The games industy is vast, spreading over PC, browser, and mobile platforms with various ways to download or play them. This section covers news from the top gaming developers and publishers, as well as some tips on how to install and configure them.

youtube gaming

YouTube Gaming? Not in Germany (and maybe other countries)

Google launched YouTube Gaming yesterday on the Web and as dedicated applications for Android and iOS. The applications are limited to the US and UK at the moment while the web version […]

forgot steam account

Valve fixed a Steam exploit that allowed anyone to take over accounts

Steam is a popular gaming platform that you use to buy and play games, use community features or a plethora of other features such as a virtual item marketplace or a workshop […]

idle master steam

Idle Master for Steam gets you card drops for games you have not installed

Idle Master is a free program for Microsoft Windows operating systems that gets you trading card drops for games that you own but don't play or have not installed on Steam. Valve […]

steam sale 2015 monster summer

Steam Summer Sale 2015 tips and information

The Steam Summer Sale 2015 has started giving PC gamers from around the world opportunities to purchase games and software at discounts. While there has been an increase in sales in recent […]

cyber steam machine

Here are the first Steam machine specs

Valve updated the company's store yesterday with Steam Machine information and pre-order options. The information displayed depend on the region you are in. If you are connecting from Germany for instance, you […]

steam refund process 1

Steam Refunds: get refunds for games purchased on Steam

Steam is without doubt the most popular gaming service for desktop systems. It is used by millions of gamers at any time of the day and while things could be better in […]


Do "Game Boosters" improve PC gaming performance?

So called Game Boosters are designed to improve PC gaming performance by limiting background operations when PC games are played on a computer running Windows. The core idea is to kill services, […]

steam limited user accounts

Steam introduces Limited User Accounts: what you need to know

It is easy enough to create a Steam account. Just visit the official website to create an account, verify your email address and you are in. What's left then is to download […]


NewRetroArcade brings a virtual reality arcade system to Windows

As a kid, I spend most of my money playing arcade games such as Galaga, Space Invaders or Asteroids. Even though I was a bit late to the party, I enjoyed those […]

hide steam games

How to hide games in your Steam library

If you are active on Steam and partake in sales regularly on the platform, you may have a huge library of games already. While that is great, you may have games in […]

minecraft java version

Change which version of Java Minecraft uses

I installed Minecraft recently on a computer so that my eleven year old nephew could play the game on it (offline only of course). Since I never installed or played the game […]

game downloader

Game Downloader 4.0 released

Game Downloader is a free program for the Windows operating system that you can use to discover, browse and download more than 350 different PC games in various categories. PC gamers have […]

dos games play internet archive

Internet Archive releases 2386 DOS games for online play

The Internet Archive may have started as a website preservation service but it has since then expanded into many different areas. It is now offering access to movie, audio, software and image […]


Dimmdrive: Steam optimized RAM Drive launches

Dimmdrive is a new application available on the gaming platform Steam. It is a RAM drive that has been created specifically for Steam games. Games benefit a lot from better hardware. Solid […]

steam broadcasts

All you need to know about Steam's Broadcast mode

Steam is growing and Valve seems to add new features to the gaming client in regular intervals. The latest addition to Steam is the broadcast mode which enables users to stream and […]

unity games offline

How to play Unity Games offline

When you play games in your web browser, one of the following four technologies is being used usually: Adobe Flash, Java, Unity or HMTL5. There are exceptions to the rule but the […]

Good Old Games Fall Sale until November 25

I like what Good Old Games has to offer. It started out as a service to bring classic video games to modern systems and has evolved since then to include some modern […]

classic games

Play classic games at's Console Living Room and Internet Arcade

If you want to play classic console games you have two major options. You can buy old systems on flee markets, garage sales or online on eBay or Craigslist, or use emulation. […]

unity benchmarks

Firefox best browser to run Unity WebGL content according to Unity

If you are serious about browser games you may have the Unity plugin installed in your browser of choice. This plugin is currently required to play games that use Unity, a cross-platform […]


