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When it comes to Google Android mobile devices, there are plenty of applications and networks that present new content for smartphones and tablets. We’ll be covering the news related to this operating system, updates, reviews, features, and guides.

Android 14 Beta 4

Android 14 Beta 4 is here: Last step before stable release

Android 14 Beta 4 is officially out, and eligible Pixel owners are able to test the bug fixes, and more. This is the latest beta before the stable release, so it plays […]

Leaked Pixel 8 specs won't upset fans

Tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting Google's yet-to-be-officially-announced Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, expected to make their debut in just a few months. Despite the silence from Google, the rumour mill has […]

Google Play Store malware installed on 1.5 million Android devices

Google's Play Store is the go-to store for most Android users when it comes to installing new apps and games for the operating system. Like Google's Chrome Web Store, which is the […]

Is Google Chat copying WhatsApp with these features?

In a bid to expand its horizons, Google Chat seems to be transitioning from a purely business-centric platform to encompass more social elements. This shift appears to be an attempt to position […]

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X: photo editing app is now available

Samsung's Galaxy Enhance-X photo editing application is now available for some of the company's premium smartphones on the official Samsung Galaxy Store. The company launched a beta version of the app previously […]

New Android features

New Android features unveiled by Google

In a recent press release and accompanying blog post, Google has unveiled a plethora of exciting new Android features for users. These enhancements span across smartphones, tablets, and wearables, bringing a wave […]

These Android apps found to carry malicious spyware

A significant number of Android apps, including several that were previously available on the Google Play Store, have been discovered to contain a potentially dangerous software development kit. The recently identified SDK, […]

Your spare Chromecast may no longer work

Google has recently made the decision to discontinue support for the original Chromecast, which was launched back in 2013 with a price tag of $35. Several support pages now carry an announcement […]

unsecure Android TV OS

Google warns users about unsecure Android TV OS boxes

Google has issued a warning to users regarding the prevalence of unsecure Android TV OS boxes. These seemingly innocuous devices, which have gained immense popularity in recent years, have become a breeding […]

iRecorder Screen Recorder

iRecorder Screen Recorder turns villian

An Android app that initially appeared harmless was recently exposed for engaging in covert activities by secretly recording users without their knowledge or consent. The app in question, known as iRecorder Screen […]

Android 14 keyboard shortcuts

Android 14 comes with 29 new keyboard shortcuts

Google's commitment to optimizing the user experience on larger-screen devices like foldables and tablets is evident with the recent introduction of Android 14 Beta 2. Alongside the highly anticipated Pixel Fold announcement, […]

Android BrutePrint attack

Android fingerprint locks are on thin ice

In a recent discovery, researchers from Tencent Labs and Zhejiang University have revealed a concerning vulnerability that puts Android smartphone users at risk. By employing a brute-force attack technique, the researchers successfully […]

Find Android bugs, earn up to $30k

In a recent announcement, Google has unveiled a new bug bounty program for Android, inviting skilled individuals to put their expertise to the test and potentially earn substantial rewards. The program promises […]

Android 14 will bring app-level screen recording

With a few months remaining until Android 14 starts making its way to compatible devices, details about the upcoming iteration of Google's operating system have been gradually emerging. The information flow commenced […]

Your Android phones may contain malware out of the box

In a troubling discovery, cybersecurity researchers at Trend Micro have unveiled a widespread supply chain attack that has resulted in millions of Android devices being compromised before they even leave the factory. […]

Gboard's split keyboard is now on Android tablets

Gboard, a highly acclaimed Android keyboard, has established itself as a top choice among users seeking seamless typing experiences across various devices such as smartphones, foldables, and even Wear OS watches. In […]

Android Studio's AI sidekick makes coding bot-ter than ever

At Google's highly anticipated annual I/O developer conference, Android Studio took center stage with a groundbreaking announcement. With its upcoming version, Android Studio Hedgehog, developers will be introduced to an innovative companion […]

Google showcases exciting Android 14 features at I/O 2023

The much-awaited Google I/O 2023, the annual developer conference, commenced yesterday, captivating tech enthusiasts with a slew of announcements. Among the highlights were Google's focus on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its […]

AntennaPod Podcast App for Android update has a new Home screen

Back in 2019, I revealed that AntennaPod was my favorite podcast manager and player on Android. It is a free open source podcast player that is available on Google Play and on […]

Google Weather app gets a Material You-nique touch

Android's weather experience received a revamp in 2021 with a Google Material Theme redesign, coinciding with the wide rollout of Material You to other first-party apps. Now, Google Weather is getting a […]

3310 would be proud of the new Nokia XR21

HMD Global's latest Nokia phone, the Nokia XR21, builds on the brand's reputation for producing robust devices (As the old saying goes, when the world comes to an end, only two things […]

Google fixes 52 security issues in the May 2023 security updates for Android

Google has just released the May 2023 security bulletin for its Android operating system. It addresses 52 different security issues in Android and components.  The company publishes the security bulletin on the […]

What is new in Android 14 Beta 1.1 patch?

