Best Reddit alternatives to look for after the blackout protests

Emre Çitak
Jun 13, 2023

Reddit has gained a massive user base and offers a diverse range of discussions on various topics, but because of its recent API changes, a lot of people started to look for the best Reddit alternatives the internet has to offer.

If you're among those who have grown weary or frustrated with Reddit and have decided to bid farewell to your account, fear not! We have compiled a list of the 6 best alternatives to Reddit that you can explore. These platforms provide similar functionalities and communities for engaging discussions, minus the downsides.

Let's delve into the best Reddit alternatives internet has to offer!

What are the best Reddit alternatives?

These 6 of the best Reddit alternatives provide a breath of fresh air for those seeking a change from the Reddit experience.

Whether you're in search of a familiar forum layout like Hive, insightful conversations on Quora, a diverse imageboard community on 4Chan, cryptocurrency discussions on Steemit, straightforward news on Hacker News, or a lighthearted platform like 9Gag, these alternatives have you covered.

Let us go through all of these best Reddit alternatives one by one.


Hive, a burgeoning forum akin to Reddit, offers a wide range of discussion topics for users seeking a sense of community. Though not as extensive as Reddit, Hive boasts a user-friendly interface that Redditors will find comforting, with a layout and user experience reminiscent of Reddit.

Best Reddit alternatives
With their upvotes and downvotes, Hive is one of the best Reddit alternatives out there - Screenshot: Hive Blog

Like its predecessor, Hive supports upvotes and downvotes and features communities—akin to subreddits—that cater to various interests. Whether you're into technology, gaming, or any other subject, Hive's diverse community ensures you'll find the discussions you're seeking. With its solid forum experience, Hive is certainly worth exploring as a social media alternative to Reddit.

You may access Hive using the link here.


While Quora differs from Reddit by resembling Yahoo! Answers more closely, it has evolved into a platform fostering insightful discussions stemming from simple questions. Quora allows users to pose queries, with other members providing answers based on their expertise. Engage in knowledge-sharing by answering questions yourself or follow other experts in your field of interest.

Quora's community provides a spam-free environment where you can partake in intellectual conversations with peers. Leave behind the noise and embrace Quora's vibrant ecosystem.

You may try Quora using the link here.


Renowned as one of the internet's most popular communities, 4Chan functions as an imageboard where users can share images and engage in discussions without the need for an account. The platform boasts an extensive selection of boards covering diverse topics, including music, video games, movies, technology, and Japanese anime.

Best Reddit alternatives
4Chan is the oldest platform in our list of best Reddit alternatives - Image: 4Chan

Additionally, 4Chan hosts an adult section specifically for mature content. Emphasizing anonymity, users can post content under any desired name. With its wide-ranging content and vibrant community, 4Chan presents a compelling alternative for those seeking a diverse online experience.

You may access 4Chan using the link here.


Steemit, the original competitor to Reddit, once held a prominent position among Reddit alternatives. While Steemit's passionate user base remains a draw, it falls lower on our list due to certain drawbacks. Like Reddit, Steemit enables users to post and comment on content, as well as upvote or downvote posts. What sets Steemit apart is its incentivization of upvoted posts, rewarding users based on the number of upvotes received.

However, this system has led to an influx of click-baity and spammy posts, diluting the overall experience. Nevertheless, if you're involved in the cryptocurrency world, Steemit stands out as a leading alternative to Reddit.

You may access Steemit using the link here.

Hacker News (Y Combinator)

Hacker News represents the epitome of simplicity in the realm of news aggregation. Offering a clutter-free interface devoid of flashy elements or widgets, Hacker News caters to technology enthusiasts, hackers, geeks, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts.

Best Reddit alternatives
Hacker News gets its spot in our list of best Reddit alternatives - Screenshot: Hacker News

News items are ranked based on points assigned by users through upvoting. Popular stories with the most points rise to the top. The platform sources its news from credible publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post. Users can submit stories, comment on them, and engage in discussions. Hacker News creates a space by hackers, for hackers.

You may access Hacker News using the link here.


While not a direct competitor to Reddit, 9Gag has become synonymous with amusement on the internet. Originally a platform for sharing memes and funny images, 9Gag has evolved into a thriving community where users engage in discussions and share valuable content that sparks lively conversations in the comment section.

Best Reddit alternatives
We must talk about 9Gag if we are making a list of best Reddit alternatives

With various sections catering to diverse interests, 9Gag has something to offer everyone. Whether you're looking to unwind and have a laugh or explore engaging discussions, 9Gag is the perfect destination to lighten your mood and entertain yourself.

You may access 9Gag using the link here.


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  1. Anonymous said on June 16, 2023 at 6:09 pm

    Is this a Satire website?

  2. vatinp said on June 16, 2023 at 1:07 am

    I hope people would return to usenet again.

  3. Eliza said on June 15, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    I found a great community on which is in fast developmental production.

    1. linuxllc said on June 17, 2023 at 12:17 pm
      Reply looks good. I sign-up and join. Might start a community soon related to Linux.

    2. Enterio said on June 16, 2023 at 10:50 pm

      Squabbles is definitely a great alternative with a good and active community. Plus it does not have the issues and added complexity of the fediverse.