How to connect a Playstation controller to your Windows PC

Playstation game controllers can be connected to Windows PCs directly as they use USB connectors which you can use for that purpose. A system like Windows 7 will recognize the controller and […]

adobe playpanel

Adobe launches PlayPanel, a Flash game launcher

Adobe has just launched a new program called PlayPanel. Some reports on Hacker News indicate that it is being advertised with Flash updates, but I cannot verify that claim after having updated […]

verify integrity steam

How to validate all Steam games in one go

If you are using the Steam gaming platform you may have encountered situations where games would not run properly anymore. This can be after you moved Steam to a new computer or […]

game in window mode

How to force fullscreen games to play in windowed mode

I like to play classic computer games from time to time and purchase them most of the time on Good Old Games. While those games run without issues on modern Windows PCs, […]

steam game deals

Search for better deals on Steam with Cheapshark Chrome extension

You can find great deals on Steam if you are patient and wait for Steam Sales before you buy games. It is possible to improve the chance further, for instance by using […]

this trade appears suspicious

Steam "This trade appears suspicious" notification

Team Fortress 2 was the first game that Valve introduced virtual items in. You were able to find weapons and hats while playing the game. Eventually, the company introduced a store to […]

steam peak download downtime

Why is Steam down so much lately?

If you are a user of the gaming platform Steam on PC, Mac or Linux, you may have noticed that the service tends to go down frequently in recent time. Going down […]

directx 12 performance

Microsoft announces DirectX 12: forgets to mention compatibility

If you run a supported version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, your system is automatically supporting a version of DirectX as well. Depending on which Windows version you use, you may […]


Mozilla and Unity create WebGL version of engine, now plugin-free

So, browser plugins of old have to die, that is the stance of Google and to a lesser extent Mozilla. The web is moving towards a plugin-less reality, and while companies that […]


Save money by buying PS4 games in the USA

Ah, the global economy. When you compare the price of a game in select countries, you may notice huge differences. A game may cost half the money in the USA for instance […]

steam family library sharing

What you need to know about Steam Family Library Sharing

Steam Family Library Sharing is a new feature of the Steam platform that has just been made available to all users. The feature allows you to share your library with other family […]

vac dns cache

Steam's VAC protection now scans and transfers your DNS cache

I think we can all agree that games need some form of cheat protection. This is especially true for multiplayer games where people compete against each other. If you have ever been […]

steam tags

Steam Tags feature announced: has a trolling problem already

Valve is rolling out a new feature on its Steam gaming platform called Steam Tags. If you have a blog on the Internet, or visit sites that use tags frequently, you know […]


What is Steam In-Home Streaming?

Valve is expanding rapidly right now, with new Steam Machines being announced by more than a dozen manufacturers. These machines run Steam OS, which is a custom Linux distribution created by Valve. […]

steam family view

How to limit access to games on Steam for kids

The Steam gaming platform has recently started to add so called Family Options to the application to provide parents and other guardians with the means to control the access of minors. While […]

steam allow downloads during gameplay

Steam gets Global Download Option

Valve recently introduced a new feature to the Steam gaming client that enables you to download games, apps, or updates in the background while you are playing a game at the same […]

Don't forget the holiday games and browser themes

The other day my colleague Martin Brinkman did a very nice roundup of holiday goodies for your computer. While he covered almost all of what I would tell you as well, there were […]

steam beta participation

Valve adds customer review options to Steam Beta client

Game review websites beware: Valve announced today that it has added a new feature to Steam that enables customer reviews for all users. The feature to write reviews has been rolled out […]

region locked games steam

Steam Region Lock guide

Region locking refers to making games available only to a select region. The popular gaming platform Steam distinguishes between three different region lock states. Games that can only be purchased by users […]


Are 500 GB enough for Xbox One and PS4?

Both Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 will be released this month and in time for the Christmas season. If you have followed the news so far, you probably know which […]

kinect privacy tv mount

Xbox One's first privacy accessory is not worth it

I think most gamers can agree that Microsoft had a bad start when the company first introduced the upcoming Xbox One console to the general public. I'm still amazed that a large […]



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