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rickroll.it: Double RickRoll someone!

For too long, people have hid rickrolls in TinyURLs. A much better service to hide them is this Italian rickroll website. No one would suspect a thing, at least not for the first time you get them.

The service is just a URL shortening service, but one I love to use because no one dares to click the link. I often post non-RR content in one of those, but I feel I have used the power of Astley to trick them nonetheless.

Rick Roll It is mainly just a piece of fun but is fast and very user-friendly. Unfortunately, features such as ‘previews’ which TinyURL has are not available with Rickroll. This site is obviously primarily a tool for mischief.

A way to boost the Schadenfreude achieved through rick-rolling someone, though, is to con someone into actually clicking a rickroll.it link, which leads to a rickroll. Like this one.

So, how many people can trick a friend with this one?

Update: The Italian website is no longer available, it returns a not found error. We have therefor removed the link from this site. You still find a lot of rick rolls on YouTube and other video hosting websites.

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  1. David Bradley said on February 6, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Pete Waterman must be rubbing his hands all the way to the bank, thanks to the resurrection of his teenybopper artiste

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