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This is our web-based news category. We post news, reviews, tips and tricks, and tutorials about Internet services in here. This includes news about popular Internet companies and services such as Twitter, Dropbox, Yahoo or Evernote, reviews of Internet services that let you do “things” online, and tutorials and tools that provide you with the knowledge and means to make the most out of the Internet.

The majority of articles listed here are Internet service news, announcements of changes for instance, or new services that have just been released and are ready for use.

But Internet also covers P2P and file sharing and hosting news, reviews, and tutorials. Here you find Bittorrent news for instance, information about the place no one talks about, the Usenet, or news about file hosts such as Rapidshare or Mega.

ublock origin element zapper

UBlock Origin 1.13.0 is a new version of the popular content blocking extension for Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. It introduces two new features to the extension: Element Zapper and CSP filtering. The latest version of uBlock Origin is already listed on the official Chrome Web Store and Mozilla AMO website. Interested users can […]

protonvpn windows

ProtonVPN, a VPN service by the makers of the privacy focused ProtonMail email service, is out of beta testing and now available to the public. The creators of the Swiss-based VPN service promise the same level of trust, transparency, and communication that has been fundamental to the success of ProtonMail. ProtonVPN ships with four subscription […]


Virustotal, a service that Google acquired years ago, will get a facelift and new features soon according to a report on Bleeping Computer. The redesign, which will go live in the coming months according to the report, is a work in progress. It has been specifically designed with responsiveness in mind, which means that the […]

quiterss 0.18.5

QuiteRSS, a desktop feed reader that is available for Windows and Mac OS X, has received an update that brings the version to 0.18.5. The release is the first update for the RSS feed reader in over a year -- actually in more than 15 months -- and a proof of life at the same […]

tls 1.3

The following guide provides you with instructions on enabling TLS 1.3 (Transport Layer Security) support in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Transport Layer Security, short TLS, is a cryptographic protocol to communicate securely over a computer network. The current version of TLS is 1.2 while TLS 1.3 is available as a draft currently. TLS 1.3 […]

vivaldi 1.10 custom speed dial

Vivaldi Technologies AS released a new web browser version of the Vivaldi browser, Vivaldi 1.10, to the stable channel on June 15, 2017. Vivaldi users should get update notifications when they start the browser the next time. Vivaldi supports manual update checks, and you may load Vivaldi menu > Help > Check for Updates to […] is a long standing community site of software authors and users that is entirely donation based. This is the third part of a series in which we review tech sites that we have a lot of respect for. The first two parts covered the download portal and We have a long standing […]

baycloud bouncer

Baycloud Bouncer is a web browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, that give you full control over online tracking. Online tracking, through the use of browser cookies or otherwise, is so common in this day and age that you are hard pressed at finding advertising services or popular sites that don't track users in […]

Amazon shuts down unlimited storage plan for Drive

Amazon announced recently that it will no longer offer an unlimited storage plan for the company's Amazon Drive storage solution. The company launched Cloud Drive Unlimited back in March 2015. Users who signed up for an "Unlimited Everything" account back then were not restricted in terms of online storage space. The company did offer another […]

plugin not supported

NoPlugin is a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Opera that has been designed to fix web content that requires plugins on the Internet. Plugins are on their way out, with all major browser developers having announced that classic plugins won't be part of future browser versions anymore. The web is moving to a HTML5 […]


Pinboard, a site you may have never heard of, has acquired the social bookmarking site Delicious in an all-money deal for $35000 US Dollars. Delicious, or, was a popular social bookmarking site back in the days when sites like Digg made up the forefront of social news sites on the Internet. Anyone could join […]

bing video search

You have a lot of options when it comes to watching videos on your devices. Most users seem to use YouTube more or less exclusively for all their family friendly video needs, but sites like Vimeo or Dailymotion are popular as well. Search on YouTube, with YouTube being a Google property, should be one of […]

bing visual image search

Bing Visual Search is a new feature of Bing's Image Search tool that allows you to select objects in images to run searches for them. The new feature, which is live already on Bing, provides you with options to run searches for objects or people that are displayed in images that are returned by Bing's […]


Pipes is an unofficial successor of Yahoo Pipes that tries to replicate much of what Yahoo's services offered before it was axed. Yahoo Pipes was a useful online service that allowed you to process web data using a graphical user interface. Basically, what you did was connect data from the web, think information on a […]

no internet connection

Internet accessibility is essential to a lot of people. Some require it for their job, others for looking up things, research, shopping, or communication. While it may not matter to some if the Internet works on a given day, it may be a huge problem for others. If you rely on the Internet as it […]

close website overlays

BehindTheOverlay is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers to close annoying website overlays. HTML5 Overlays are the new popups, they have been for quite some time now. They are used on a lot of sites to throw newsletter signup forms or special offers on the screen. What makes them problematic […]