How To Properly Protect Your Google Account, Login

Martin Brinkmann
May 31, 2011
Updated • Jan 13, 2015

After showing you how to protect your Facebook account login from malicious attacks, it is time to show you how to protect your Google account and login as well.

Your Google login is the key to all Google services, from Google Mail and Google Apps to Google Analytics, Adwords or even plain Google Search.

Everyone should protect their Google account as good as possible, but it is even more important for users who use business related services like Adsense or Adwords. Why? Because money is involved.

The good news is that you only need to harden one account to protect all Google services that you use.


The easiest way to harden your Google account is to open or a local Google domain. You need to log in first on that screen, and click on your name and the account settings afterwards.

google account

Locate the Signing In section under. It should look like this.


Changing The Google Password

The password needs to be strong to protect the account sufficiently. A strong secure password should have at least 16 characters that include at least one of the following: lower case letter, upper case letter, number, special character.


  • 16+ characters made up of numbers, upper and lower case characters and at least one special character.
  • It should not contain a dictionary word, or word that can be associated with you (home town, last name, high school).

To change the Google account password click on password.

To change your password you need to enter your current password or the answer to your security question first, and then the new password twice.

change password

A click on Save sets the new passwords which is from then on used to log into the account.

Account Recovery

You can add recovery emails and phone numbers to your account that you can use whenever you need to restore access to your Google account.  These options can be used to recovery the account password, for instance if it cannot be remembered.

You need to enter your current password before the recovery options are displayed. Here it is possible to add or edit a secondary email address, mobile phone number and security question.

All three options can be used to recover the account password.

  • Email address: Needs to be protected with a secure password.
  • Mobile Phone number: Protected by a password
  • Security Question: Best to use a code or password and not a word or phrase as the answer.

2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification is a new option to protect the Google account login. It basically adds a second verification step to the login. Google users who have enabled 2-step verification log in with their username and password, and then in a second step with a temporary code that they receive on their mobile phone or generate on it using apps. The log in fails if the code is not entered during login.

2-step verification

A click on 2-step verification opens the setup for the security feature.

  • 1. Phone setup, a verification code is send to the mobile phone number.
  • 2. Backup options, important for account recovery, for instance if the mobile phone gets stolen.
  • 3. Confirming the settings before the feature is turned on.

Authorizing applications & sites

Here you find a list of applications that have access to your Google Account. You can remove applications from the list to block them from accessing the Google Account. It is furthermore possible to create application-specific passwords which may be needed if 2-step verification is enabled and applications are used that do not support the secondary log in.

account permissions

Closing Words

Google users have several optional but important configuration preferences at their disposal to properly protect their account. From selecting a secure password over 2-step verification to account recovery options. The best protection includes all options that Google offers.

How do you protect your Google account? Let us know in the comments.

How To Properly Protect Your Google Account, Login
Article Name
How To Properly Protect Your Google Account, Login
Find out how to properly protect your Google account to improve security and make it harder for others to gain access to it.

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  3. Fred Oshiomare said on January 30, 2016 at 12:45 am

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