DonationCoder NANY 2019 Software releases

Martin Brinkmann
Jan 7, 2019
Updated • Jan 7, 2019

Donationcoder, one of my favorite tech sites, published the list of NANY 2019 applications that programmers released for the event.

NANY, or New Apps for the New Year, is an annual event held by Donationcoder. Programmers may pledge to create applications or games for the event and release them for free to the public.

You may check out the programs released in 2018 and 2017 and use the search to find programs dating back to as early as 2007.

Donationcoder NANY 2019

This year, I'm going to highlight my favorites at the top before I list the remaining programs. The majority of programs are available for Windows only, but you find Android applications as well.

You can check out the overview on the Donationcoder website as well.

Process Watcher

Process Watcher monitors processes on the system and writes information about processes to a log file. The program runs in the background once executed and writes to the log whenever new processes are recognized by it.

While there are other programs for the task, Process Watcher's main advantage over most of them is its simplicity.

Each process is listed with timestamps, names, path information, and other information that you may find useful.


scurled lnk files

SCURLed by skwire is a batch editor for .LNK and .URL files. You may load any number of .LNK or .URL files in the program and edit them individually or in bulk.

The application displays information about each loaded file, and activation of any file displays its properties in editable fields.

You could use the program to modify URL links, e.g. when a website moved to a new domain or switched to HTTPS, or modify LNK files after changing paths on the device, e.g. moving programs to a new destination.

Other NANY 2019 Programs

AHK Script Center -- A script management program for AutoHotKey scripts. It features an impressive set of features that includes editing, running, and stopping scripts.

Assignments Warlock -- Create class assignments for the week.

AudioMarker -- A helper application for anyone who learns languages. Designed specifically for audio courses, it assists users in a variety of ways. Supports translate functionality, note taking, and more.

Color Mixer -- Select two colors to generate a mixed color.

cpg.exe -- A tool for C# programmers. It is a Console Program Generator to create a C# console source code file at the specified location  and compile it.

Cryptogram -- Solve substitution cypher puzzles using this local HTML application.

cStatus -- A network scanner and monitor for Windows. It requires the Microsoft .NET 4 Framework and supports a good range of features such as ping and port monitoring, alarms, IP scanning, and more.

CurrentPrinter -- The application displays the default printer in the System Tray menu and lets you change the default printer with a click.

DblEscClose -- Adds a new function to the Esc key. Press it twice in rapid succession to close the active window / program.

DiskDrive -- Small tool that displays all drives and all partitions.

DisplayOff -- Turn the monitor on or off manually using the application.

Explorer List -- Quickly switch between different Explorer directories.

Fasting Schedule (Android) -- A simple application that keeps track of eating and fasting times.

FFFilterGUI --Improves complex FFMpeg operations and includes options to save them for reuse.

GDPR Blocking (PHP Edition) -- Blocks all visitors from EU IP addresses.

impd -- Play music using mpd.

libvldmail -- A library to validate email addresses.

logpad -- Write a journal using VIM and GNU Emacs.

Mass JSON Viewer -- View JSON files in bulk, and combine files into a single JSON file.

Point Motivator (Android) -- Create a list of activities, e.g. reading, running, or coding, and assign points to each activity.

Process Lister -- Displays all loaded processes in list form.

Process Started -- Displays started processes in list form.

Rating List DC (Android) -- Keep track of items and rate them, e.g. movies, books, websites.

Reader -- A text/log file reader that supports "files of almost unlimited size".

reddit whisky exposé -- A program to rate whiskey reviews posted on Reddit.

RegexCaptor -- The application extracts strings from any number of files, e.g. email addresses from files loaded in the interface. Comes with regular expression patterns for email addresses, numbers, and subscription IDs.

remv -- Use it to rename files and folders.

ScrabbleScore -- Calculates scores for words in Scrabble (English).

Shiloh Feeding Metrics Panel -- May be used to keep track of food intake.

Shorthand 3_2 -- A wrapper application for the search tool Everything that adds features such as result scores, encryption, plugins, and more to it.

startHERE -- A portable application launcher for Windows.

Streak Tracker (Android) -- Another simple application for Android to keep track of streaks to keep track of activities and add that extra bit of motivation to activities (e.g. making sure you read each day or continue to learn languages).

StringSimilarity -- Compares two strings and displays a similarity score.

TextWorx -- A text manipulation program that runs in the background. It is compatible with text editors and can modify words or entire lines using a variety of options, e.g. adding or removing strings (double quotes), inserting snippets, and more.

The Decision Sieve -- Helps you pick items from a list to make decisions.

Now You: Which program would you give a try (or did)?

DonationCoder NANY 2019 Software releases
Article Name
DonationCoder NANY 2019 Software releases
Donationcoder, one of my favorite tech sites, published the list of NANY 2019 applications that programmers released for the event.
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  1. Franck said on January 7, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Awesome, thanks a lot !

  2. Tom Hawack said on January 7, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    I run DonationCoder’s ‘URL Snooper’ ( ) mainly for catching radio streams’ urls (I’m a big fan of radios) either on the radios’ sites either from radio portals. Then I can listen to those radios (mp3, ogg) right from Firefox without having to endure most sites’ blabla, ads & tracking (not all though, some places especially in the jazz area are worth being visited, lots of news etc).

  3. Leo Feret said on January 7, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    I had previously scanned Donationcoder NANY 2019 but missed seeing Process Scanner. Thanks for highlighting it at Ghacks. I had been trying to get this information in the past manually, but my eyeball method is obviously subject to my human error. Process Scanner sure meets my need.

  4. trends said on January 7, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    Is there a (easy) way
    to run any of these wonderful apps
    under Ubuntu/Debian Linux?.

    (I migrated from Windows
    more than 5 years ago…).

    thanks for any pointers….

    1. Gerard said on January 7, 2019 at 4:18 pm

      (@trends) I don’t see a useful MS Windows program in the list that I would want to run “under Ubuntu/Debian Linux”. But in case I did, I would look for a Linux equivalent first, and if I couldn’t find one, I would try to run the Windows program under Wine.

  5. MHK said on January 7, 2019 at 9:00 am

    the URL for “FFFilterGUI” is wrong, it points to Shorthand 3_2.

    1. Martin Brinkmann said on January 7, 2019 at 9:19 am

      Thank You!

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