How to choose the perfect VPN service for yourself

Emre Çitak
May 24, 2023
Updated • May 30, 2023
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In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the essential factors to consider when selecting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Whether you're a frequent traveler, a remote worker, a privacy-conscious individual, or a business owner, understanding how to choose a VPN that meets your specific needs is crucial in safeguarding your online activities. Let's explore the key steps to help you make an informed decision.

Before embarking on your VPN search, it's important to assess why you require one in the first place. If you often find yourself working in public places with Wi-Fi networks, such as airports or coffee shops, you may prioritize hiding your sensitive data, such as browsing history, financial information, and passwords.

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Similarly, if you work from home and have concerns about your internet service provider (ISP) monitoring your browsing history, a VPN can offer added privacy and security. For businesses, ensuring secure remote access to the office network and protected transmission of sensitive materials becomes imperative.

Additionally, individuals who own multiple smart devices may seek a VPN solution that allows them to freely and securely connect across various platforms. Lastly, for those who wish to bypass content restrictions and access blocked websites, a VPN can provide the necessary means.

how to choose a VPN
VPN services are one of the most important tools to ensure your security on the internet

Things to consider while choosing a VPN

Not all VPN services are equal, so it's crucial to determine your priorities when making a selection. Let's explore some key aspects to consider:


Reliable and fast connectivity is essential, especially for activities like video streaming and file downloading. While using a VPN inevitably affects your internet speed, certain providers offer optimized solutions that ensure minimal impact on your connection.

Payment options

Consider the pricing structure when evaluating VPN options. Typically, VPN subscriptions range from $5 to $12 per month. However, some providers offer discounts if you opt for long-term plans, such as paying upfront for a few years at a time, which can save you money. Beware of VPNs that offer lifetime deals for a small fee, as they may not prioritize long-term service quality.

Speaking about payment options, for a limited time, NordVPN presents an enticing discount of 59% off, accompanied by an extra three months, allowing you to benefit from their remarkable security features. Another option to consider is ExpressVPN's 12-month package, which includes an additional three months at no cost, ensuring uninterrupted VPN service.

SurfsharkVPN offers an alluring pricing offer for their acclaimed VPN service, featuring an outstanding 82% discount, along with an extra two months of service.


The primary goal of a VPN is to establish a secure connection with minimal risk. Look for VPNs that employ robust encryption methods like AES-256 and support protocols like OpenVPN. Additionally, prioritizing VPNs that incorporate open-source software and accept anonymous payments can further enhance your privacy.


VPN providers are subject to local laws, making it important to understand the jurisdiction in which a VPN operates and its potential implications on your privacy. This consideration becomes particularly crucial for individuals residing in or frequently traveling to small or underdeveloped countries. Opting for a VPN with a global network of servers can offer broader access to secure connections.

how to choose a VPN
When choosing the best VPN service for you, it is best to choose services that you can use on multiple devices

Ease of use

Considering the fast-paced nature of modern life, finding a user-friendly VPN interface is essential. Even if you lack technical expertise, an intuitive VPN experience should enable you to navigate effortlessly through the software.


If you own multiple devices, ensure that the VPN you choose supports all of them. Whether it's your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, a versatile VPN solution will provide seamless connections across various platforms. Restricting yourself to a VPN that works on only one device may limit your flexibility in utilizing VPN services.

Customer support

Unless you possess extensive knowledge about VPNs, reliable customer support is invaluable. Look for VPN providers that offer comprehensive assistance, such as an informative FAQ section, live chat support, and dedicated representatives. These features indicate a commitment to helping users navigate any challenges they may encounter.

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  1. Devastator said on May 24, 2023 at 7:16 pm

    Well, VPNs is old tech. I use Safing’s Postmaster app. This app have SPN which are more better than generic vpns. That is just my opinion.
    When i started using SPN, i don’t want to look into inconvenient vpn service providers.

  2. Anonymous said on May 24, 2023 at 5:35 pm

    I compared the calculated prices with the total cost given by three of the providers and discovered they varied by about ten Canadian dollars.

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