UndoClose Reopens Closed Programs, Folders In Windows Explorer

I sometimes close applications accidentally, and every now and then forcefully, for instance when they are not responding anymore. To start them again, I have to click on their icon in the system tray, start menu or another location from where they can be started.

The free software Undoclose changes this, as it adds an undo feature to the Windows operating system that lets you reopen closed applications right away. This feature works in the same way as the undo close tab feature that web browsers use to let users reopen closed browser tabs.

It uses a first in last out system to determine which application to restart when the hotkey is invoked. This works extremely well if you want to restart the last application that has been terminated on the system, and with some juggling as well for previous apps that you want to restart.

The program keeps track of all closed applications and Windows Explorer folders when it is running. Each closed app and folder is listed in the program interface. Here you can restart them automatically with a double-click, which is the best option to restart an application or folder that has not been closed last.

The hotkeys that you can use to restore the windows are displayed here as well. Ctrl-Shift-f reopens Windows Explorer folders, while Ctrl-Shift-a the last closed application. Please note that you can run the commands several times to restore more than one folder or program on the system.

The hotkeys can be changed in the program interface. Just click in one of the fields and press the keys that you want to use for the new hotkey. They should appear instantly in the form. Click on the change button to change them, or do nothing to skip the change.

The recently closed folder part only works if you close the Windows Explorer window regularly. It won't recognize if you switch folders or go back in the file manager.

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UndoClose is a useful application for Windows users who wish the operating system had an option to restart programs or Windows Explorer automatically.

The program has been developed by our buddies from Addictive Tips. You can download the latest version from their website. UndoClose is only compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7. Keep also in mind that the program's memory usage grows whenever you close apps or folders.

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