What to Expect from Tesla's Investor Day and Master Plan 3 Reveal

Russell Kidson
Mar 2, 2023
Updated • Mar 2, 2023

The upcoming Tesla Investor Day event is highly anticipated by shareholders and enthusiasts, who will be visiting the company's Gigafactory Texas situated in Austin to gain insight into CEO Elon Musk's future plans. For those unable to attend the event physically, livestream options on YouTube or Twitter will be available. 

The scheduled start time for Tesla Investor Day is 4 pm ET or 3 pm CT for those present in Austin. However, it is worth noting that past events have not necessarily adhered to a strict timetable.

What to Expect from Tesla's Investor Day

At the beginning of this year, Musk announced via Twitter that he would unveil the highly-anticipated Master Plan 3 during Tesla's Investor Day event, which is set to take place at the company's Gigafactory Texas situated in Austin. Attendees present at the location will have the opportunity to view the production line and engage in discussions with the company's leadership team, including long-term expansion plans, the generation 3 platform, and capital allocation. For those unable to attend the event in person, Tesla will be streaming the Master Plan 3 reveal, also known as Tesla Investor Day, on their official Twitter page and YouTube channel.

There is much speculation surrounding what Musk will announce at Tesla's Investor Day event, with various theories and hopes circulating among industry experts. We can speculate as to the contents of the event, but only time will tell what the actual announcement will entail. Musk first hinted at the Master Plan 3 in March of last year, with a vague emphasis on scaling Tesla's operations to a significant degree. 

He also highlighted themes such as AI and mentioned the potential involvement of his other companies, SpaceX and The Boring Company. As the year progressed, Musk revealed more information about his Master Plan 3, stating that its fundamental purpose is to achieve enough scale to transform the entire energy infrastructure of the planet, as outlined during a company-wide meeting.

It is likely that Musk will address plans to construct a new factory in Mexico, a notion that was confirmed by the nation's president in a public statement made yesterday. Additionally, he may offer hints or previews of a new electric vehicle model, as unveiling new products tends to generate substantial interest from investors. As an alternative, updates on existing products could be provided, such as the current status of the Cybertruck and the robot, both of which have been mentioned previously. 

An update on Tesla's 'Full Self Driving' software beta, which was recently recalled following concerns from federal safety regulators regarding potential unsafe vehicle behavior, would also be appreciated. Tesla has announced that the rollout of further FSD installations to customers has been postponed until a software update that addresses the issue is available.

For those curious about the history of Master Plan 3, it is worthwhile to note that there was a Master Plan 1. In 2006, Musk published a blog post on Tesla's website detailing his four-step Master Plan. This plan involved creating an expensive, low-volume vehicle and using the profits to develop a medium-volume car at a lower price point. The proceeds from the medium-volume car were to be used to create a high-volume, affordable car, and the plan would conclude with the provision of solar power. 

What to Expect from Tesla's Investor Day

However, some have observed that the Master Plan did not proceed entirely as intended. Tesla did not rely on profits to fund the Model 3, as it was not yet profitable at the time. Additionally, the company's high-volume car is not as affordable as initially envisioned. Nevertheless, Tesla did successfully produce the Roadster, followed by the Model S and X (the medium-volume car), and ultimately the Model 3, which has proven to be a highly successful, high-volume seller, although it still costs more than $40,000.

In 2016, Musk unveiled Master Plan Part Deux, which aimed to achieve several goals, including the creation of solar roofs with integrated battery storage, the expansion of Tesla's electric vehicle product line to encompass all major segments, and the development of self-driving technology that is ten times safer than manual driving. The plan also promised car owners the ability to earn money from their vehicle through ridesharing services while they are not using it. 

Despite these lofty aspirations, Tesla has not completed many of the tasks on this to-do list. There are no self-driving Teslas in operation as ridesharing vehicles, and the highly anticipated Cybertruck, which was intended to expand the electric vehicle lineup, has yet to be released. As a result, perhaps Master Plan 3 will focus on completing these previous endeavors before setting new goals.


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