has more security holes than a cheap whores’ panties-and it isn’t even released yet !
    Black hats must be licking their lips in anticipation-of Vista,not the cheap whore.
    I’ll stick with my FREE LINUX-’nuff said ?

  5. Godfrey Daniel said on August 31, 2006 at 5:35 pm

    What’s with the dyslexic dollar sign placement? Damn that looks weird.

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