  4. Anonymous said on June 15, 2023 at 6:20 am

    4 chan is my favorite by far, ive learnt so much from there, truly a beautiful and weird place. Will check the other recommendations, thanks for the article.

  5. forthelulz said on June 14, 2023 at 11:39 pm

    Imagine recommending 4chan in 2023… ?

  6. John G. said on June 14, 2023 at 9:14 pm

    Reddit is the old Twitter.

  7. Andur said on June 14, 2023 at 6:30 pm

    No please don’t send the red*itors to 4chan and 9gag. They got what they deserved tho.

  8. DK said on June 14, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    All of these are not credible Alternatives.

    There is only 1 Reddit Alternative currently in short-medium term and that is Discord. It has the community, the platform tool maturity, a vibrant bot/dev support network, moderation system and is also distributed (different topic niche groups like sub-reddits was) and its feature-toolkits is more mature “Relative” to not just these Reddit Alternatives but even Reddit itself (outside of platform specific things like verbost-nested-comment, voting, etc).

    This is why Reddit is trying to have another go at developing Chat system, after failing for a decade on this. They only fear Discord currently in short term since none of this lame Fediverse, Lemmy BS are credible Alternatives.

    1. Gerold Manders said on June 16, 2023 at 7:31 pm

      So…you don’t understand how the fediverse works?

      That the fediverse is not everyone’s cup of tea, sure, I’ll see that point. But it is a valid alternative for those who do see the strengths (and weaknesses) of decentralized information sharing. Call it lame all you want, it does cut down on a lot of BS that populates centralized social media outlets. Discord included.

  9. Anonymous said on June 14, 2023 at 9:48 am

    Holy shit, recommending 4chan and 9gag for actual discussions, you can’t be serious.

  10. Emptiness said on June 14, 2023 at 7:47 am

    Sure I guess 9gag is a good place… If you’re an edgy 12-year old. Or just generally completely devoid of any normal human values.

  11. Joni said on June 13, 2023 at 11:23 pm

    Lemmy is the best alternative.

  12. Chris McDoogall said on June 13, 2023 at 7:55 pm

    given the notorious amount of hate speech and all on 4chan, surprised that was recommended

    1. Kirk said on June 21, 2023 at 5:01 am

      4chan also IP blocks a large number of blocks at one. It shows that my country is banned because of spam coming from here when trying to post.

    2. Alex said on June 13, 2023 at 9:20 pm

      hate speech isn’t the same as speech you hate, buddy.

      1. Anonymous said on June 14, 2023 at 9:50 am

        4chan is very much full of actual hate speech though

      2. @stroniko said on June 14, 2023 at 3:56 pm

        Weak and brain washed people would call it “hate speech”.
        Normal people still left in the world would say, it is just normal people being edgy and in some cases being funny as well.

        If you live in reality you would know how real life works, but I guess you think people have to hold hands and sing kumbaya because ‘people have to get along with each other’.

        When people like you understand that, MAYBE you will find better things to do in this world.
        People don’t have to love or hate anyone, people don’t have to not or be force to say anything only because others are “offended”.

        If someone breaks the law, then they should be judged by it, and nobody should be held accountable for saying anything unless you totally ruin someone’s life with lies, but not liking someone? well, it’s time for people like you to understand and stop being hypocrite because you probably like less people than he one you call ‘racists’ and ‘hate speechers’, sometimes the ‘hate speech’ is even used when saying the truth, so it is hard to take people like you seriously.

        Do you really live life walking like on thin glass, thinking you can’t talk because you might offend someone? that’s how absurd it is. You can live like that if you want, if you want to call that life, most people just want to live life and be edgy, and say anything they want, especially when they are behind a screen, so they are technically anonymous to 99% of people.

      3. jordan said on June 15, 2023 at 5:13 am

        Isn’t hive just a Ceypto-scam?

        The login is a Block-Chain key….. No thanks.

      4. Anonymous said on June 15, 2023 at 12:08 am

        Calm TF down dude. Hate speech is hate speech, joking /edgy or otherwise. And you can say it’s just people being “funny” but the fact is that pretty much all of that shit isn’t funny to someone who doesn’t share those views. You can’t deny the presence of actual bigots and hatemongers among those “jokesters”. If that’s really all you think it is, congrats, you’re heading down the alt-right pipeline already.

      5. Anonymous said on June 14, 2023 at 8:03 pm

        You sound like a 14 year old, dude. There’s a whole lot of middle ground between “never saying anything for fear you might give somebody a booboo on their heart” and “constantly calling everyone slurs, and spreading conspiracy theories”. It’s not illegal to be an asshole, but I also don’t want to hang out with assholes

  13. Jason Jones said on June 13, 2023 at 3:51 pm

    Lemmy is also a good alternative to Reddit.

    1. jordan said on June 15, 2023 at 5:12 am

      Anything where you have to make the server or join it isn’t going to be a good change for reddit…

      Mastodon has the same issue.

      1. Jaden said on July 4, 2023 at 6:25 pm

        What? Why? That sounds like an amazing solution towards any centralization problems…

        Like community Minecraft servers took off for the game, and now we have tons of options to choose from, with regionality having a major role. On top of that having it so the servers connect to each other and communicate so that you have more freedom of choice? That’s solid.

        Hindsight though, cause it looks like it’s taking off now with recent site traffic.

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