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keepass 2.38

KeePass 2.38 Password Manager released

KeePass 2.38 is the latest version of the password manager. It features minor improvements and fixes for the most part. Whenever someone asks me if I use a password manager, I answer […]

gpu performance

Windows 10: GPU performance in Task Manager

Microsoft added a bunch of smaller features and improvements to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. One of the new features displays the GPU performance in the Task Manager provided that a […]

windows defender new paths

Microsoft changes Windows Defender Path on Windows 10

A recent update for Windows Defender to version 4.12.17007.17123 changed the path of the built-in antivirus software on Windows 10 devices. Microsoft changed the paths the of the Windows Defender Antivirus service […]

chrome steal data vulnerability

You can steal Chrome data (if you have local access)

Whenever someone reports a vulnerability that requires local access to a system, a discussion erupts about whether that is really a vulnerability that needs fixing. One side argues that it is, considering […]

kapwing resize video

Resize videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter online

Kapwing's Resize Video tool is an online video resizer that you may use to create optimized videos for the popular services Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. While you can upload any captured […]

firefox 58 data collecting

Firefox 58: Mozilla will collect only base Telemetry data (release channel)

Mozilla will change Telemetry collecting in Firefox fundamentally for users on the release channel; in short: only base Telemetry is collected in release channel versions. Traditionally, Mozilla collected two sets of Telemetry […]

blur faces

YouTube's improved Blur Faces tool launches

Ryan Stevens, Software Engineer at YouTube, announced today that YouTube has updated the service's Blur Faces tool to improve its accuracy and ease of use. YouTube introduced a face blurring tool back […]

How to prevent your ISP from snooping on you

Internet Service Providers may be able to sell your web history in the United States without you giving your consent. The new ruling passed the US Senate and the House of Representatives […]


Unlock and delete locked files and folders with ThisIsMyFile

ThisIsMyFile is a free portable program for devices running Microsoft's Windows operating system that allows you to delete or unlock locked files or folders. Locked files or folders is a issue that […]

samsung internet

Samsung Internet browser for Android

Samsung Internet is a new web browser for Google Android devices that Samsung released as a beta preview version today to the Google Play store. You can download and install the web […]

advanced font settings

Advanced Font Settings for Google Chrome

Advanced Font Settings is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that gives you more control over fonts on sites. Google Chrome gives you some control over fonts in […]

avira free software updater

Avira Free Software Updater review

Avira Free Software Updater is a program for Windows by German security company Avira that checks Windows PCs for software updates. It is recommended -- most of the time -- to run […]