The Usenet: the biggest decentralized discussion network of the world

Martin Brinkmann
Nov 12, 2021
Updated • Nov 22, 2021
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Free speech and the unhindered exchange of messages and data is something that more and more Internet users want. These values are under constant attack on today's Internet, but there is an independent platform that stands for these values: the Usenet.

USENEXT is the number one Usenet access provider in Europe, and you can now not only test the provider by signing up for a 14-days free trial with 30 Gigabytes of data. If you like it, and the chance is very high, you may also subscribe to USENEXT with a 50% discount on the 1-year Rockstar+ package (read below).

What is Usenet 101?

The Usenet is a decentralized global network that can be compared to a large bulletin board. There are hundreds of thousands of newsgroups on the Usenet, and anyone with access may post to these groups. The Usenet has groups about politics, sports, finance, health, parenting, browsers, and any other topic imaginable.

Another part of the Usenet is about the sharing of content. USENEXT estimates that users have access to about 30,000 Terabytes of data on the Usenet, which includes open-source software, tutorials and erotic content, and all of it is accessible with high-speed connections.

The Usenet has many advantages over the Internet. Besides what has already been mentioned -- decentralized, censorship-free and huge -- it is also advertisement and tracking free, and anonymous for its users, as there are no direct network connections between users of the network.

Retention is another important factor when it comes to the Usenet. It defines the number of days of content availability. USENEXT has one of the highest retention rates: 4600+ days, or more than 12-and-a-half years worth of content.

How to access the Usenet

usenet groups
List of available groups in newsreader Newsbin Pro

To access the Usenet, users need a Usenet provider and a Usenet client. USENEXT is one of the best Usenet providers that offers high-speed and SSL-encrypted connections.

To find content on the Usenet, users may use free Usenet clients, so-called Newsreaders. Newsreaders are available for free, e.g. Momentum, a desktop client, and Holmez, a browser-based client. To name just a few more clients: Newsbin Pro, SABnzbd or Phantom. News clients are as easy to use as Internet browsers, which means that anyone may start using them immediately.

sample newsgroup images

All it takes then is to install the client, if you prefer a desktop client, sign in to the USENEXT account, and you are good to go. You may add groups you like to the favorites to access them quicker.

USENEXT's Rockstar+ package supports up to 30 connections at a time and 800 Mbit/s per second speed using these connections.

USENEXT Highlights

Here are the main advantages of Usenet access via USENEXT:

  • High-speed access: USENEXT operates server farms in Europe and America. Use up to 30 connections simultaneously and get up to 800 Mbit/s of speed.
  • Secure: 256-bit SSL encryption, no tracking or advertisement, no logging and no direct peer-to-peer connections between users.
  • Censorship-free discussion platform: discuss anything in the more than 200,000 newsgroups.
  • Excellent customer service and Trustpilot rating (4.6 of 5 stars).

Here is the special offer:

Get a 14-day free trial to USENEXT and explore what the Usenet has to offer. The trial comes with 30 Gigabytes of data, enough to get a good understanding of the Usenet. You may cancel the trial at any time during the period.

If you like what you experience, and you most certainly will, then you will get a 50% discount on the 1-year Rockstar+ package (for 59.70€ instead of 119.40€ for the first year).


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