Avast Small Business Solutions: protect, manage and monitor all company devices efficiently

Martin Brinkmann
Mar 9, 2022
Updated • Mar 22, 2022
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Avast Small Business Solutions keep small businesses protected by combining powerful state of the art security features with simple, affordable and manageable tools that don't require extensive maintenance.

avast business security protection

The new Avast Small Business Solutions provide greater value to Avast Business Hub customers. Customers may choose different security products based on their needs. All security products include Avast's award-winning Antivirus solution, access to the online management platform for comfortable device, product and subscription management, as well as IT support via email, chat or phone.

Avast Small Business Solutions overview

Essential Business Security
Premium Business Security
Online Management PlatformYesYes
Device ProtectionYesYes
Data ProtectionYesYes
IT SupportYesYes
Privacy ProtectionNoYes
Webcam ProtectionNoYes
Password ProtectionNoYes
Patch Managementas add-onas add-on

Avast Essential Business Security and Premium Business Security are plans for small business customers. Both plans include Avast's Antivirus solution that protects devices and data against all threat types, including against viruses, trojans, ransomware, Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, spyware, or 0-second threats. Data protection modules ensure that data on protected devices is secured against data theft attacks. Avast's highly-trained engineers are available to assist business owners and employees via email, chat or phone.

Setting up Essential Business Security or Premium Business Security is a straightforward fast process thanks to Avast's online management platform. Customers manage all subscriptions and devices in the business hub from all locations. It takes just a few clicks to add new subscriptions and to install security products on devices remotely or locally. All products are available as trial versions for testing purposes.

Employees may be added to the online platform as administrators or viewers. Viewers do not get modify rights but may access the dashboard and other areas of the business hub.

Devices are added with just a few clicks as well. The software, which may be installed remotely, directly on the local system or via a shared download link, is provided for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh devices. Avast customers get to choose between an online installer or a full installer. Products and add-ons, such as patch management, may be selected during the process to extend the protection level.

Advanced options, which include group and policy templates, are provided but do not need to be used if it is not a requirement. Devices may be grouped together for efficient deployments, for example, to separate production and sales devices. Policies may be assigned to different groups and devices to customize protection levels, update handling and other settings.

Avast Small Business Solutions include default policy templates for workstations and servers. Administrators may create custom policy templates for specific device types or scenarios, and apply these once created with just two clicks.

Policies support (among other options):

  • Enable or disable protective modules, and configure each individually.
  • Configure updating behavior.
  • Configure automatic scan frequencies.
  • Enable hardened mode to utilize reputation services to determine which executables are safe to open.
  • Add antivirus and patch management exclusions.
  • Enable password protection to protect select areas of the Avast program user interface.
  • Enable silent mode to block messages, pop-ups or alerts on user devices.
  • Configuring endpoint device restarting options.

Devices are managed via Avast's Business Hub platform. The Dashboard gives an overview of all devices, alerts, threats of the past 14 days, missing patches (if patch management is used), and subscriptions.

Alerts provided detailed information about events that need attention. Avast divides alerts into critical, warning and informative groups on the Alerts page. Avast lists devices that are in danger on the device management page as well.

avast business hub alerts

Issues can be corrected in a matter of seconds. Select "View device" to display the device view and get detailed information about each event. Issues may be resolved immediately, for instance, by installing missing security patches, if Patch Management is used, or by resolving security threats. Administrators may mute or ignore alerts.

Avast Premium Business Security

Avast Premium Business Security includes the following protective modules:

  • Privacy Protection provided by the built-in VPN solution. VPN connections protect Internet traffic through encryption, which is useful especially while traveling and relying on public wireless networks for Internet access.
  • Webcam Protection prevents software and malware from accessing device webcams without user consent.
  • Password Protection secures passwords stored in browsers from data theft.

Avast Business Security

The integrated antivirus solution offers protections against all threats while running on employee devices. The solution includes protection against all forms of malware and shields that monitor specific types, e.g., files, emails or web activities.

The built-in firewall protects the device against hacking attempts, leaks, port scans or spoofing. Logs list all blocked attempts and applied rules, and the useful apps listing highlights all apps that used the Internet on the device.

The integrated Wi-Fi Inspector scans the wireless network the device is connected to for vulnerabilities and potential attackers piggybacking on the network.

Another useful feature is provided by the Sandbox. It allows employees to run software in an isolated environment to protect the core system from harm.

Closing Words

Avast Essential Business Security and Avast Premium Business Security offer powerful state of the art protections against local, network and Internet threats. Avast's online management platform offers options to monitor and manage all company devices locally or remotely, and to react to threats quickly and efficiently.

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