Google has recently launched an intermediary update called Android 14 Beta 1.1 patch, a small upgrade to the previous Beta 1 which was released two weeks ago. This patch addresses some of […]

Play Store's new "Ad"venture

The Play Store, which was once only meant for recommendations of apps, has now evolved into a platform for full-blown ads. In November, users began to see targeted promos for apps when […]

Google is developing Timeline feature for Android System Settings

Google is reportedly developing a Timeline map feature for Android's system settings app, similar to the one available on Google Maps. The company is working on centralizing personal data management for Android […]

Nokia G11 Plus gets long-awaited update to Android 13

If you are a Nokia G11 Plus owner, we've got some great news for you! The smartphone is now receiving the official Android 13 update, joining the list of nine Nokia smartphones […]

Google Play Store Error DF-DFERH-01: Reasons and how to fix it?

Google Play Store Error DF-DFERH-01 has been causing trouble for several Android users lately. This issue arises when users try to download or update an app through the Google Play Store, resulting […]

Google Chromecast tips and tricks

Top 10 Google Chromecast tips and tricks: Full list

Despite being a widely-used device all around the world, people are not aware of all the features Google Chromecast offers. In this article, we will give you the top 10 tips and […]

How to use Nearby Share on Windows?

Sharing files between an Android phone and a Windows PC can be a hassle, with many users resorting to email or cloud storage services. However, Google's Nearby Share app provides a simple […]

How to remove Android’s Discover page?

Android users may have noticed a leftmost page called "Discover" on their phones that displays news and articles based on their interests. While some users find the page helpful for staying up […]

Google auto-archiving

Do you need some space? Try Google's new feature

Google has announced a new feature for Android devices that will help users free up storage space on their phones. The feature, called auto-archiving, will automatically remove more than 60% of an […]

Android 14 apps may limit malicious apps from accessing content to improve security

This year's Android update, Android 14, includes a new option for Android apps to prevent malicious apps from accessing their content. The move is designed to improve security, especially for important applications […]

android auto archiving

Don't uninstall, archive apps, suggests Google to Android users

Google is introducing a new Auto Archive feature on Android, which it calls auto-archive. Auto Archive is an alternative to uninstalling apps when storage space is running out. Android users who operate […]

android 14 preview

Report: Google is working on Find My Device feature for turned-off phones

Find My Device is a feature on Android devices to locate a missing device. The feature has quite a few requirements to work at all, including that location and Find My Device […]

google android account data

Soon, you'll no longer have to reinstall Android apps to delete linked accounts

Google announced an Android policy change today that is introducing improvements regarding the deletion of accounts created in apps on Android. Once the policy takes effect, Android app developers and publishers need […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 Color Options Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 Color Options Leaked

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 color options have been leaked by Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who has a reliable track record.

GM’s EVs Are Ditching Apple CarPlay And Android Auto: Here’s Why

GM’s EVs Are Ditching Apple CarPlay And Android Auto: Here’s Why

Learn more about why GM EVs are changing. The new infotainment system may seem old school but will benefit GM in the long run. Read on to know how.

The Risks and Benefits of AI Assistants in the Workplace: Lessons from Samsung Semiconductor

The recent data leaks resulting from Samsung Semiconductor employees' use of ChatGPT underscore the potential risks and benefits of AI assistants in the workplace. Click here to learn more

android 14 preview

Android April 2023 Security Updates fix several critical vulnerabilities

Google published the Android Security Bulletin for April 2023 earlier today. The bulletin lists vulnerabilities that Google has patched. It is divided into two patch levels: the first contains security fixes for […]

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Tipped To Arrive Before the End of 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Tipped To Arrive Before the End of 2023

With the Samsung S23 FE scheduled for release at the end of 2023, fans are getting excited. Here’s all the information you need on this upcoming model.



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