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Martin Brinkmann
Oct 21, 2010
Updated • Dec 2, 2012
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Every now and then a new program to accelerate the download and upload speed on P2P networks pops up. Up until now I made the decision to simply ignore those tools, knowing that they do not speed up or accelerate the connection by a lot, if at all.

But since this is a slow day I decided to take a closer look at one of the tools that got released recently, to demonstrate that these tools are not accelerating the downloads.

Wirebooster is advertised as bringing "crazy extra power to your file sharing client". The program has been designed to work with lots of different P2P clients including Frostwire, uTorrent, Emule or DC++.

Warning lights should go off immediately as the introductory text on the program's homepage contains no information on how the speed on the P2P networks are accelerated. What you get is this:

While requiring the lowest CPU usage, WireBooster harnesses powerful features able to skyrocket the performance of your file sharing application almost instantly! Once you’ve installed the software (and launched the p2p client) you can sit back and let it boost some download speed.

Among the numerous advantages of WireBooster is its ease of use and its good looking, well thought-out interface. The program makes any technical skill redundant since its simplicity allows even a newbie to use it properly – it’s like point-and-shoot cameras, you just start the program and then totally forget about it.

Still, not saying how the program accelerates P2P traffic is not enough to say it does not work at all. Lets take a look at how the program is used.

Wirebooster displays all controls in the main interface on startup after installation. It tries to detect available P2P clients automatically and displays them in the P2P run list. Below that are all installed network adapters of the system, and users need to select the right one for the program to display traffic statistics.

To boost P2P traffic users need to select the P2P client (e.g. Frostwire, uTorrent), the right network adapter (trial and error works) and press the big status button to start the acceleration.

wirebooster p2p accelerator

Wirebooster then starts to display percentage statistics in the lower half. It is not clear if that is supposedly the accelerated speed gain or an overall speed graph. Now, for my own unscientific test. It is possible to turn the acceleration on and off in the program interface.

Without P2P acceleration download speeds varied between 350 and 550 kB per second. With the accelerator enabled download speeds varied between 330 and 570 kB. While that looks like a gain of 20 kB it has to be noted that traffic fluctuates constantly, and that the difference is likely a fluctuation and not an acceleration caused by the P2P accelerator.

And even if it was the case, the lowest speed was 20 Kilobytes below the normal connection speed. What's the conclusion? For me, P2P accelerators do not work. That's all I'm saying. If I would have to guess, I'd say they do not do work for anyone out there. Wirebooster is just one of the programs available that supposedly boost the speed of the P2P traffic.

Have you made different experiences? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. hy said on October 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Hello. I haven’t tried this program or something similar but i don’t believe that they can boost p2p. What you could do is to optimize your torrent client settings ( maximum connections, net max half open etc) and maybe the windows tcp/ip settings so if the torrent (seeders) allow it, you will get the maximum downloading speed your provider allows you.

    When i used linux i noticed i had better downloading performances than windows. Maybe because microsoft has made changes at tcp/ip protocol (connections limits or something else).

  2. hazarks said on October 21, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    mmm interesting, and what about is this software snake oil also ?

  3. The Mighty Buzzard said on October 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Boosting your p2p speed is easy. Sign up for a higher bandwidth package from your ISP than you currently have. I don’t care if you sacrifice virgins to Al Gore every Thursday, a megabit is a megabit (unless it’s a mebibit, which just means you’re an asshole for giving in to the SI crowd and counting bits in base-10).

  4. Sujit said on October 21, 2010 at 9:49 am

    It is just logical that you cant boost P2P. Your Internet speed is all that matters.

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